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Sunday, July 9th - 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM

and Monday, July 10th - 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM

1 The Adventures of Telemachus the Son of Ulysses 1795 II Gold tooled leather
2 History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles the Fifth Robertson/Prescott 1894 gold tooled leather
3 Oxford Book of Common Prayer w/insert clipping Archbishop of Canterbury re Defeat of Nazism
4 1891 Bible, leather
5 Abraham Lincoln Carl Sandburg 4 vol set
6 Theophilus North Thornton Wilder lst Ed dj
7 Jaws Peter Benchley l974 Publishers Copy The Island Peter Benchley " " lst Ed dj 2
8 Oliver Twist Chas Dickens Heritage Press
9 In a Mans World Garfinkel
10 Reflections in Glass Archbishop Peter Carnley The Yellow Wallpaper " " " Mindsight D J Siegel MD 3
11 Rosemarys Baby Ira Levin
12 Franny and Zooey J D Salinger lst Ed dj
13 Mary Todd Lincoln Her Life and Letters dj lst Ed Turner 1972
14 A Time to Heal, Autobiography Gerald R Ford
15 The Rising Sun John Toland lst ED dj
16 The Good War Studs Terkel lst Ed dj
17 King of the Confessors Thomas Hoving dj
18 Faith of My Fathers John McCain lst Ed dj
19 The Call John Hersey lst Ed dj
20 The Best and the Brightest David Halberstam dj lst E
21 That Vanderbilt Woman Phillip Van Renselaer lst Ed
22 Wheels Arthur Hailey lst Ed dj
23 Saving Milly Love, Politics and Parkinsons Disease Kondracke Fwd by Micheal J Fox lst Ed dj
24 TransAtlantic Colum McCann lst Ed dj
25 The Collapse of the Third Republic William Shirer lst Ed dj
26 Robert F Kennedy The Myth and the Man Victor Lasky
27 The Christmas Box Richard Evans author signed Timepiece " " 2
28 Agatha Christie Janet Morgan lst Amer Ed dj
29 To Brooklyn With Love Gerald Green dj
30 Going to America Terry Coleman dj lst Amer Ed
31 What Makes Sammy Run ? Budd Schulberg 50th Anniv Ed lst Ed dj
32 Country Driving A Journey Through China From Farm to Factory Peter Hessler lst Ed dj
33 The Final Days Woodward/Bernstein dj
34 The 900 Days The Siege of Leningrad Harrison Salisbury dj
35 The Last Tsar Life and Death of Nicholas II Radzinsky dj
36 A Distant Mirror Barbara Tuchman dj
37 Great Souls: Billy Graham;Nelson Mandella;Solzhenitsyn Mother Teresa;Pope John Paul II Elie Wiesel Six Who Changed a Century David Aikman,author signed
38 Blue Nights Joan Didion lst Ed dj Mr Ives Christmas Oscar Hijuelos lst Ed dj 2
39 The Hunt for the Czar Richards lsc Ed dj
40 Kramer Vs. Kramer Corman dj lst Ed
41 In Search of History Theodore H White lst Ed dj
42 Churchill, A Life Martin Gilbert lst Ed
43 Eleanor and Franklin Lash pb
44 Tutankhamun The Untold Story Thomas Hoving lst Ed dj
45 The Habsburgs McGuigan lst Ed dj
46 Peter the Great Robert Massie lst Ed dj
47 The Man From Bejing Mankell dj lst N Amer Ed Red Square Martin Smith 2
48 The Adams Chronicles Sheperd lst Ed dj
49 George Washington and the American Revolution Burke Davis dj lst Ed
50 The First Circle Solzhenitsyn
51 Angelas Ashes Frank McCourt dj Deliverance Dickey 2
52 Hands on the Past Ceram dj lst Amer Ed
53 Freedom at Midnight Collins/Lapierre lst Ed Something Happened Heller lst Ed 2
54 The Rothschilds A Family of Fortune Cowles dj lst Amer Ed
55 A Short History of the United States Allan Nevins and Henry Steele Commager
56 The Age of Napoleon Durant dj lst Ed Legacies A Chinese Mosaic Baolord lst Ed dj 2
57 Lot: Room,Donoogue;I'm OK You're OK; Harris Bridget Jones Diary Fielding , lst Amer Ed;' Feel Bad About My Heck Nora Ephron 4
58 Where The buck Stops Harry S Truman 1st Ed dj
59 You're Only Old Once Seuss
60 The Day of the Jackal Forsyth
61 Kind and Usual Punishment The Prison Business Jessica Mitford lst Ed dj
62 Losing Battles Eudora Welty dj lst Ed Amsterdam Ian McEwan pb 2
63 Napoleon Andre Castelot lst Ed dj
64 Ian McEwan pbs 3: Black Dogs;Enduring Love;Saturday
65 Ian McEwan pbs 3: Between the Sheets;Sweet Tooth The Child in Time
66 Ian McEwan pbs 3: The Comfort of Strangers First Love, Last Rites; The Cement Garden
67 Teacher Man Frank McCourt Chasing Cezanne Mayle lst Ed dj 2
68 Comanches Destruction of a People ;lst Ed dj
69 Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee Dee Brown Break Heart Pass Maclean 2
70 Lady Thomas Tryon lst Ed dj Monsignor Quixote Graham Greene ;1st Ed 2
71 Wks of Irving Wallace: The R Document dj lst Ed The Pigeon Project dj lst Ed The Prize 3
72 At Random The Reminiscences of Benett Cerf lst Ed
73 The Mask of Apollo Mary Renault dj lst Amer Ed
74 Robinson Crusoe Defoe Illus EA Wilson Heritage Press
75 The Rich are Different Susan Howatch lst Ed dj The Persian Boy Mary Renault lst Ed
76 The Kings Indian John Gardner Stories and Tales Illus Herbert Fink dj lst Ed
77 The Covenant James Michener dj lst Ed
78 The Sunlight Dialogues John Gardner Illus Nappe lst Ed dj Freddys Book John Gardner lst Ed dj 2
79 The Other Thomas Tryon dj Crowned Heads Thomas Tryon lst Ed dj 2
80 The River Congo Peter Forbath lst Ed dj
81 Haywire Brooke Hayward dj Lenny Bruce ! Albert Goldman 2
82 The Implosion Conspiracy Louis Nizer lst ED dj Publishers Copy
83 20th Century Journey William Shirer
84 A Day in the Life of California
85 Murmurs of Earth Carl Sagan lst Ed dj Publishers Review Copy
86 The Wives of Henry VIII Antonia Fraser dj Ragtime Doctorow lst Ed 2
87 American Journey Richard Reeves dj lst Ed Traveling with Tocqueville in Search of Democracy in America
88 October Light John Gardner lst Ed dj Illus Bolognese
89 Honor Thy Father Gay Talese dj The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest Larsson dj Oh What a Paradise it Seems John Cheever dj
90 Love In the Time of Cholera Marquez dj lst Amer Ed The General in His Labyrinth Marquez dj lst Amer Ed
91 The Heirs of the Kingdom Zoe Oldenbourg dj lst Amer Ed The Crusades " " dj lst ED
92 Lot: Antonioetta John Hersey dj lst ED 18mm Blues Browne dj A Man Oriana Fallaci lst Ed dj 3
93 A Bridge too Far Cornelius Ryan dj lst Ed
94 Triumph in Paris The Exploits of Benjamin Franklin David Schoenbrun lst Ed dj (Page 70 reference to the circumstances that may connect with the Promissory Note signed by Franklin that we sold several yrars ago
95 Blitzkreig Deighton From the Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Dunkirk dj
96 The Deep Peter Benchley dj lst Ed
97 Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream Kearns lst Ed dj
98 All The Presidents Men Bernstein/Woodward lst Ed dj The Selling of the President 1968 McGinniss 2
99 The Nightmare Decade The Life and Times of Senator Joe McCarthy Cook lst Ed dj
100 The Death of a President Nov 1963 Wm Machester dj lst Ed
101 "I Never Wanted to Be Vice President of Anything" An Investigative Biography of Nelson Rockefeller Kramer/Robert
102 The Company John Ehrlichman dj lst Ed
103 The Brethren Inside the Supreme Court Woodward/Armstrong dj
104 At Ease Stories I Tell My Friends Eisenhower lst Ed dj
105 Blind Ambition The White House Years John Dean dj lst ED
106 The Great Divide Studs Terkel lst Ed dj
107 Remember When 1900-l942
108 Judy (Garland) Gerald Frank dj lst Ed dj Little Gloria...Happy at Last Goldsmith lst Ed 2
109 Dubliners;l A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man James Joyce dj Tis Frank McCourt dj 2
110 No Ordinary Time Goodwin Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and the Homefront of WWII dj
111 Biogrs: Maugham Morgan dj lst Ed Stevenson Hennessy dj lst Ed Piaf Simone Berteaut lst Ed dj 3
112 Wks of James Michener: The Drifters lst Ed dj Chesapeake dj Michener Miscellany 1950-70 1st ED dj 3
113 Wks of James Michener: Centennial lst Ed dj About Centennial 2
114 Wilderness Empire Allan W Eckert dj
115 In the Suicide Mountains John Gardner lst Ed dj Illust Joe Servello
116 Wks of John Updike: Rabbit is Rich dj lst Ed The Coup dj; Trust Me lst Ed dj Problems lst Ed dj 4
117 Harold Robbins: The Storyteller 1st Ed dj Spellbinder 1stEd dj
118 The Human Factor Graham Greene dj lst Ed The Seven Sisters Irving Wallace dj lst Ed Billy Bathgate Doctorow dj lst Trade Ed 3
119 Only One Year Svetlana Alliluyeva dj lst Ed The Passover Plot Schonfield dj ;lst Ed
120 England and the Discovery of America 1481-l620 David Quinn lst Ed dj
121 Wks of Delderfield: The Avenue dj 1st Ed To Serve Them All My Days dj 2
122 James Michener: Space dj Iberia dj The Caribbean dj lst Ed 3
123 What I Saw at the Revolution The Reagan Era Peggy Noonan lst Ed dj
124 The Kennedys An America Drama Collier/Horowitz lst Ed dj
125 Lot: The Ewings John O Hara dj lst Ed Couples John Updike lst Ed dj SpyHook Len Deighton 1st Ed dj 3
126 Going to Extremes ( Alaska) Joe Mc Ginniss lst Ed dj Shardik Richard Adams dj lst Ed 2
127 Beast Peter Benchley dj The Quotable Eleanor Roosevelt dj 2
128 The Powers That Be David Halberstam lst Ed dj
129 Roots Alex Haley lst Ed dj
130 The Stories of John Cheever dj 1st Ed
131 Music for Chamelons/Handcarvd Coffins Truman Capote lst Ed dj
132 The Grandees Americasc Sephardic Elite Birmingham lst Ed dj
133 Cromwell The Lord Protector Fraser lst Amer Ed dj
134 The Body in Question Miller dj lst Amer Ed
135 Royal Charles Fraser lst Amer Ed dj
136 Lot: Message in a Bottle Sparks dj lst Prt Oliver's Story Segal dj lst Ed 11 Harrowhouse Gerald Browne dj 3
137 Black Night, White Snow Russia's Revolutions1905-l7 Harrison Salisbury dj
138 Russian Cooking
139 Washington Goes to War David Brinkley lst Ed dj
140 The Money Changers Arthur Hailey lst Ed dj
141 Sins of the Fathers Susan Howatch dj lst Ed Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend Waller lst Prt dj
142 Ceremony of the Innocent Taylor Caldwell lst Ed dj
143 The Plaque Dogs Richard Adams dj The Agony and the Ecstasy Irving Stone dj
144 "S" John Updike dj lst Ed Rabbit Redux John Updike dj lst Ed
145 T/L sheet music
146 T/L Misc eph
147 Mechanick Exercises on the Whole Art of Printing Joseph Moxon Orig:1677 Revised Edition 1958 l962
148 A History of Book Publishing in the United States 2 vols
149 ABC For Book Collectors John Carter
150 Victorian Book Design and Colour Printing McLean
151 The Keepsake Tess Gerritsen lst Ed dj
152 Saul Bellow: Humboldt's Gift;The Deans December 2
153 The Golden Notebook Doris Lessing lst Ed dj
154 Other Voices, Other Rooms Truman Capote Catalog Jenkinson Books
155 Lot Childrens.youth books: Howdy Doody Mrs Piggie Wiggles Magic A Shropshire Lad 3
156 The Magic Mountain Thomas Mann
157 Correspondence re Francisco Earthquake 1906
158 Oration Euphradian and Clariosophic Societies 1849
159 Lot Railroad History periodicals
160 Memorial Life of William McKinley Our Martyred Pres
161 Lot children's books 4
162 The Alaska Mother Goose
163 Decorative Tile Pages ( Dover Publ)
164 Lot childrens books 5
165 From Forest to Furniture The Romance of Wood
166 Lot booklets re Book Collecting
167 Lot: Alphabet City Annos Alphabet Spiral Press 3
168 Under the Window Kate Greenaway c 1880
169 Vogue Book of Fashion Photography
170 Cradle Days of New York 1909
171 March to Quebec Kenneth Roberts
172 The City of Fallen Angels John Berendt Uniform Justice Leon lst Amer Ed dj 2
173 Up,In Honeys Room Leonard dj lst Ed The Suspect :Lescroart lst Prt dj
174 Death of a Gentle Lady lst Amer Ed dj M C Beaton
175 Lot Misc pamphlets. Guns, Ammunition etc
176 Picatinny Arsenal The Firepower Story 1609-2003
177 Picatinny medal Mortar Fire Control System
178 Picatinny medal Garrison Commander and Sgt Major
179 Picatinny medal Artillery Munitions Systems
180 American Legion Oveseas hat County Commander ,etc
181 40/8 Overseas hat
182 Picatinny Medal 18th Airborne Corps Artillery
183 Promo kit Crusader Field Artillery System (Picatinny Arsenal)
184 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Crosby, Stills, and Nash Electric Light Orch;The Doors;Jethro Tull etc
185 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Bruce Sprinsgteen; Arlo Guthrie;Joan Baez;Jefferson Airplane;The Who Jimi Hendrix;Joe Cocker;Electric Light;'etc
186 Scrapbooks Beetles, Monkees etc
187 T/L Misc eph
188 Makers of the Millennium
189 The Family Treasury of Childrens Stories 2 vols
190 Abraham Lincoln Carl Sandburg 4 vols
191 Steamboat to the Shore ( Monmouth County NJ)
192 Narrow Gauge in the Rockies Beebe/Clegg
193 The Twilight of Steam Locomotives
194 Americas Colorful Railroads
195 To the Great Ocean Trans Siberian Railway
196 The Growth and Development of the Penna RR Co 1846-l926
197 Model Railroading Hertz
198 Daniel Willard Rides the Line Hungerford
199 Railroading From the Head End Farrington
200 Iron Roads to Empire Rock Island Lines
201 Mail and Rail Postal Transp Service
202 The Lackawanna Story Casey/Douglas
203 Cincinnati Locomotive Builders 1845-l868
204 Railroad Era in Colorado
205 Early Railways Pleasures and Treasures J B Snell
206 History of the Electric Locomotive Haut
207 The Story of the Pullman Car Husband
208 Wilkes Barre and Hazelton Railway Quinby
209 Handbook of American Railroads
210 Camera Work A Critical Anthology
211 Don Quixote Cervantes 2 vols
212 Bioclimatic Architecture
213 Babar the King
214 Lot Puck Illustrations
215 Andersonville Kantor Franklin Library
216 The Poisonwood Bible Kingsolver lst Ed dj
217 King Renes Book of Love Le Cueur d Amours Espris 1975 Unterkircher Reopr from the Illuminated Manuscript Austrian National Library
218 Bacterial Diagnosis 1982
219 Clinical Case Taking 1949
220 Medical Diseases of the Kidney 1949
221 Surgical Technique 1953
222 Surgery of the Stomach and Small Intestines 1926
223 Atlas of Operative Techniquie Anus, Rectum and Colon 1954
224 Everyman 1903
225 The Cordon Bleu Cookbook 1947
226 Lot Misc eph
227 Contract Bridge Self Teacher 1933
228 Lot Mens magazines
229 Lot Century magazine 1904
230 Lot Century magazine 1892+
231 Oscar of the Waldorf Karl Schriftgiesser signed
232 Original Plays W S Gilbert 1930
233 City of God Doctorow pb lst Ed
234 An Aural Atlas 1946
235 Long Lost Harlan Coben lst Ed dj signed
236 Lot The Puritan Magazine 1899
237 Century Magazine 1902 ( Maxfield Parrish Illustr)
238 Lot National magazine 1902+
239 Lot cooking receipt booklets
240 Lot Hearsts magazines 1912 +
241 Lot Mens magazines
242 T/L Misc eph
243 Lot Misc eph incl covers, correspondence
244 Lot Gleasons Monthly magazines 1874 +
245 1942 correspondence(" Confidential") W D Rockefeller
246 Lot BSA Eph
247 Lot Overland Monthly magazines 1904 +
248 England, J Fenimore Cooper Esq 1837
249 Lot l9th cty commercial paper
250 Lot Meadowlands plans
251 Lot 1811 Plymouth Cheques ( St Peters Parish)
252 Lot Graphic novels
253 Lot Misc eph
254 Blackface sheet music
255 Philatelic lot Early stampless covers (mostly New York state)
256 Philatelic lot Foreign covers
257 Lot Misc eph
258 Republic of Letters III 1835
259 Handwrought Ancestors Rawson 1936 lst Ed
260 The Song of Songs which is Solomons 1935 Heritage Press Illustr and Illum by Angelo
261 The Reverend Jonathan Ashley House Miller
262 Brownstone Fronts and Saratoga Trunks 1935 Brown
263 Truck Index 1963
264 T/L Misc eph
265 Currier and Ives H T Peters
266 Michelangelo
267 The Britannica's Enc of American Art
268 Flemish Painting
269 Monet
270 Prehistoric to Classical Painting
271 Photo album 1915+/- ( Model Ts)
272 Photo album 1921 +/- Boating, camping,fishing.ModelT
273 Lot Victorian photos and gallery cards
274 Lot early photos l920s baseball team, Masonic parade
275 Lot Victorian tin types
276 Lot Misc Vict photo incl Grocery Store Front
277 The Iris Iris Assoc of Univ of Buffalo 1904
278 1937 Yearbook Alfred University
279 1961 Yearbook Alfred NY Central School Leon Weaver pg 32 "Gifted With Rare Powers of Speech"
280 1932 Yearbook Akron Central School
281 Photo album 1930s-40s
282 Lot Misc photos
283 Lot Misc photos
284 Lot Misc photos
285 Lot Misc photos
286 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
287 Philatelic lot: Foreign FDCs and First Flights
288 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
289 Lot post cards 1939 NY Worlds Fair
290 Philatelic lot:US Mint plate blocks
291 Philatelic lot: US Mint Plate blocks
292 Philatelic lot: US Mint Plate blocks
293 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
294 Philatelic lot: US Misc stamps unsorted
295 Philatelic lot: Foreign covers and post cards
296 Philatelic lot: US Spl covers and post cards
297 Philatelic lot: album mostly foreign stamps
298 Philatelic lot: album US stamps
300 The South Was Right! Kennedy
301 The Greatest Battle ( Stalin, Hitler, Moscow) Nagorski
302 Concise History of WWII
303 Blind Mans Bluff American Submarine Espionage
304 The Grand Alliance Winston Churchill
305 I'll Taste Manhattan Jr League of NYC
306 At Dawn We Slept Pearl Harbor Prange
307 Mixed Train Daily Beebe
308 The Confederate Navy
309 Highball A Pageant of Trains Beebe
310 Underway on Nuclear Power 50th Anniv USS Nautilus
311 Antiques Handbook 2014-2015 Miller
312 I-Hsiung Jus Landscape Paintings
313 Near Death Experiences Complete Idiots Guide Atwater/Morgan
314 It Came From the Far Side Gary Larson
315 Louis Tannen Magic Catalog
316 Zolars Occult Dream book c 1930s
317 Road to Rome Fifth Army ( General Mark Clark)
318 Salerno to Florence 5th army Antiaircraft 9 Sept 1943-8 Sept 1944
319 Lot Booklets re Golf Collectibles
320 The Green Cathedral Melnick MD
321 Amy Vanderbilt Etiquette (Learning to Yawn With your Mouth Closed)
322 Comp Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway
323 1918 Lutheran Prayer Book/Hymnal
324 Yearbooks l968,l969,l970 Our Lady of the Valley HS Orange NJ
325 Rockin Records 2014
326 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sinatra;Streisand Jerry Vale;Dukje Ellington;Glenn Miller;Tommy Dorsey Ames Bros;Thge Three Suns;Marian Anderson; Banny Goodman;
327 Glen Miller 45RPM record album Lt Ed
328 Lot 78 "Pop" records:Andrew Sisters;Hollywood Ragtimer Streamliners;The Weavers;Dean Martin;Johnnie Ray Dixie Dan;Pied Pipers;Kate Smith etc
329 Lot 78 "Pop" records:Johnnie Ray;Ray Arthur Quintet Tony Martin; Patti Page;Andrews Sisters;Kay Starr Harry James
330 Lot Pennants Yale Univ,Brown Univ, Cleveland Browns etc
331 Lot Pennants Colgate Univ;Columbia Univ; 1941 GM Honor Tent etc
332 US Army Manuals FM 17-98-l Scout Leaders Handbook STP 17-l9d-JB Cavalry Scout Job Book
333 US Army Manuals FM 23-l0 Sniper Training SOP 2nd Squadron 4th US Cavalry Regt Tact Oper Ctr
334 US Army Manuals TC 22-6 Army NCO Guide Air Assault School SOP Scout Platoon US Army Armor School Ft Knox
335 Great Books Foundation series pamphlets 16 vols
336 Good Childs Own Book Grandfather Series 1888 Vol l
337 Nancy Drew Series 4 vols pbs
338 The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein
339 Cinderella Pop up Book
340 Whales Seymour Simon
341 Classic Fairy Tales lst Ed Illus Gustafson
342 Lot childrens books
343 Lot childrens books
344 Lot childrens books
345 Lot childrens books
346 Lot childrens books
347 Lot childrens books
348 Lot childrens books
349 Lot childrens books
350 The Boy Who Lived With the Seals Rafe Martin author signed
351 Lot childrens books
352 Lot childrens books
353 Lot childrens books
354 Lot childrens books
355 Lot Dr Seuss Books etc
356 Lot childrens books
357 Lot childrens books
358 1989 Yearbook Chester HS Chester NY
359 The Illustrated Library Shakespeare (Also historically spelled Shakspere; Shakes-peare; Shaxspere; Shackspere)
360 Anna Karenin Tolstoy 1932
361 Life and Her Children Arabella B Buckley 1895
362 The Riverman Stewart Edward White 1908 Illustr N C Wyeth and CF Underwood
363 The Poetry of Victor Hugo 1911 Edgar/Squair
364 The Poems and Plays of Oliver Goldsmith 1899
365 Tale of Two Cities Dickens
366 Set: The Best of the Worlds Classics F and W 1909 10 vols
367 Set The Works of Edgar Allan Poe 1909 9 vols
368 Set The Works of Thackeray 8 vols
369 The Sports Book
370 Jane Austen Complete Novels Illustr Collectors Ed
371 Lot Books by Chris Grabenstein Rolling Thunder lst Ed dj Fun House lst Ed dj Free Fall lst Ed dj
372 Set: The Wks of Shakespeare 7 vols
373 Set: The Sisters Grimm, hardcover 5 vols
374 Set The Sisters Grimm softcover 4 vols
375 Lot: A Series of Unfortunate Events 3 vols
376 1892 Day book Trenton NJ (Rendering business)
377 Yearbooks Architectural League of New York 1911,1918
378 Glimpses of India c 1890
379 Lot college note books 1890-l908
380 Harpers magazine bound 1881
381 1864 Report Comm of Agric
382 Pictures of the Old World 1904
383 Yearbooks Columbia Univ, Engineering 1939,1940,l941
384 Glacier National Park View Book c 1905
385 Guest Log wood cover
386 Practical Hints on the Art of Illumination 1867 Donlevy
387 Scrapbook Jazz pesonalities: Benny Carter; Count Basie;Louis Armstrong;Cab Calloway Erskine Hawkins;Gene Krupa; Jimmy Dorsey etc etc
388 Monmouth County Ledger c 1900
389 Around The World With a Camera 1910
390 Lot Monmouth County Diaries and Note Books incl Freehold Wills 1804+
391 Greenwoods Studies of Trees c 1838 (Drawn From Nature on Stone)
392 1918 Typewriting Instr Method
393 T/L Collection of art photography: Eva Kahn; Harry Perlin (8 framings) Morris Museum Exhibit
394 Comptons War Vol 1942
395 The Prize c 1900
396 Lot Victorian gallery cards and photos
397 T/L Misc eph calendar art, periodicals etc
398 Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada
399 Illustr London News 1937 Coronation Number
400 Colliers Photographic History of the European War
401 Scrapbook Newsp clippings c 1900
402 Monmouth County NJ political poster c 1918
403 Double Exposure Monmouth Co NJ Stereographic views
404 TR The last Romantic
405 Heritage of Ireland
406 How the Irish Saved Civilization
407 Beyond Tradition Contemporary American Indian Art
408 Harry Devlin A Retrospective The Morris Museum
409 Lewis and Clark Duncan/Ken Burns
410 Man and His Symbols Jung
411 Lot: White Trash Cooking: Oozies Okra Omelet; Broiled Squirel;Donnas Roast Possum; Gator Tail; Chicken Feet and Rice;Cracklin Corn Pone etc
412 Great British Cooking A Well Kept Secret
413 St Nicholas bound 1879
414 The Childs Bible 1884
415 Lies My Teacher Told Me Loewen
416 Washingtons Mapmakers,Robert Erskine Heuser
417 American Churches
418 American Folk Art Ketchum
419 American Country Churches
420 Country Women
421 Indian Lore of New Jersey
422 Miracle at Philadelphia Bowen
423 Old and Historic Churches of New Jersey
424 Women Who Made a Difference Malcolm Forbes
425 The Annotated Christmas Carol Illus John Leech
426 Gospel Parallels In The Beginning A New Interpretation of Genesis 2
427 The Huguenot Church of New York
428 Art of the Spirit
429 Home Life in Colonial Days
430 The Richest of Fare Phyllis Strupp author inscribed
431 The Bell Telephone System Arthur Page 1941 lst Ed dj
432 Dickens Christmas Books 1863
433 Torah and Canon James Sanders
434 American Gospel Jon Meachem
435 The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell lst Ed dj
436 The Autobiography of Santa Claus Jeff Guinn
437 Whitebread Protestants
438 Beyond Belief The Secret Gospel of Thomas Pagels
439 Bundling 1934 Stiles
440 Forgotten Heroes Society of American Historians
441 Cultural Amnesia
442 Peculiar Treasures Buechner Illus
443 Kringle Abbott
444 Lincolns Virtues Miller
445 Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now Maya Angelou
446 T/L Misc eph
447 Winston Churchill series The Second World War 6 vol
448 Memoirs of the Second World War Churchill 6 vol abridgment to one vol
449 The Second World War John Keegan
450 A World at Arms Weinberg
451 History of the USN Operations in WWII 4 vols
452 Pearl Harbor Willmott
453 The USA in WWII Pacific Theater
454 American Practical Navigator Bowditch 1962
455 War as I Knew It Gen George Patton
456 Victory Through Air Power Seversky
457 Illus Ships Dictionary
458 A Short History of the United States Navy
459 And I Was There Pearl Harbor and Midway Adm Layton
460 Voluntary Hostages of the SS Drago Arsenijevic
461 The Navy A History Pratt
462 Faith of My Fathers John McCain
463 Plaque New York Yankee Legends Mickey Mantle; Roger Marisa
464 1825 Leather bound Family Bible
465 1942 Yearbook Barringer HS Newark (Col Al DeMatteo Commander 50th Armored Div Arty) (Director of Emergency Management, Morris County) (Army Air Force Pilot WWII)
466 50th Armored Division A Decade of Service 1946-l956 " Jersey Blues"
467 483rd Bomardment Group Italy 1944-45
468 Signed Photograph Ted Williams
469 The Maxfield Parrish Poster Book
470 Colliers Photographic History of the World War
471 Ralph Lauren lst Ed in slip case
472 Classic Lines Gallery of the Great Thoroughbreds
473 The Dunellen 1887-l937 Story
474 Pompton Area History
475 Winslow Memorial Holton 1887 w/inserted handwritten genealogical records
476 1944 Yale Univ Yearbook (Incl Prescot Bush, Dean Witter,etc)
477 1948 Harvard Law School Yearbook
478 Uttermost Part of the Earth Bridges
479 40,000 Black Panthers of the 66th Division
480 76 The World Turned Upside Down Sid Moody Inscribed by author
481 Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane Ltd Ed Club 117/1000 Illustr and signed by John Stuart Curry
482 Union Club of the City of New York 1836-l986 Ltd Ed 760/2000
483 Sunlight Pictures Florida 1895
484 Art Photographs of the World and the Columbian Exp
485 Life of the Notorious Stephen Burroughs 1810
486 Peliken Writing Instruments 1929-2004
487 Genealogy of the Lum Family
488 Colliers World Atlas and Gazetteer 1944
489 Boxiana Review 1967 signed by Jr Welterweight Champion Tippy Larkin
490 Birds of New York 2 vols
491 1901 NY Forrest Fish and Game Comm Rept
492 Mostly Tail Feathers Hill signed Ltd Ed 377/475
493 Marlin Firearms
494 The Winchester Book Silver Anniv Ed
495 Yearbook Town of Morristown 1927
496 Album 1835 Property of Miss Mary Springsteen Hand written poetry, essays, etc
497 Robin Hood and His Merry Men Illus Carsey 1916
498 Directory of Newark 1835-6 Reprinted by the Osborne Co Clifton NJ
499 The Children Who Followed the Piper Colum Illustr Walker 1922
500 Taming and Educating Horses Magner 1885
501 Annie Leibovitz Photographs 1970-l990
502 An Arctic Boat Journey Hayes 1860 lst Ed
503 An Opium Eater in America and the Fratricides Death William Blair Wells College Press Aurora, NY
504 Yogi It Aint Over Yogi Berra
505 The Treasure Book of Childrens Verse Illustr by Etheldreda Gray
506 The Fountainhead Ayn Rand 1943
507 Mickey Mouse Storybook 1931 lst ed
508 1964 Yearbook Plainfield HS
509 1965 Yearbook Plainfield HS
510 Bundling in the New World
511 Lot Three signed lst Eds
512 Four Years in Upper Burma Winston 1892
513 Cartier Watches 2011
514 The Pick of Punch 1954
515 Revolt in the Desert T E Lawrence lst Amer Ed 1927
516 Dr Chases Recipes for Everybody 1870 Sham Champagne A Purely Temperance Drink Tripe to Prepare and Pickle Preparing sugar coated pills etc etc
517 The Pick of Punch 1953
517A The Pick of Punch 1951
517B The Pick of Punch 1950
517C The Pick of Punch 1949
518 Portrait of Carnegie Hall
519 Toasters Handbook 1919
520 The Sorcerer's Apprentice Elvers Illus Blaine 1927 lst Ed Lt Ed
521 Timber and Tide Hunting Tales of the Northeast
522 1977 Princeton Yearbook
522A 1888 Geological Survey of New Jersey
523 Golf photo Byron Nelson signed
524 Golf poster Nabisco/Dinah Shore Signed by three Lady Golfers
525 Framed hand colored litho, artist signed Horseshoe Crab
526 Framed hand colored litho, artist signed Puppet theater
527 Framed chromolitho Pheasants
528 Framed chromolitho Wild Ducks
529 Framed print artist signed/numbered wild geese
530 Framed print and Duck Stamp artist signed American Mergansers
531 Framed Beers Atlas 1872 Morris County NJ Map plate
532 Framed Atlas map, plate Alaska "North Western America showing the Territory Ceded by Russia to the United States"
533 The Great Fight Drummond 1908
534 The Habitant Drummond 1897
535 Bullfinchs Mythology
536 Tales for Bed Time The Young Peoples Bookshelf
537 The Gardener Rabindranath Tagore 1914
538 The Vicious Circle Margaret Case Harriman 1951 Illustr Al Hirschfeld
539 Heretics Gilbert Chesterton 1905
540 The Embezzlers Valentine Kataev 1929
541 From a College Window Benson 1906 lst Ed
542 Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen 1892
543 Fortitude Hugh Walpole 1913
544 The Harp Weaver Edna St Vincent Millay lst Ed 1923
545 Poems of Walt Whitman Easton Press
546 Poems of Robert Burns Easton Press
547 Love Haiku Donegan lst Ed
548 A Ridiculous Philosopher Newton 1913
549 Moby Dick Herman Melville
550 1356 Bernard Cornwell lst US Ed
551 Old Christmas from the Sketch Book of Washington Irving (facs) Illustr Caldecott
552 Swan Song Galsworthy 1928
553 Tolerance Van Loon 1925
554 Napoleon Emil Ludwig 1926
555 Locked Rooms and Open Doors Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh 1933-35 lst Ed
556 Absalom, Absalom ! William Faulkner
557 The Gentlemans Companion Derrydale Press
558 High Adventure Hillary Easton Press
559 Helens Babies John Habberton 1908 Illus Tod Druggins
560 Eminent Victorians Lytton Strachey
561 The Complete Home Julia McNair Wright 1879
562 Plato Epictetus Marcus Aurelius Harvard
563 Lifes Handicap Kipling 1912
564 Beasts Men and Gods Ferdinand Ossendowski 1922
565 Alfred Stieglitz Masters of Photography
566 Sketch Book Washington Irving
567 The Captains Guide to Liferaft Survival
568 The Diary of a Mouse Edith Dunham 1907 Illustr by Bessie Prase Gutmann
569 Salon Catalogs Bel Etage Wolfgang Bauer 2
570 Poems of John Keats Easton Press
571 Ariel Poems by Sylvia Plath Easton Press
572 Poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning Easton Press
573 Poems of William Wordsworth Easton Press
574 Poems by EE Cummiungs Easton Press
575 Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge Easton Press
576 Poems by Edna St Vincent Milay Easton Press
577 Poems of Robert Frost Easton Press
578 Poems of TS Eliot Easton Press
579 Poems of Emily Bronte Easton Press
580 Poems of William Shakespeare Easton Press
581 Poems and Prose of John Donne Easton Press
582 Poems of George Gordon, Lord Byron Easton Press
583 Poems and Prose of Gerard Manley Hopkins Easton Press
584 Tales from Shakespeare Chas Lamb Illus N M Price
585 Seven Pillars of Wisdom T E Lawrence 1935
586 The Natural History of the Order Cetacea and the Oceanic Inhabitants of the Arctic Regions Dewhurst 1834 wood engravings
587 Inward Ho Christopher Morley 1923
588 Poems Alan Seeger
589 The Old Furniture Book Moore
590 Penrod and Sam Booth Tarkington 1916
591 Beyond Hill Country Ltd Ed 236/l000
592 Wishes are Horses Fanny Marks Seibel's author signed
593 The Hollow Tree and Deep Woods Book Paine Illus J M Conde 1929
594 N By E Rockwell Kent
595 Fruit Gathering Tagore
596 Barns
597 Barn Preservation and Adaptation
598 Barn The Art of a Working Building
599 American Furniture of the l8th Cty
600 The Houses of McKim, Mead and White
601 Patterns of Home
602 Style by Salading
603 Little Retreats
604 Designing With Plants
605 Gardens Without Boundaries
606 A House on the Water
607 Interieurs de Provence
608 The Opera 9 vols
609 The Old Wives Tale Bennett
610 Elizabethan Drama Marlowe Shakespeare
611 Bulwers Works 2 vols
612 Barns Styles and Structures
613 Neruda
614 Sabra Field Slayton
615 Floaters and Stick Ups Decoys
616 The Library of Choice Literature 5 vols 1881
617 The Yankee of the Yards
618 Journal of a Lady of Quality 1774-1776
619 Poetical Wks of Richard Lovelace
620 Play Parade Noel Coward
621 Courtiers and Favourites of Royalty Ltd Ed 399/1000 8 vol set
622 Opening a Chestnut Burr Roe
623 Kon Tiki Hedyerdahl
624 Lot Masters of Photography 4
625 A-Z Enc of Garden Plants American Horticultural Soc
626 Two Years before the Mast Dana
627 Rabble in Arms Kenneth Roberts 1940
628 Twelve Lives Plutarch
629 Narrative of the Coronado Expedition
630 Chester County Clocks and Their Makers
631 What the Hell is Justice ? Paul Hoffman
632 Enc of Gardening Royal Horticultural Society
633 Down Jersey Nova Caesarea Cornelius Weygandt
634 Dirty Little Limericks
635 Shotgunning in the Uplands Holland
636 The Worlds Great Handguns
637 Macarthur Mayer
638 The Age of Napoleon
639 Tea Burning Town Sickler
640 Catalog Williamsburg Reproductions
641 Fenwick's Colony Salem County Pictorial 1675-l964
642 Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
643 Complete Book of Interior Decorating
644 The Impecunious Collectors Guide to American Antiques
645 Hamilton I 1757-l789 Hendrickson Hamilton II 1789-1804 " 2
646 Civil War Chronicle
647 Images of America Downtown Paterson
648 Adventures of Don Quixote Cervantes
649 Jersey Genesis Beck
650 The Bicentennial Almanac 200 Years of America
651 Burlington , NJ A Provincial Capital
652 Lincoln and Greeley
653 True History of the Assassination of Lincoln
654 Villanova Alumni Directory
655 1968 yearbook Moorestown HS
656 Set The Ages of Man Durant 9 vols
657 Robert E Lee 3 vols
658 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Connie Francis;Ella Fitzgerald;Kitty Kalley' Joni James
659 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Kay Starr; Gogi Grant Gale Storm; Lacy Dalton; Judy Collins
660 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Skeeter Davis;Lacy Dalton Janie Frick;Lynn Anderson;
661 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Tanya Tucker;Billie Joe Spears;Tammy Wynette;Barbara Fairchild,Tammy and Georg
662 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Streisand;Vera Lynn Mgt Whiting;Lynn Anderson;Linda Ronstadt'Kate Smith Dinah Shore etc
663 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Judy Garland Joni James; Lynn Anderson,Georgia Gibbs, Eydie and Steve
664 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Teresa Brewer,Rosemary Clooney;Andrew Sisters,
665 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Doris Day,Joni James Carmen Miranda,Peggy Lee,Edith Piaf,Beatrice Kay
666 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Connie Smith;Jeanie Pruitt Molly O Day and the Cumberland Mountain folks Jan Howard,Jo Stafford
667 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Reba McEntire; Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty;Melba Montgomery
668 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Loretta Lynn; Melba Montgomery;Joni James; Jan Howard;Jo Stafford
669 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Randy Travis;Jo Stafford LOretta Lynn
670 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Hank Thompson;Cristy Lane Dottie West; Joni James
671 The Journal of Joshua Loper A Black Cowboy
672 North American Indian Sign Language
673 Chief Joseph If You Lived with the Sioux Sacajawea The Apache Black Hawk Iroquois 6
674 Osceola The Arapaho Geronimo Pontiac The Lenape Indians The Semninoles The Commanche 7
675 Medicine Woman Spider Womans Granddaughters
676 They Dance in the Sky Native American Star Myths
677 From a Far country Camisards and Huguenots
678 The Trains We Rode
679 Modern Romances 1937
680 True Story 1936
681 Men Are Stupid and They Like Big Boobs Joan Rivers Is It Hot in Here or is It Me Sand 2
682 Skin Diving
683 Windows on the World Wine Course
684 Gangland Blum The Rights of Gun Owners Gottleib 2
685 T/L Misc eph
686 T/L Misc eph
687 Lot The Rope Maker periodicals
688 T/L Misc eph
689 Trade Catalog Johns Manville
690 Trade Catalog GE
691 Nannette Fox 1929
692 T/L Misc eph
693 Source Records of the Great War WWI 7 vols ( American Legion)
694 Set The Works of Edgar Allan Poe 10 vols 1904 F and W
695 The Ency of Health Bernard MacFadden
696 Pastel Jewels Bangs 1897 Being Seven Tales of Domestic Woe
697 Quentin Durward Sir Walter Scott 1923
698 Tom Jones Fielding Illustr
699 Doubleday's Best In Books Abridgments incl The Bridges at Toko-ri
700 The Light That Failed Rudyard Kipling
701 The New America Adlai Stevenson
702 Pharaohs Resurrected 1923
703 Faded Banners Civil War
704 Landscape Turned Red the Battle of Antietam Sears
705 The Last Shot CSS Shenandoah Schooler
706 To The Gates of Richmond The Peninsula Campaign Sear
707 War Within a War The Confederacy Against Itself Carlton Beals
708 The Civil War Dictionary
709 Wicked River The Mississippi Sandlin
710 Civil War Acoustic Shadows Ross
711 Rescue by Rail Troop Transfer and the Civil War in the West 1863 Pickenpaugh
712 George B McClellan The Young Napoleon Sears
713 A Southern Yarn Richards
714 Campaigning With Grant Porter
715 Witness to Appomattox Wheeler
716 Recollections and Letters of Robert E Lee
717 Forrrest The Confederacys Relentless Warrior
718 South of Appomattox
719 The Confederate Fiddle
720 Unusual Persons of the Civil War Garrison
721 The Strange Brigade Jennings
722 Artillery Through the Ages
723 Lees Cavalrymen Longacre
724 The Dark Days of Abraham Lincolns Widow
725 First Blood The Story of Ft Sumter
726 The Most Glorious Fourth Vicksburg and Gettysburg July 4th 1863
727 Sheridan in the Shenandoah Stackpole
728 Hearts Touched by Fire Battles/Leaders of the Civil War McPherson et al
729 The Avenger Takes His Place Andrew Johnson
730 Drawn With the Sword McPherson
731 Reign of Iron Monitor/Merrimack Nelson
732 Lincoln Donald
733 Lees Last Campaign Dowdey
734 Civil War Treasury Botkin
735 Antietam The Soldiers Battle
736 Wasted Valor The Confederate Dead at Gettysburg
737 Bring the Jubilee
738 Jefferson Davis McElroy
739 Shrouds of Glory From Atlanta to Nashville Groom
740 Mosbys Rangers
741 Secret Missions of the Civil War Stern
742 Black Southerners in Gray Rollins
743 Great Biogrs Lincoln
744 Defend the Valley Colt
745 Leers Last Campaign
746 The Union Reader Harwell
747 Secret Missions of the Civil War Stern
748 Andersonville Kantor
749 The Eloquent President
750 Journal of Confederate History
751 Philatelic lot: US FDC sheets Civil War etc
752 Harpers Pictorial Ency of the Civil War
753 The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War
754 Civil War Battle Flags
755 Great Photographers of the Civil War
756 The Civil War Bradley
757 The Civil War Military Machine
758 Civil War Art
759 The Civil War A Treasury of Art and Literature
760 Arms and Equipment of the Civil War
761 A Treasury of Civil War Humor
762 They Who Fought Here
763 T/L Misc eph
764 Handy to Home Hennessey
765 Timber and Tide Hunting Tales of the Northeast
766 Lot gun catalogs etc
767 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sharon, Lois, and Bram Ray Conniff;shows
768 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Billy Butterfield;Ray Conniff;KC and the Sunshine Band; shows
769 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Ray Conniff;Ferrante and Teicher; Streisand;Kingston Trio;Major LKance Ramsey Lewis;
770 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Billy Vaughn;Jose Feliciano The Brothers Four;Bob Dylan;The New Christy Minstrels Eydie Gorme
771 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Keely Smith;Glen Miller Jim Morrison;The Beatles;The Four Tops;Roger Williams Diana Ross and the Supremes;Stevie Wonder;Smokey Robinson;Marvin Gaye;
772 Egypt World of the Pharoahs
773 Sinatra Treasures
774 Scrabble Players Dict
775 Art Through the Ages
776 Illustrated London News 1857 bound rough
777 Baltimore and Ohio Passenger Service 1945-l971
778 Mixed Train Daily Lucius Beebe
779 Highball Lucius Beebe
780 Trolley Car Treasury Rowsome 2
781 Framed photo Trolley Car
782 Mansions on Rails Lucius Beebe
783 This Was Railroading
784 Reader: Jack Halyard The Sailor Boy 1853
785 Lot Misc eph pamphlets, booklets
786 Indians Tunis
787 People Mostly NY in Photographs 1900-l950
788 Palm Sunday Kurt Vonnegut signed LtdEd 5/500
789 American Indian Apache Read and Color
790 Lot sheet music
791 Lot sheet music
792 Lot sheet music
793 Lot sheet music
794 Lot sheet music
795 Lot sheet music
796 Lot sheet music
797 Lot sheet music
798 Lot sheet music
799 Lot sheet music
800 Lot sheet music
801 Lot sheet music
802 Lot sheet music
803 Lot sheet music
804 Lot sheet music
805 Lot sheet music
806 Lot sheet music
807 Lot sheet music
808 Lot sheet music
809 Lot sheet music
810 Lot sheet music
811 Lot sheet music
812 Lot sheet music
813 Lot sheet music
814 Lot sheet music
815 Lot sheet music
816 Lot sheet music
817 Lot sheet music
818 Lot sheet music
819 Lot sheet music
820 Lot sheet music
821 Lot sheet music
822 Lot sheet music
823 Lot sheet music
824 Lot sheet music
825 Lot sheet music
826 Lot sheet music
827 Lot sheet music
828 Lot sheet music
829 Lot sheet music
830 Lot sheet music
831 Lot sheet music
832 Lot sheet music
833 Round Shot and Rammers
834 Between the Ocean and the Lakes Erie Canal 1899
835 The Adventures of Pinocchio Collkodi 1929 Ilustr Attilio Mussino
836 Gone With the Wind lst Ed 3rd Prt
837 Printing Types Updike 2
838 The Unquiet Grave Palinurus
839 Guide books Paris, Naples 2
840 Illuminated Manuscripts Herbert
841 Lot art books Picasso
842 The Age of Anxiety Auden
843 Le Chevalier Delibere Olivier de la Marche 1488 repr
844 Enemies of Promise Connolly 1948 lst Prt
845 American Impressionism
846 Art Deco
847 Lot Misc eph catalogs, pamphlets etc
848 There Once Was a World
849 B and O Power
850 The Pennsylvania Railroad A Pictorial History
851 Th Rio Grande Southern Railroad
852 The Modern Wonder Book of Trains and Railroading
853 Storia Della Guerra Della Independenza Degli Stati Uniti Di America Botta 1825 2
854 Lot Grolier Exhibit catalogs
855 The Printd Book in America Blumenthal
856 Washington View Book B and O RR
857 ABC Petits Contes par Jules Lemaitre
858 Overland Monthly magazine Crittendens Book Keeping Text
859 Leatherbound scrapbook ( empty)
860 Lo 33 vinyl records incl:Santana;The Doors; Arthur Smith;Reinhardt;Steve Earle;Hank Thompson Merle Travis;Ernie Ford; Ella May Morse;Tex Ritter Buck Owens,
861 Lo 33 vinyl records incl:Tom Jones;Porter Wagoiner, Hawkshaw Hawkins; Merle Haggard
862 Lo 33 vinyl records incl:Woody Guthrie;Moon Mullican Ruth Brown; Hank Williams;
863 Lo 33 vinyl records incl:Band on the Run,McCartnys Madonna; Pink Floyd;Woody Guthrie;Africa Witchcraft
864 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Woody Guthrie; Hank Wiliams;The Carpenters;Peter Paul and Mary The Weavers
865 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Simon and Garfunkel, Peggy Lee,The Browns;The Kendalls;The Statler Bros Skeeter Davis;Waylon Jennings;Willie Nelson;etc
866 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Kingston Trio; :Lester Flatts Nashville Grass;Chester and Lester Blue Sky Boys;Osborne Bros;Jones Bros;Mac Wiseman
867 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Lettermen;Kingston Trio The Four Lads;Blue Sky boys;The Oak Ridge Boys; Alabam
868 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Gene Autry;Mac Wiseman Bill Anderson;Johnny Bond; Jean Shepard
869 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Dolly Parton Jean Shepard
870 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Bob Wills;Hank Williams Porterv Wagoner; Jean Shepard; Dolly Parton
871 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Dolly Parton Porter Wagoner;Skeeter Davis;
872 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Jean Shepard; Gene Autry
873 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Everly Bros; Bing Crosby;Rosemary Clooney;Hank Thompson
874 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Les Paul and Mary Ford Hank Thompson;Mel Tillis;
875 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Floyd Tillman;Conway Twitty Mel Tillis; Everly Bros
876 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Everly Bros;Ray Price The Drifters;Paul Anka;Jay and the Americans9
877 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Jay and the Americans Tony Bennett;Frankie Laine; Liberace;Ames Bros The Four Aces;Bill Haley and His Comets;The Flamingos
878 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Shirelles;Etta James Drifters; La Vern Baker; Coasters;Clyde McPhatter Chantels;Little Anthony and the Imperials;Dee clark Monotones; Moonglows
879 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Marty Robbins;Ben E King Everly Bros;Bobby Vinton;Righteous Bros;Four Freshmen Shirtelles;.Fleetwoods;Connie Francis;Lettermen;
880 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Django;Chuck Berry;Mother Maybelle Carter;Hank Snow;Rose Maddox; Reinhardt
881 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Ray Charles;Moonglows; Chuck Berry;Platters; Fats Domino;Bo Diddley Joe Maphis;Marty Robbins; Les Paul and Mary Ford; Wanda Jackson
882 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Platters;Four Lads; Chuck Berry;Ames Bros; Crew Cuts;Nat King Cole;Tony Bennett Pee Wee King;Elvis Presley;Ernie Ford etc
883 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Four Aces;Willie Nelson; Roy Orbison;Marty Robbins;Tony Bennett; Burl Ives; Duke Ellington;
884 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Tony Bennett;Big Tiny Little Box Car Willie;Del Reeves;Carter Family;Charley Pride
885 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Herb Alpert ;Belafonte; Tony Bennett;Bobby Vinton;
886 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Chet Atkins;Neil Sedaka Jack Scott;Ernest Tubb;
887 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Hank Snow; Chet Atkins; Rose Maddox; Ernest Tubb;Carter Family
888 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Hank Snow; Chet Atkins Sam Cooke
889 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Chet Atkins;Neil Diamond Duane Eddy;Rick Nelson, Hank Snow
890 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Hank Snow
891 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Chet Atkins;Merle Travis Ernest Tubbs; Hank Snow
892 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Hank Snow
893 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Hank Snow,Chet Atkins
894 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Tex Ritter;Patsy Cline; Burl Ives;Loretta Lynn; Conway Twitty;Merle Haggard Oak Ridge Boys;Marbara Mandrell;REba McIntire Waylon Jennings;Lee Greenwood
895 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Ferlin Husky; Ernie Ford; Jean Shepard;Chet Atkins; Waylon Jennings;Kenny Rogers
896 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Ronnie Milsap;Don Williams Jerry Wallace;Loretta Lynn;Ernest Tubb;Wilburn Bros Kitty Wells;Webb Pierce etc
897 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Johnny Horton; Ronnie Milsap;Bill Momroe and His Blue Grass Boys Lester Flatt;Earl Scruggs
898 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Buddy Holly;Sonny James Sammi Smith;Chet Atkins; Jimmy Dean;Waylon Jennings; Porter Wagoner; Dolly Parton
899 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Mae West;Duke Ellington Connie Smith;
900 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Belle Barth;Norma Jean
901 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Norma Jean;Brenda Lee, The Judds
902 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Brenda Lee;Anne Murray Barbara Mandrell
903 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Johnny Horton, Anne Murray Tom T Hall;
904 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Dwight Yoakam; Tom T Hall Anne Murray Kitty Wells
905 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Kitty Wells
906 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Kitty Wells
907 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Kitty Wells
908 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
909 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
910 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
911 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
912 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
913 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
914 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
915 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
916 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
917 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
918 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
919 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
920 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
921 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
922 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
923 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
924 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
925 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
926 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
927 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
928 T/L Hardy Boys series 51 vols
929 T/L Misc eph
930 Philatelic lot:T/L foreign stamps in loose leaf binder
931 Philatelic lot:Album looseleaf US Commems
932 Philatelic lot:Album looseleaf foreign stamps
933 Philatelic lot:Album looseleaf foreign stamps
934 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
935 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
936 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
937 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
938 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
939 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
940 T/L Nancy Drew series 41 vols
941 Currier and Ives framed litho " Frozen Up"
942 Framed Currier and Ives litho New York and Brooklyn (lge folio restrike)
943 Uncle Remus Joel Chandler Harris Ilustr A B Frost and E W Kemble
944 Chatterbox 1927
945 Chatterbox 1910
946 United States Secret Service 1872 lst Ed
947 Senate Documents 1849-50
948 The Mysterious Stanger Mark Twain Illustr N C Wyeth
949 Rubaiyat of Omar Khyyam Illustr Edmund Dulac
950 Baedeckers London and Environs
951 The Bonfire of the Vanities Tom Wolf dj lst Ed
952 Alias Grace Atwood signed lst Ed dj
953 The Witching Hour Anne Rice signed lst Ed dj
954 Downtown Anne Siddons signed dj lst Ed
955 George Stubbs and Ben Marshall Sparrow lst Ed
956 Steichen
957 Little America Richard Byrd lst Ed 1930
958 Dante Inferno Illustr Barry Moser
959 Lothair Disraeli lst US Ed 1870
960 The Labor Problem Catlin 1926 Bottom Line Year book 2015
961 Animal Heroes Ernest Thompson Seton 1905
962 Hunky Williamson lst Ed 1929
963 Carrousel for Bibliophiles Targ lst Ed
964 Commentaries on the Laws of England Blackstone 1825
965 Macaulay's History of England II 1849
966 The Caine Mutiny Wouk 1951
967 Before I Say Good Bye Clark lst Ed dj inscr
968 Moon Shot Alan Shepard/Deke Slaton lst Ed dj
969 The Plains of Passage Auel dj lst Ed
970 When Shlemniel Went to Warsaw Isaac Bashevis Singer Illus Margot Zemach
971 Historical Newspaper New York Herald April 15 1865 Lincoln Assassination
972 T/L sheet music
973 T/L Misc eph
974 Poems by Mr Gray Drawings by Wm Blake 1971
975 Lot Philatelic auction catalogs
976 Lot medical books
977 New York in Photographs Only One New York Jan Yoors 2
978 Works of Henry Adams 3
979 Lot auction catalogs
980 Lot auction catalogs
981 Lot auction catalogs
982 Lot auction catalogs
983 Lot auction catalogs
984 Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Nice Fat Policeman
985 The Fossil Trail Ian Tattersal
986 Israel to Me Jiggetts A Negro Social Worker Inside Israel
987 Windows on the World Wine Course
988 Lot Cat O Graphs
989 T/L Harpers Weekly 1866
990 A Union Soldier Returns South Willett 113th Ohio
991 T/L Stitchcraft, Sewing fashions etc
992 Lot misc eph
993 Lure of the Tropix
994 Diane Drowns Delaware Valley
995 Lot Misc eph
996 The Peoples Home Journal 1905 1922 3
997 The Stage magazine 1933,l934, l937
998 The Ladies World 1905 Harpers Bazaar 1936 2
999 T/L Misc periodicals
1000 The Civil War in America
1001 Little Lord Fauntleroy Burnett 1914 Illustr Reginald Birch
1002 Views Afoot Bayard Taylor 1889
1003 The Search for the Northwest Passage Thomson Northwest Passage Smith
1004 Bob Son of Battle Ollivant Illustr Kirmse 1898
1005 The Authentic Life of William McKinley Memorial Edition
1006 The Letters of Robert Frost
1007 T/L Books on Nascar etc
1008 A Jerseymans Journal Walter Edge
1009 The Art of Andrew Wyeth
1010 Mongolia; Tibet 2
1011 Black Boy Richard Wright Black Majesty Vandercook White Reflections on Black Power 3
1012 The Courtship of Miles Standish Longfellow Illustr Howard Chandler Christy
1013 Heritage Press: Westward Ho. Kingsley;Red and Black 2
1014 Heritage Press: The Gods Are a Thirst Anatole France The Autobiography of Bennuto Cellini 2
1015 T/L Misc eph
1016 Wks of Robert Fulghum 4
1017 Life of General Winfield Scott 1861
1018 Meditations of Augustine 1720
1019 Wks of John Grisham 10 vols
1020 Wks of John Grisham 6 vols
1021 The Joy of Art Piper
1022 Second World War series Winston Churchill 6 vols
1023 The Art of Andrew Wyeth
1024 Me Katherine Hepburn Kate Remembered Scott Berg
1025 Frank Mc Court" Teacher Man;Angelas Ashes;'Tis 3
1026 Art and Love in Renaissance Italy
1027 A Day in the Life of Ireland
1028 Ireland
1029 Sinatra A Life in Pictures
1030 Kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae Directory
1031 Jonathan Livingston Seagull
1032 Heritage Press: Old Goriot Balzac
1033 The Story of Mary's Little Lamb published by Mr and Mrs Henry Ford,l928,Dearborn Mich
1034 Robin Hood Written and Illustr by Howard Pyle
1035 Alice in Wonderland Illustr Tenniel
1036 Wind in the Willows Grahame Illustr Tasha Tudor
1037 Lassie Come Home Knight 1940
1038 Lot Framed SEP covers Norman Rockwell Willie Gillis 3
1039 Lot Framed SEP covers Norman Rockwell Willie Gillis 3
1040 Lot Framed SEP covers Norman Rockwell Willie Gillis 3
1041 Lot Framed SEP covers Norman Rockwell Willie Gillis 2
1042 Lot Framed SEP covers Norman Rockwell Christmas 2
1043 Lot Framed SEP covers Norman Rockwell Christmas 2
1044 Lot Framed SEP covers Norman Rockwell Christmas 2
1045 Lot Framed SEP covers Norman Rockwell 1948 2
1046 Lot Framed SEP covers Norman Rockwell 1947.l948 2
1047 Lot Framed SEP covers Norman Rockwell 1945 2
1048 Lot Framed SEP covers Norman Rockwell 1944 l944 2
1049 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1917
1050 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1922
1051 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1923
1052 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1921
1053 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1922
1054 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1924
1055 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1926
1056 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 192\3
1057 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1933
1058 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1935
1059 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1938
1060 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1940
1061 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1942
1062 Lot Framed SEP cover Norman Rockwell 1941
1063 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1917
1064 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1917
1065 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1917
1066 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1918
1067 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1919
1068 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1919
1069 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1920
1070 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1920
1071 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1920
1072 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1920
1073 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1921
1074 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1921
1075 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1922
1076 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1922
1077 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1922
1078 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1923
1079 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1923
1080 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1926
1081 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1926
1082 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1927
1083 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1927
1084 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1927
1085 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1928
1086 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1929
1087 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1930
1088 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1930
1089 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1930
1090 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1930
1091 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1930
1092 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1931
1093 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1931
1094 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1931
1095 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1931
1096 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1932
1097 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1932
1098 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1933
1099 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1933
1100 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1933
1101 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1934
1102 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1934
1103 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1934
1104 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1934
1105 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1934
1106 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1935
1107 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1935
1108 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1935
1109 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1936
1110 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1936
1111 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1936
1112 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1936
1113 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1937
1114 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1937 (Proud Auction Goer With Her Plunder)
1115 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1937
1116 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1937
1117 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1938
1118 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1938
1119 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1938
1120 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1939
1121 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1939
1122 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1939
1123 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1939
1124 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1939
1125 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1940
1126 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1940
1127 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1940
1128 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1940
1129 SEP magazine Norman Rockwell cover 1940
1130 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1941 2
1131 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1942 2
1132 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1943 l944 2
1133 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1944 2
1134 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1944 1945 2
1135 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1945 2
1136 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1945 2
1137 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1946 2
1138 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1946 2
1139 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1946 2
1140 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1947 2
1141 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1947 1948 2
1142 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1948 2
1143 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1949 2
1144 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1949 2
1145 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1956 1
1146 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1947 1950 2
1147 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1951 2
1148 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1952 2
1149 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1953 1954 2
1150 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1954 2
1151 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1954 1955 2
1152 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1955 2
1153 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1955 1957 2
1154 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1956 1957 2
1155 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1959 2
1156 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1956 1959 2
1157 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1952 1954 2
1158 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1960 2
1159 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1960 2
1160 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1960 2
1161 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1960 2
1162 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1960 2
1163 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1961 2
1164 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1961 1962 3
1165 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1966 1963 3
1166 SEP magazines Norman Rockwell covers 1963 3
1166A Norman Rockwell 32 Magazine Covers Christopher Finch. lst Ed Mini Edition
1166B My Adventures as an Illustrator Norman Rockwell (book
1167 Lot comics
1168 The Art of Vogue Photographic Covers
1169 Paper Mill Playhouse The Life of a Theatre
1170 The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter
1171 Reluctant Genius Alexander Graham Bell
1172 Dearest Friend Life of Abigail Adams John Adams McCullough
1173 Undaunted Courage Stephen Ambrose
1174 Lincolns Melancholy Joshua Shenk
1175 Carroll College Alumni Directory
1176 Lot art books 2
1177 Lot auction and gallery catalogs 3
1178 Lot auction and gallery catalogs 3
1179 Lot auction catalogs
1180 Japanese Flower Arrangement
1181 A World of Light Portraits and Celebration Sarton
1182 Mae West Eels/Musgrove
1183 J M W Turner
1184 The Life of Nelson
1185 Call Her Miss Ross Taraborrelli
1186 Piaf A Biography
1187 The Nixon Nobody Knows
1188 The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank The Definitive Edition Edited by Otto H Frank and Mirjam Pressler
1189 In the Devils Snare The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692 Norton lst Ed
1190 The Kennedy Tapes Cuban Missile Crisis
1191 Manhunt 12 Day Chase for Lincolns Killer Swanson lst Ed dj
1192 Tales of Gaslight New York
1193 The Annotated Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
1194 Images of America New Providence
1195 Weird NJ II
1196 The Beatles Anthology
1197 The Annotated Dracula
1198 Christmas at the Mysterious Book Shop
1199 Tales of Edgar Allan Poe Franklin Library
1200 Lot mens magazines
1201 Lot mens magazines
1202 Lot mens magazines
1203 Lot mens magazines
1204 Lot mens magazines
1205 Lot mens magazines
1206 Lot mens magazines
1207 T/L Misc periodicals
1208 The Image of Their Greatness Baseball
1209 Something to Write Home About Baseball
1210 1949 Yearbook Commerce High School Commerce Oklahoma ( Mickey Mantle)
1211 Video Barry Halpers baseball collection
1212 Famous American Athletes of Today
1213 Pep The Red Book of Sports for Red Blooded Readers By Appy Collection of Barry Halper
1214 Baseball Register bound 1942
1215 Major League Baseball 1938 Ethan Allen author inscribed
1216 The Goose is Loose Richard Goose Gossage Frank Robinson Making of a Manager 2
1217 100 Greatest Sports Heroes Nisenson/Mac Davis 1958 Inscribed to Barry Halper and signed by Ted Williams Mickey Mantle; Ty Cobb;Bob Feller;Stan Musial; Joe Di Maggio
1218 Ball Four Plus Ball Five Jim Bouton inscribed to Barry Halper by Jim Bouton
1219 Perfect I'm Not David Wells Boomer on Beer'Brawls,Backaches and Baseball lst ed dj
1220 Few and Chosen Defining Yankee Greatness Across the Eras Whitey Ford and Phil Pepe Authors inscribed to Barry Halper
1221 Cobb The Life and Times of the Meanest Man Who Ever Played Baseball Al Stump Inscribed to Barry Halper w/letter enclosed
1222 My Life in Baseball The True Record Ty Cobb with Al Stump Inscribed to Barry Halper by Al Stump
1223 Joe DiMaggio The Heros Life Cramer Franklin Library
1225 Lucky to Be a Yankee by Jolting Joe DiMaggio Introduction James Farley;Fwd by Grantland Rice Signed by Di Maggio 1946
1226 Zim A Baseball Life Inscribed to Barry Halper by Don Zimmer
1227 The Bronx Zoo The World Champion New York Yankees Sparky Lyle/Peter Golenbock Inscribed to Barry and Sharon Halper signed by both authors
1228 Frank The First Year Frank Robinson Inscribed to Barry Halper by Frank Robinson
1229 The Duke of Flatbush Duke Snider Inscribed to Barry Halper by Duke Snider
1230 Guest Book Yankee Stadium 50th Anniv 1923-l973 Numerous signatures incl: Barry Goldwater; George Raft; Joe Di Maggio; Phil Rizzuto; Babe Ruth; Johnny Mize, Hank Bauer, E Pepitone, Bob Feller, Whitey Ford,
1230A Continuation of 1229: Don Drysdale, Ralph Branca, Carl Erskine, Joe Garagiola, Tony Perez, Hector Lopez; Jeff Torberg, Roger Peckinpaugh, Wiley Moore, Wally Ripp, J F Baker, Bud Gassett, Aaron Ward, Mark Koenig, etc etc
1231 The Scoolter The Phil Rizzuto Story Inscribed to Barry Halper by Phil Rizzuto
1232 Judge Landis and 25 Years of Baseball
1233 The Sporting News Hall of Fame Fact Book 1982 signed by Joe Di Maggio and Ted Williams
1234 1944,l946 Baseball Blue Book 2
1235 1948 Baseball Blue Book
1236 Lou Gehrig's Will (photo copy)
1237 The Story of Baseball Rosenburg Collections of Barry Halper
1238 1981 World Series Yearbook Barry Halper Collection
1239 Sotheby's Catalog Th Barry Halper Collection
1240 Barry Halper's Sotheby's Auction Post Auction Analysis ( Initialed BH)
1241 Newsp Clip Report Sothebys Halper Auction
1242 Alphabetical list( bound) Players Addresses
1243 Christies Auction List Sports Memorabilia (some Barry Halper)
1244 Baseball Cyclopedia Ernest J Lanigan 1922
1245 The Yankees 1932 leather photo album (no photos)
1246 Lou Gehrig photo signed
1247 Babe Ruth His Story in Baseball Lee Allen
1248 Major General Abner Doubleday and Brevet Major General John G Robinson in the Civil War 1918 State of New York Monuments Commission
1249 The Babe and I Mrs Babe Ruth
1250 Screwball Tom McGraw Jos Dursow 2 Baseball and the American Dream Jos Durso author inscr
1251 The Ring 1982 Record Book and Encycl Edited by Bert Randolph Sugar Inscribed by Sugar to Barry Halper
1252 Album Memories The Barry Halper Collection to Cooperstown
1253 Lot Pin backs " Memories of a Lifetime" The Barry Halper Collection at Cooperstown
1255 Album photos of trip to Italy with the Halpers and Joe DiMaggio
1255A Laminated framing NY Times Magazine article Oct 18,l998 rc Barry Halpers baseball collection and Sharon Halper's recipes and culinary reputation !!!
1256 Lot Misc eph Trip to Italy with Halpers and Joe DiMaggio
1257 Photo album Opening of the Barry Halper Collection at Cooperstown
1258 Lot Press Photos Barry Halper Collection at Cooperstow
1259 Lot Press Packages Barry Halper Collection at Cooperstown Barry Halper.Mickey Mantle
1260 Centennial Yearbook New York Yankees 2003 Holding Partners incl Barry Halper
1261 Sothebys 2vol catalog Barry Halper Collection
1262 Eight Sets Sothebys Barry Halper Ltd Ed Baseball Cards
1263 T/L Misc travel eph Trip to Italy Halper/DiMaggio
1264 Lot Record Books One For the Book, Baseball 1968;l956,l957,1966,1962
1265 Lot Record Books One For the Book, Baseball 1962.1967.1969,1970,1971
1266 Lot Record Books One For the Book, Baseball 1958;1950,1953,1954,l955,1965
1267 Lot World Series Records Books 1903-l965,l964,1966.1956,l957
1268 Lot World Series Records Books 1903-l963,l967,1964,l969,1970,1972,l975
1269 Jewish Baseball Stars Ribalow
1270 How to Feed Friends and Influence People Carnegie Deli autographed copy
1271 Jewish Cooking in America
1272 My Promised Land Ari Shavit
1273 Damn Yankees Rob Fleder lst Ed dj
1274 The Catcher Was a Spy Mysterious Life of Moe Berg
1275 Munson Marty Appel lst Ed pb
1276 Lot post cards
1277 Lot Misc photos incl WWII GI
1278 A Story of Our Gang Packer 1929 Illustr Childs Book
1279 Photo baseball Joe DiMaggio/Barry Halper
1280 Metal sign ( repr) Shoeless Joe Jackson
1281 2011 NY Yankees Yearbook
1282 2008 NY Yankees Yearbook
1283 2015 NY Yankees Yearbook
1284 2009 NY Yankees Yearbook
1285 2007 NY Yankees Yearbook
1286 2011 NY Yankees Yearbook
1287 2010 NY Yankees Yearbook
1288 Sotheby's Catalog Barry Halper Baseball Collection 2
1289 The Science of Hitting Ted Williams signed
1290 Signed photo Sharon Halper/Mickey Mantle, Inscribed
1291 Barry Halper Scrapbook newsp clippings
1292 Framed Ballentine Beer Ad inscribed by Mel Allen
1293 T/L Misc eph re Barry Halper Baseball Collection
1294 Lot Videos/CDs : Phil Rizzuto Tribute, Yankee Stadium The Baseball Time Capsule-Journey Through the Barry Halper Collecion: Hosted by Billy Martin, Mickey Mantle Don Mattingly and Nolan Ryan
1295 The Complete Phantom pf the Opera Signed by the Phantom, Michael Crawford p78
1296 The World is Flat Thomas Friedman lst Ed
1297 Brain Droppings George Carlin lst Ed dj
1298 DeWolf Hopper Once a Clown Always a Clown 1927
1299 Lot: Sinatra The Artist and the Man Frank, The Voice Rock and Roll at 50 3
1300 A Hundred Years A Million Laughs Centennial Celebration of the Friars Club (Illustr Hirschfeld)
1301 Lot: Friars Club 2015 Directory ( Sharon Halper) Box Baseball post cards Yankee Stadium ticket stubs
1302 The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein
1303 Born to Kvetch Yiddish Language and Culture
1304 2010 New York Yankees Yearbook
1305 2010 New York Yankees Magazine
1306 2009 World Series Program
1307 The Lost ( Auschwitz) Daniel Mendelsohn
1308 Framed print and duck stamp Rob Leslie
1309 Framed print and duck stamp Pintails
1310 Framed print and duck stamp Rob Leslie 2 stamps
1311 Framed print and duck stamp Cinnamon Teal
1312 Framed print and duck stamp Mallards
1313 Metal adv sign Marine Megaphones (endorsed by Mantle) Inscribed and signed to Barry and Sharon Halper by Mickey Mantle
1314 Adv sign YES Network " Where Yankee Fans Get Their Yankees"
1315 Philatelic lot:Stamp Exhibit sheets Bureau of Engr/Prt
1316 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Mills Bros,Knuckles O Toole Bill Haley; Herb Alpert,Benny Goodman,Ella Fitzgerald
1317 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Mahalia Jackson;Dukes of Dixieland; Roy Hamilton,Johnnie Cash etc
1318 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Ink Spots; Al Hirt, Pete Fountain,Tommy Edwards, Dukes of Dixieland Roy Hamilton
1319 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Knuckles O Toole The Bakers Dozen Yale Univ;Enoch Light,Boots Randolph Pete Fountain Tiny Little,John Cougar,Dukes of Dixieland,Ray Charles Singers etc
1320 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Andy Williams,Marty Robbins Tony Mattola,Della Reese,Ohio Players Honey,Ted Heath
1321 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Al Martino,Chuck Berry, Harvey and the Momglows,Eagles,Dukes of Dixieland Knuckles O Toole,Eddy arnols Charleston City All Stars,
1322 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Mills Bros,Ink Spots Ohio Players Honey,Burl Ives,Billy Vaugh,Al Hirt Eagles,Fleetwood Mac etc
1323 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Minstrel Show,Tommy Edwards John Gary, The Light Brigade,Dukes of Dixieland, Shirley Bassey;Knuckles O Toole,The Envoys,,Foreigner
1324 Lot 45 RPM records:Hot Property, The Monkees, Diana Ross,Alice Cooper,The Steinways,Rita Coolidge et
1325 Lot 8MM movie reels ( l8) Incl: 1940s-50 Bay Head, Jersey Shore, European vistas Some appear to be aerial views--------
1326 Framed Certificate Culinary (Italy) to Sharon Halper w/inscribed photo Joe Di Maggio "Sharon, Whatever you serve is good !"
1327 Naples at Table
1328 Love in the Time of Cholera
1329 New York Yankees magazine 2014
1330 Yearbooks St Joseph of the Palisades High School 1981;1980,1979,1982 4
1331 Album Basketball cards
1332 Album Football cards
1333 Album Baseball cards
1334 Album Hockey cards
1335 Album Misc trading cards Desert Storm, Elvis etc
1336 NY Giants 75 Years of Football Memories
1337 Lot art books 3
1338 Faberge in America
1339 Art of Calligraphy
1340 Lot art books 4
1341 Japans Golden Age
1342 Lot art catalogs 4
1343 Tattoo Pigments of Imagination
1344 The Formation of Islamic Art
1345 Lot art books 4
1346 Lot art books 3
1347 Lot art books 3
1348 Lot art books 3
1349 Chaucer and His World
1350 Contemporary African Arts and Crafts
1351 American Glass Precious Vessels
1352 Lot art books 3
1353 Jackie's Treasures
1354 Rabin, Leah Rabin
1355 Dutch Memoir of Ronald Reagan
1356 Israel Life and Times of Edgar Allan Poe
1357 Cry the Johnnie Ray Story
1358 The Roots of Treason Ezra Pound and the Secret of St Elizabeths Torrey
1359 This Man Ribbentrop 1943
1360 My War Andy Rooney
1361 Art Deco Posters and Graphics
1362 Carl Faberge
1363 Pushing ink The Fine Art of Tattooing
1364 History of Art Goodyear 1889
1365 The Great Bronze Age of China
1366 The Big Room
1367 Maxfield Parrish Ludwig
1368 The History of World Sculpture
1369 Lot art books 3
1370 Lot art books 2
1371 The Unicorn Tapestries
1372 Splendors of Moscow
1373 Lot art books 3
1374 Great Interiors
1375 Lot art books 3
1376 Porcelain Majolica, Delft and Faience 2
1377 The Art Deco Style
1378 20th Century Dreams Cohn/Peellaert
1379 I Never Saw Another Butterfly Terezin Concentration Camp 1942-44
1380 Sterns Jerusalem
1381 Charles M Russell Renner
1382 The Elegant Auctioneers Towner
1383 Art books 2
1384 Art books 2
1385 Art books 2
1386 Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harpers Bazaar 1867-l898
1387 Margit Kovacs Ilona Potaky-Brestyanszky
1388 Peace A Dream Unfolding
1389 The Big Room Herr
1390 Erotic Art 2
1391 Lt art books 3
1392 Lot art books and catalogs 3
1393 The Rose
1394 Fine Porcelian and Pottery
1395 Meissen Antique Porcelian
1396 Landscape Painting
1397 Gloria Vanderbilt Book of Collage
1398 Lot art books 2
1399 Lot art books and catalogs
1400 Magnificent Dreams
1401 Lot art books 2
1402 White Pillars The Architecture of the South
1403 Lot art catalogs 2
1404 Peoples Doonesbury Notes from Underfoot Trudeau
1405 The America Wing 1924 Met Museum of Art
1406 1940s Getty Collection
1407 Art booklets 5
1408 Carpets of the Orient Peasant and Nomad Rugs of Asia 2
1409 Art of the Far East
1410 Lot art books 3
1411 Chinese Export Porcelain
1412 The American West
1413 Lot art books 2
1414 Japanese Masters of the Colour Print(great plates)
1415 Palm Beach International Art and Antique Fair 1999
1416 Terrazzo 1989
1417 Lot art books 5
1418 Art Nouveau
1419 The World of M C Escher
1420 Beryl Cooks Art books 3
1421 The Precious Legacy Judaic Treasures
1422 Americas Painted Ladies
1423 The Book of Rugs Oriental and European
1424 Carl Faberge Faberge 2
1425 Lot art books 2
1426 Lot art books 3
1427 The Art Nouveau Style
1428 A Brief Description of New York Denton 1670 facs
1429 The Grandees Americas Sephardic Elite
1430 L0t art histories 2
1431 Literary Haunts and Homes 1899
1432 T/L sepia photos etc
1433 T/L 33 mm slides
1434 T/L 33 mm slides incl GI Korean War
1435 The Search for Love George Sand 1927
1436 Ribbentrop A Biogr Bloch
1437 Before the Trumpet Young FDR FDR Into the Storm 1937-l940
1438 Rockne of Notre Dame Rockne Idol,of American Football Knute Rockne Man Builder 3
1439 Venetian Villas
1440 Lot art books 3
1441 White Knuckle Ride
1442 Lot art books and catalogs
1443 Erte's Theatrical Costumes
1444 Cigarette Pack Art
1445 Russian Imperial Style
1446 The China Trade
1447 Lot art books 3
1448 Advertising Art in the Art Deco Style
1449 Lot art books 4
1450 The Decorative Twenties
1451 Painted Ladies Military Aircraft Nose Art
1452 Reel Art Movie Posters
1453 Draw and Sell Comic Strips
1454 Young Folks Treasury 1919
1455 Self Educator 1909 English and German
1456 Audels Gas Engine Manual
1457 T/L Wks of Chas Dickens 5 vols
1458 Five Little Peppers series 4 vols
1459 The Adv of Tom Sawyer Mark Twain Illustr Brehm 1910
1460 Lot Hugg's Greetings 1895
1461 Pinocchio Collodi l940 Edited Watty Piper Illus Tony Sarg
1462 Easter Posters 1931 Milton Bradley Co
1463 Creative Art Dutch Frieze 1931 Milton Bradley Co
1464 Winter Village paper cut out
1465 How We Travel 1937 Milton Bradley Co
1466 Totowa Boro 1898-1973
1467 Songs Bruce Springsteen
1468 The Complete Printmaker
1469 The Railroad Station Meeks
1470 Of Women and Horses
1471 Horses and Horsemanship Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage Horse Riding and Care
1472 City signs and Lights
1473 The New Cottage Home
1474 A Guide to Old American Houses
1475 Children of the Wild West
1476 Old American Houses
1477 Jamaican Houses
1478 Opera People
1479 T/L Real Simple magazines
1480 T/L road maps
1481 T/L Misc eph
1482 Seasons of America Past Eric Sloane
1483 American Battlefields Cobb
1484 T/L Misc eph road maps etc
1485 Lot art books 3
1486 Badoola Williams The Story of Peter Pan 2
1487 Southwestern Pottery
1488 1969 Yearbook Leonia HS
1489 Flying Fortress Jablonski
1490 War Time Guide Book for the Home 1942
1491 Twenty Years of Dilbert Scott Adams
1492 Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth
1493 Heritage of Britain
1494 New Jersey The Garden State
1495 Cathedrals of the World
1496 Bird Songs Cornell University Ornithology Lab
1497 Britain An Aerial View
1498 The Art and Craft of Sign Writing
1499 Lot post cards
1500 Philatelic lot: stamp auction catalogs
1501 1969 Yearbook St Peters Prep
1502 Bird Photography 2
1503 The Sibley Guide to Birds
1504 Digital Nature Photography 2
1505 T/L older TV Guides
1506 Lt: Carolyn Keene series mysteries 2 Heidi
1507 1969 Yearbook Leonia HS
1508 Gracie A Love Story George Burns
1509 Enc of Motor Cars
1510 Pictorial History of the Automobile
1511 WW I l9l8 Photo Coast Artillery Unit GI
1512 Tarzan Lord of the Jungle Buroughs 1928
1513 Philatelic lot: ;l939 Worlds Fair First Day of Opening
1514 T/L Misc eph
1515 Lot adv blotters
1516 T/L post cards etc
1518 Skunk Works Rich/Janos
1519 Watership Down Adams
1520 Swallowdale Arthur Ransome
1521 T/L Misc eph
1522 1954 Yearbook Union Endicott HS
1523 Brown and Sharpe trade catalogs 2
1524 Washington and His Generals
1525 Those Wonderful Old Automobiles Clymer
1526 Lot mens magazines
1527 T/L Misc eph
1528 Unreasonable Men A Father and Son Who Changed America The Birth of the National Enquirer Paul David Pope author signed (rewritten edition)
1529 Unreasonable Men The Saga of a Father and Son Who Changed America Paul Pope and Joel Engel with Allan Zullo (Draft copy of original later rewritten)
1530 Top Photos for Unreasonable Men
1531 The Wisdom of Whores Pisani
1532 Oradell Biogr of a Borough
1533 1958 Yearbooks Ridgefield HS 3
1534 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Johnny Cash;Doc Watson; Merle Watson
1535 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Webb Pierce, Johnny Cash; Jerry Lee Lewis;Gene Watson; Doc Watson
1536 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Sly and the Family Stone Rick Springfield;Johnny Cash
1537 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Beatles;Kitty Wells Jerry Lee Lewis;Revolver
1538 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Beatles;Kitty Wells Johnny Cash;Van Morrison
1539 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Bob Wills Texas Playboys Jerry Lee Lewis;Johnny Cash;Tony Mottola;Roy Acuff
1540 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Dolly Parton;Ronnie Milsap Bob Wills; Tommy Duncan;Johnny Cash
1541 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Johnny Cash;Merle Travis Webb Pierce; Ray Charles
1542 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Gene Watson;Johnny Cash Merle Travis;Buck Owens Tommy Garrett
1543 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Ferliun Husky;Carl Smith Johnny Cash Marty Robbins;Stonewall Jackson;Ray Price Gene Autry;The Carter Family
1544 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Moms Apple Pie; Johnny Cash; Carl Perkins,Jeanne Pruett; George Hamilton IV etc
1545 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Earl Scruggs,Doc Watson,Roy Acuff.Merle Travis Johnny Cash
1546 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Sinatra;Jim Reeves Johnny Cash;Tommy Dorsey; Glen Miller
1547 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Ella Fitzgerald;Sarah Vaughn;Billy Eckstine;Dinah Washington;Billie Holiday Louis Armstrong;Benny Goodman
1548 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Tex Benecke; Johnny Cash Sinatra;Allan Sherman;Amos N Andy
1549 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Jimmy Dorsey;Jim Reeves;; Kenmny Ball/Jazz Men;
1550 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Artie Shaw;Mel Torme; Duke Ellington;Tommy Dorsey
1551 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Marian Anderson;Caruso Duke Ellington,Benny Goodman;Ames Bros;Three Suns Jim Reeves;Roger Williams
1552 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Roger Williams;Jim Reeves Johnny Cash
1553 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Radio and TV Broadcasts
1554 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Classical
1555 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Classical
1556 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Soins of the Pioneers;Waylon Jennings;Carter Family Chet Atkins;Elvis Presley etc
1557 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Johnny Cash;Pee Wee King; Chet Atkins;Ronnie Milsap;Warmack and Gully Jumpers Skeeter Davis;Jordanaires;Willie Nelson etc
1558 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Johnny Cash;LeRoy Van Dyke Everly Bros;Hankshaw Hawkins;Red Foley;Ernest Tubb Eddy Arnold;Roger Miller etc
1559 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Johnny Cash;Minnie Pearl; Dolly Parton;Hank Locklin;Peter Wagoner;Jim Reeves Skeeter Davis;Hank Snow;Grandpa Jones;Pee Wee King
1560 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Shows and Classical
1561 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Shows and Classical
1562 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Shows and Classical
1563 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Fats Waller; Knuckles O Tool Shows, Movies
1564 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Shows, Movies
1565 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Shows, Movies
1566 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Shows, Movies
1567 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Shows, Movies
1568 Lot 33 vinyl records incl;Shows, Movies
1569 The Shortstop Zane Grey
1570 Alaska WPA Book
1571 California WPA Book
1572 Far Eastern Art
1573 Petit Larousse
1574 Paris Was Yesterday 1925-l939
1575 Studies in Occultism
1576 lot art books,booklets 5
1577 lot art books 3
1578 Take Men To Your Leader lst Amer Ed
1579 Ultimate Sacrifice Kennedys
1580 Somerset Choroszewski
1581 Medal of Honor
1582 The Rolling Stones
1583 American Conservatism
1584 The Civil War a Visual History
1585 America A Rediscovery
1586 Why We Suck Dr Denis Leary
1587 Forensics True Crime Scene Investigations Dead Men Do Tell Tales 2
1588 The Celestine Prophecy
1589 Where Men Win Glory Krakauer The Odyssey of Pat Tillman lst Ed dj
1590 Timber and Tide Hunting Tales of the Northeast
1591 T/L Misc periodicals Life, Ebony
1592 T/L Misc periodicals Look, Mad
1593 Baseball Sports Ency 2007
1594 The National League A History
1595 ESPN College Basketball Ency
1596 The Fall Classic History of the World Series
1597 Video The Barry Halper Collection
1598 T/L Baseball and Football board games
1599 SI Baseball book
1600 SI Basketball book
1601 Tiger Woods Pictorial Biogr
1602 American Wildflowers
1603 Norwegian Folk Tales
1604 Red Lion Rampant Nova Caesarea Arny
1605 RFK In His Own Words Thirteen Days Cuban Missile Crisis 2
1606 The Vicksburg Veteran
1607 American Interiors Architectural Digest
1608 Margritte
1609 The Nikon Image
1610 The Naked Lady Ian Wallace
1611 Coney Island The Peoples Playground
1612 Interior Views Design at its Best Erica Brown
1613 Birds In Our Lives
1614 Growing Up in the Civil War
1615 Century of Business New York Times
1616 Puerto Rico Borinquen Querida
1617 Currier and Ives Harry T Peters
1618 Graphic Design
1619 The American Pewterer Kauffman
1620 Our Vanishing Wilderness
1621 The Last Paradises On the Track of Rare Animals Schuhmacher
1622 The Rainbow Book of Nature Peattie
1623 The Ultimate Papercraft and Origami Book
1624 Conrans Kitchen book
1625 The Joys of Wine
1626 Art Fraud Detective
1627 Hunting With Camera and Gun Hajek
1628 The History of Payroll in the US
1629 Soul Mates Thomas Moore
1630 A Guide to Victorian Antiques
1631 America A Celebration of the United States
1632 A Day In the Life of America
1633 Custom Motorcycles
1634 D H Lawrence Poems for Young People
1635 Philatelic lot: Misc US FDCs
1636 Lot ship blueprints and military topo map
1637 Looseleaf binder collection of NASA seals etc
1638 1929 Pharmacopoeia Sloan Hospital for Women
1639 Bx Baseball cards
1640 Bx Baseball cards
1641 Bx Baseball cards
1642 Bx Baseball cards
1643 Bx Baseball cards
1644 Bx Baseball cards
1645 Bx Baseball cards
1646 Bx Baseball cards
1647 Bx Baseball cards
1648 Bx Baseball cards
1649 Bx Baseball cards
1650 Set Library of Historic Characters and Famous Events 1900 12 vols
1651 Worcester Porcelian
1652 Gift of Power Life and Teachings of a Lakota Medicine Man
1653 Ethan Frome Edith Wharton
1654 Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All
1655 Amazing Men Tenneson
1656 Women Photographers
1657 Philatelic lot:US FDCs
1658 Philatelic lot:US FDCs
1659 Philatelic lot:US FDCs
1660 Philatelic lot:US FDCs, Dedication covers
1661 Philatelic lot:US FDCs, Dedication covers
1662 Philatelic lot:US FDCs,
1663 Philatelic lot:US FDCs, Includes Legends of Baseball
1664 Philatelic lot:US FDCs, Includes Legends of Baseball
1665 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1666 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1667 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1668 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1669 Philatelic lot: US FDCs incl baseball
1670 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1671 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1672 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1673 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1674 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1675 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1676 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1677 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1678 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1679 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1680 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1681 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1682 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1683 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1684 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1685 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1686 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1687 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1688 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1689 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1690 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1691 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1692 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1693 Philatelic lot: T/L Misc US and foreign covers and post cards
1694 The Civil War Dictionary
1695 The Civil War Narrative Shelby Foote 2 vols
1696 War Years With Jeb Stuart
1697 Mr Lincoln's City
1698 The Machinery of War
1699 The Military Legacy of the Civil War
1700 Divided Loyalties
1701 Mathew Brady and His World
1702 Chancellorsville
1703 Decisive Battles of the Civil War Swinton
1704 Lincolnites and Rebels
1705 Virginia The Civil War
1707 Shermans March Burke Davis
1708 The Battle of Stones River near Murfreesboro Tenn
1709 On Many a Bloody Field Four Years in the Iron Brigade Gaff
1710 Collis Zouaves The 114th Penna Volunteers
1711 Confederates in the Attic Tony Horwitz
1712 The Civil War Blay
1713 After the Civil War Blay
1714 Uniforms of the Civil War
1715 The Civil War in Pictures
1716 Photographic History of the Civil War
1717 Sword Over Richmond McClellans Peninsula Campaign
1718 Leadership Lessons from the Civil War
1719 Eye of the Storm Written and Illustr by Private Robert Knox Sneden
1720 Lincoln at Gettysburg Wills
1721 Civil War Blay
1722 Spies for the Blue and Gray
1723 The Man Who Killed Lincoln Stern
1724 War From the Inside Hitchcock
1725 Handy Andy A Tale of Irish Life
1726 Ship Recognition Merchant Ships 1953
1727 The Forgotten Heroes US Merchant Marine
1728 The Wavertree An Ocean Wanderer
1729 Seaplanes and Flying Boats
1730 Cross Channel Attack
1731 Battle Maps of the Civil War
1732 Battlefields of the Civil War
1733 Matthew Brady's Civil War
1734 Great Maps of the Civil War
1735 1400 Days The Civil War Day by Day
1736 The Fighting Men of the Civil War
1737 Images of the Civil War Kunstler/McPherson
1738 The Battlefields of the Civil War
1739 The Civil War Treasury
1740 The Civil War at Charleston
1741 The Atlas of the Civil War McPherson
1742 Mathew Brady Historian
1743 Midstream Lincoln the President
1744 The Lincoln Reader
1745 More Than a Contest Between Armies
1746 William T Sherman
1747 Currier and Ives Picture History of the Civil War
1748 To Appomattox Burke Davis
1749 Voices of the Civil War
1750 Father Abraham
1751 The Civil War 3 vol set
1752 Lincoln and his Generals Williams
1753 Burn the Town and Sack the Banks Confederates Attack Vermont !
1754 Commanding Lincolns Navy
1755 Confederate Agent
1756 Smithsonian's Great Battles and Battlefields of the Civil War
1757 Civil War Battles
1758 Memoirs of Robert E Lee
1759 Great Battles and Leading Figures of the Civil War
1760 Illustr Atlas of the Civil War
1761 Atlas of the Civil War Month by Month
1762 War of the Rebellion 1886
1763 The Gettysburg Campaign A Study in Command
1764 Confrontation at Gettysburg
1765 Guerilla Hunters Civil War Missouri
1766 All The Daring of the Soldier Leonard Women of the Civil War Armies
1767 Embattled Confederates
1768 Ghosts and Haunts of the Civil War
1769 Team of Rivals Goodwin
1770 Civil War Delaware
1771 Gettysburg Vintage Postcard Views
1772 The Returned Battle Flags
1773 Lincoln Gore Vidal
1774 Bruce Cattons series Stillness at Appomattox; Glory Road, Mr Lincolns Army 3
1775 Onward Southern Soldiers Moore's Complete Civil War
1776 Destructive War Royster
1777 Civil War on the Western Border
1778 Grant Moves South Catton
1779 Richmond Redeemed The Siege at Petersburg Sommers
1780 Vicksburg 47 Days of Siege
1781 Abe Lincoln in Illinois
1782 Terrible Swift Sword Catton
1783 World War II AH
1784 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1785 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1786 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1787 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1788 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1789 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1790 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1791 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1792 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1793 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1794 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1795 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1796 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1797 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1798 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1799 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1800 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1801 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1802 Philatelic lot: UN FDCs
1803 Philatelic lot: UN FDCs
1804 Philatelic lot: UN FDCs
1805 Philatelic lot: UN FDCs
1806 Philatelic lot: UN FDCs
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1819 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1820 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1821 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1822 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1823 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1824 Philatelic lot: Canadian FDCs
1825 Writers Soames
1826 The Ghosts of Cannae Hannibal and the Roman Republic
1827 Polk Borneman
1828 Watergate Emery
1829 The Thirty Years War
1830 The Pacific Campaign WWII
1831 Harlots, Whores, and Hookers Hilary Evans
1832 Napoleon 1799-l897 The French Revolution 2 3
1833 Seward Stahr
1834 The Younger John Winthrop Letters of Wm Clark to Jonathan Clark 2
1835 Garibaldi
1836 The Wright Bros McCullough
1837 The War of 1812 A Forgotten Conflict
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1839 Sherman Marszalek
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1844 Seventeenth Cty North America Sauer
1845 The Kings Peace 1637-l641 Wedgewood
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1848 The Passage of Power The Years of Lyndon Johnson
1849 The Bully Pulpit Goodwin
1850 Russia at War 1941-45
1851 Andrew Jackson and the Politics of Martial Law
1852 The First Salute Tuchman
1853 The World of the Huns
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1855 The Supreme Court in US History 2 vols
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1857 The Nez Perce Indians
1858 The Invasion of Canada 1812-13
1859 John Quincy Adams
1860 George Washington and the new Nation 1783-l793
1861 To The Shores of Tripoli
1862 Mao The Unknown Story
1863 Lafayette in the Age of the American Revolution
1864 Aaron Burr Lomask
1865 Indian Summer
1866 The Lincoln Douglas Debates
1867 Disraeli
1868 George Washington The Forge of Experience
1869 Joseph Johnston Lt Gen CSA A Different Valor
1870 The Face of Battle Keegan
1871 The Napoleonic Wars
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1875 The Boston Massacre
1876 To The Great Ocean Trans Siberian Railway
1877 The Washing of the Spears
1878 Stillwell and the American Experience in China
1879 The Colonial Idiom
1880 A Light In the Attic Shel Silverstein
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1894 1997 Yearbook Horace Mann HS
2001 B/L Misc books technical
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