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Sunday, December 10th - 12:00 Noon to 4:00 PM

and Monday, December 11th - 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM

Click below for a downloadable version of the 12/11/17 Paper Auction Catalog:

1 Sorberiana ou Bob Mois 1694
2 Les Parures Primitives P Cocheris 1894
3 Some l9th Century Woodworking Tools Kenneth Roberts
4 Dark Desires Prezzi
5 Southern Carters and Their Allied Families
6 Construction Talks to Pivot Men 1927
7 How to Forge Weld on a Blacksmiths Anvil
8 Oxyfuel Gas Welding
9 Eesti Ballett
10 Grays Elegy
11 Lives and Portraits of the Presidents 1865
12 Es Chants Nationaux de Tous Pays 1902
13 'Driving for Pleasure Underhill 1896
14 The Genius of Charles James
15 The Herndon-Hunt and Allied Families
16 The Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg USMA Colonel Fieberger
17 British Grasses Wm Curtis 1812
18 Brinckerhoff Ancestry 1600-l927 Vermilye Ancestry 1500-l927
19 Instruction Book for Wright Whirlwind Engines 1929
20 Woods and Timbers of North Carolina 1883
21 Constantinople
22 Voyage de Languedoc et de Provence 1745
23 New York Society Reports Agriculture etc 1776
24 The Automobile Association Irish Handbook 1935-36
25 Farm Conveniences 1907 Orange Judd Company
26 The Philosophy of Judging Fowls 1889
27 Manual of the Barn Yard Domestic Animals 1858
28 Tales From the Levee
29 Formula 2 Gregor Grant
30 American travel and Hotel Directory 1919
31 Inside Information about Your Car 1929 Standard Oil
32 Motorboat Magazine 1912
33 Poultry Keeper periodicals bound 1897
34 T/L 45 RPM records incl:The Platters; Four Lads Elvis Presley;Four Aces; Del Vikings, Sinatra Gene Autry,Fats Domino,Ames Bros,Joni James,Tony Benne Sarah Vaughan,Dean Martin;McGuire Sisters etc
35 T/L 45 RPM records incl:Childrens records
36 T/L 45 RPM records incl;Everly Brothers,Sarah Vaughan Nat King Cole,Connie Francis Three Suns,Teresa Brewer Georgia Gibbs,etc
37 T/L 45 RPM records incl;Andy Williams,Bill Hayes Joni James,Buddy Holly,PattimPage,Nat King Cole, Connie Francis,Bill Haley,etc etc
38 T/L 45 RPM records incl;Little Anthony and Imperials J Geils Band,Midnight Runners.Philip Bailey, Duran, Duran; Lionel Ritchie'Chicagoi; Neil Young Buddy Holly; Tom Petty/Heart Breakers etc
39 Lot 45 RPM records incl:George Harrison,Billy Joel Oak Ridge boys,Rod Stewart,Kenny Loggins, Bill Haley and His Comets,The Police, Hall & Oates, etc etc
40 Victorian photo album w/ gallery cards, CDVs & tintype
41 Goethes Faust
42 Lot European Music albums Beethoven, Mozart
43 Lot European Music albums Beethoven Sonata
44 Devotional Family Bible c 1870
45 T/L sheet music Classical European
46 T/L sheet music Classical European
47 T/L sheet music Classical European
48 Wks of Goethe 4 vols
49 T/L sheet music Classical European
51 Down the Colorado
52 In Germany Haas
53 Who Was Who in WWII John Keegan
54 Making History Graphic 1925
55 St Nicholas Anthology
56 Favorite Flowers in Color 1949 Garden Facts and Fancies 1949 Hottes Illus by author
57 The Fun Shop Mirth of a Nation Judell 1927
58 Hell on Ice Commander Ellsberg
59 "That Damned Lawyer " Rothblatt Fwd F Lee Bailey
60 Doctor Papa Sophie May 1905 Operas Every Child Should Know 1911
61 The Log Cabin
62 The Court of St James Hibbert
63 Mrs Thatchers Minister
64 Candide Voltaire Illus Mahlon Blaine
65 The Lone Hand Ames
66 The Fire of Spring
67 Confessions of a Bird Watcher Roger Barton author inscribed
68 Australia
69 Elephants lst Ed Ashok Davar
70 The Queen Mother Cathcart
71 The Wild Blue Stephen Ambrose
72 The Living Animals of the World 2 vols
73 The Siege of Vicksburg
74 Martins Hundred Hume
75 In Review Eisenhower
76 Animals of the Past 1922
77 The Boy Scout Automobilists
78 Two Shall Be Born Oemler
79 Bible Biography 1842
80 Collectors Luck in England Carrick 1926 Recipes and Remedies of Early England Scotland in Colour 3
81 Our Dubbledam Journey Gehle An Account of How a Family Came to America 1891-l941
82 Footprints of Assurance
83 The Tree Where Man Was Born; The African Experience
84 The Last Savage
85 Aubrey Beardsley
86 Paintings of Edna Hibel
87 You've Got Me On the Hook Lariar
88 Alfred Hitchcocks Ghostly Gallery
89 Oh Happy, Happy, Happy Slightly Out of Order 2
90 The Pick of Punch
91 Program National Artist Award/ Helen Hayes
92 Israel The Reality
93 The End of the Road Tom Bodett
94 My Story Pete Rose
95 Notre Dame Championship Season Lou Holtz
96 Judy Garland and the Hoodoo Costume
97 Me and Bogie Deutsch
98 Where Have I Been? Sid Caesar
99 The Matinee Idols
100 The Making of the African Queen Hepburn
101 The Films of Shirley
102 The Fred Astaire Dance Book
103 Raphia and Reed Weaving Knapp 1901
104 Report of the Trial of Leavitt Alley for the Murder of Abijah Ellis Supreme Court Massachusetts 1875
105 Following the Drum 1859
106 Early Business Ledger 1814+ Acct names include Crane Slingerland,Brewer,Mascre,Yorks,Neafie,Riker Zeliff,Jacobus,Post,Van Ness ,Vreeland,Sendel (Possibly Pequannock)
107 The Vagabonds 1863
108 The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe
109 The English Atlas of 1680 1943 reprint with 4 maps
110 1978 West Morris, Mendham HS Yearbook
111 Ten Nights in a Bar Room 1896 Arthur
112 Vicar of Wakefield Goldsmith Illus Arthur Rackham
113 The Innocents Abroad Mark Twain 1875
114 The Book of Jasher 1938
115 Lothair Disraeli 1870 lst US Ed
116 System of Practical Arithmetic 1808
117 Twelve Keys to Auction Bridge Play Pachabo
118 Historical Collection of NJ Barber 1844 lst Ed
119 Calliope Poems Legendary and Pathetic 1814
120 The Prairie James Fenimore Cooper 1940 Lt Ed Club Illus Curry artist signed
121 Single Sideband Radio Amateur Mobile Manual Radio Amateur
122 Family History Fields, \Dodd etc
123 The Andy Warhol Diaries Hackett lst Ed
124 History and Gazetteer of NJ 1834
125 Land Sale Indenture High Sheriff Essex Co 1834
126 Land Sale Deed 1831 Montgomery County Penna
127 Page with map from Cosmographiae Univsersalis 1560
128 Lot Misc historical eph
129 History of England Smollett 1794 8 vols
130 Young Peoples Concerts Bernstein lst Ed
131 Lot Play Bills
132 Lot Play Bills
133 Childs Own Book of Great Musicians 8 issues
134 Lot mens magazines
135 Shakespeares Rare Print Collection
136 Anecdota Americana
137 Lot mens magazines
138 Eros Marilyn Monroe
139 1951 Yearbook Univ of Nebraska
140 1952 Yearbook Univ of Nebraska
141 The Trappers Guide 1869 Newhouse
142 Our Darlings
143 1949 Yearbook Univ of Nebraska
144 1950 Yearbook Univ of Nebraska
145 Religious Experiences of Noyes Founder of the Oneida Community 1923
146 Free Love and Its Votaries 1870 Founder of the Oneida Community 1923
147 The Photographic History of the Great European War in Gravure
148 American Universal Geography Morse 1819
149 Old Sultans Thanksgiving
150 Lot old post cards
151 History of Our Own Times 1880 4 vols Mc Carthy
152 A Circle of Seasons Livingston/Fisher lst Ed signed by poet and illustrator
153 The Jerusalem Bible Illus Dali
154 Lot old post cards
155 Autobiography of 70 Yrs Hoar 2 vols
156 Mark Twains Autobiography 2 vols lst Ed
157 Album old post cards, trade cards, greeting cards
158 Galerie de la Peinture 1970 3 vols
159 1978 NY Yankees Yearbook
160 The Anatomists VadeMecum 1804
161 H L Mencken Angoff signed
162 Lady Murasaki: The Sacred Tree 1926 Blue Trousers 1928 A Wreath of Cloud 1927 3
163 History of the Lives of Abeillard and Heloisa Berington 1787
164 Memoirs of John Evelyn Bray 1818 2 vols
165 Baker Street Gasogene Vol l No l
166 Arthur Segunda 2 photographic essays and catalog
167 Ny Bennett Jasper lst Ed dj signed by Bennett
168 A History of Valentines Lee signed lst Ed
169 Down The Home of the Darwins Atkins author signed
170 The Treasurer's Report Robert Benchley l930 lst
171 Works of Flavius Josephus Whiston 1777
172 English Poor Relief l900 Leonard Presentation copy from the author
173 Bedes Ecclesiastical History of England l907 Giles
174 Christmas Folk Tales Craver author signed lst Ed
175 England James Fenimore Cooper 1837 lst Ed
176 Thunder Below ! USS Barb in WWII Admiral E B Fluckey author signed (Medal of Honor Winner)
177 An Island Story Marshall Illustr
178 Abridgment of All Statutes in Force and Use from the Beginning of the Magna Charta until 1641 Wingate 1684
179 Horst l984
180 Winchester Repeating Arms Company
181 We Chas Lindbergh lst Ed
182 Lot Farmers Almanac 4
183 Gilbert Weather Bureau Gilbert Knots and Splices 2
184 Forbidden Limericks 1968
185 1964 NY Worlds Fair Guidebook
186 Imitation of Christ 1844
187 My School Day Memory Book Kathryn Gillespie 1928
188 Somerset County NJ 1961
189 Lincolns Herndon Donald
190 NJ State Museum 1910 Plants
191 Bulgari w letter Nicola Bulgari laid in
192 Harpers Young People 1891
193 1874 Bible
194 Days of Our Years Pierre van Paasen Ex Libris Book Plate Eleanor Roosevelt
195 Ladies World 1903
196 Saturday Evening Mail 1910
197 Ladies Home Journal 1918
198 Ladies Home Journal 1917
199 Womans World 1913
200 Historic Houses of Early America Lathrop lst Ed
201 The International Cook Book 1894
202 Some Limericks
203 Lot post cards
204 Lot post cards
205 The Geographical,Natural, and Civil History of Chili Medina 1808 II
206 Bird in Hand John Drinkwater author signed
207 My Wife and I Mrs H B Stowe 1871 lst Ed
208 Life of Captain Jeremiah O Brien Sherman 1902 Printed at the Jerseyman Press Morristown
209 1948 Yearbook Barnard College
210 1941 Yearbook NJ State Teachers College
211 1935 Yearbook Dickinson HS Jersey City
212 WWII US Army NCO hat and device
213 Framed collage of US Army lapel devices, insignia and medals incl: Combat Infantry Badge,Service ribbons, Marksman medals,Branch Ins incl: Infantry.Artillery Coastal Artillery, Engineers,General Staff,MP,Medical
214 Lot Patriotic Insignia and badges incl VFW, Service Ribbons, WWII Dog Tag, Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts, Children of the American Revolution, Knights of Columbus etc
215 Lot US Army Uniform buttons, Jewish Chaplain Device St Christopher medal with US Shield, Regimental crests
216 Long May She Wave The American Flag
216A T/L Early pulp novels
216B T/L Early pulp novels
216C T/L Early pulp novels
216D T/L Early pulp novels
217 Soil 1957 USDA Yearbook
218 Gentle Measures in the Training of the Young Abbott 1913
219 Powder Alarm 1774 Richmond 1971 lst Ed author signed
220 The Killing Man Mickey Spillane lst Trd Ed
221 Journey to the Far Amazon Cheerbrant
222 The Dolly Dialogues Anthony Hope 1901 Ilus Howard Chandler Christy
223 The European War 1918
224 The Case of Sgt Grischa 1928 Zweig
225 Cathers Journal of a Voyage to America 1836 1955 lst Ed
226 Strawberry Point Wiggins
227 Great Drawings Sachs
228 The Book of Antiques Shackleton
229 Journey to Day Before Yesterday Eastman
230 Lassie and the Secret of Summer
231 Old Pewter,Copper and Sheffield Plate Moore
232 The Pine Furniture of Early New England Kettell
233 American Wildlife Illustr 1940 WPA Book
234 Current History 1918 10 vols bound periodicals
235 Oriental and Occidental Rugs
236 US Camera 1953
237 New York at the Worlds Columbian Exposition
238 Northward Over the Great Ice Peary 1898
239 Border Wars of Texas 1912 DE Shield ( rough)s
240 Mountain Paths Maeterlinck 1919
241 The Oriental Rug Book Ripley
242 The Lure of the Antique Dyer Buying at Auction Lightner
243 Botanical Text 1853 Asa Gray, Harvard Univ rough
244 The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane Stephen Crane Critical Bibliography Stallman 2
245 Port O Call Memories the Portuguese White Fleet in St Johns Newfoundland Doel
246 Mon Livre De Petites Histoires Godfrey Gay 1921
247 The Naval Blockade Guichard 1914-l9l8 1930
248 Little Rose of the Mesa Brandeis
249 Wings of the Forest Long lst Ed dj
250 A Diplomats Wife in Mexico 1916 Edith O Shaughnessy
251 Boston And Its Story 1630-l9l5
252 The Case of Frank L Smith 1931 Wooddy
253 Drifting Sands of Party Politics 1931 Underwood
254 Decline and Fall of bthe Medieval Papacy Binns
255 Life at Happy Knoll Marquand 1957 lst Ed dj
256 Brimstone Club F Van Wyck Mason 1971 lst Ed dj
257 The Care an Handling of Dogs Leonard 1928 Pref Albert Payson Terhune Intro Fannie Hurst
258 Fatal Obsession Greenleaf Dial M for Murdock Ray lst Ed dj
259 The Iowa Baseball Confederacy Kinsella lst Ed dj Eight Black Horses McBain lst Ed dj
260 Monsignor Quixote Graham Greene lst Ed dj The Cat Simenon lst Amer Ed dj
261 Poems of David Moore 1886 The House of a Thousand Candles Nicholson 1905 Illus Howard Chandler Christy 2
262 Boswells London Journal 1762-l763 1950 lst Ed
263 The Promise Chaim Potok lst Ed dj
264 Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend Waller lst Ed dj
265 The Seventh Secret Wallace lst Ed dj
266 Wild Heritage Carrighar Illus Horne lst Ed dj
266A Mother Exposed Bertha Alyce
266B Chambre Close Rheims/Bramly
266C Lot Misc erotica
266D Two Births
266E Dallas Nude Collum
267 Museum of Early American Tools Eric Sloane Reverence for Wood Eric Sloane 2
268 Going Back Princeton Univ Football of 1934
269 T/L misc eph
270 The Tar Baby and Other Rhymes of Uncle Remus Joel Chandler Harris 1904 (in Dialect)
271 Men Women and Mirth 1909 (Ilus by Gibson,Bayard Jones,Foster and others)
272 The Hamilton Club Paterson NJ
273 Water Colours HRH The Prince of Wales
274 Gilded Glory a Portrait of Georgian Court College
275 Martial Arts of the Orient
276 T/L Misc eph
277 Wine Talk Prial
278 Windows on the World Complete Wine Course
279 The Joys of Wine Clifton Fadiman
280 Wine Companion Hugh Johnson
281 Making Sense of Wine
282 Parkers Wine Buying Guide
283 Herd Registry Guernseys 1880s
284 Leslies Yearbook 1916
285 What The Boys Did Over There By Themselves 1919
286 Some Favorite Country Parishes Ezra Tipple 1911
287 American Nights Entertainment Overton 1923 lst Ed
288 The Book of Birds NGS 2 vols
289 Metropolitan Opera Annals Seltsam 1949
290 The Moon is Down John Steinbeck 1942 lst Ed dj
291 Tiki Lipscomb 1935
292 Days of Wrath Malraux 1936 lst Ed
293 The River Dee Howson 1892
294 The Green Mountains of Vermont Storrs Lee Illustr Sanborn lst Ed
295 Churches of Old New England Marlowe
296 The Village Apple Book ( New Hampshire) Pearls of Wisdom Tehyi Hsieh author signed
297 Prehistoric Avebury Burl
298 The Sweeties in Sweden Reynolds 1928
299 Magic in Herbs The Window Garden 1936 lst Ed
300 The Ingoldsby Legends 1856 2 vols
301 General Foods Cook Book 1937 Favorite Flowers in Color
302 Old McDonald Had a Farm Angus McDonald Illustr Bartlett 1942 dj
303 Dere Bill Mables Love Letters to Her Rookie Stokes 1919
304 At Ease Jules Leopold 1943 How to Guess Your Age Corey Ford 1950
305 How to Restore Antiques Yates Its Fun to Build Things
306 Raking the Historic Coals Holley Mexico Illustr
307 Sport Stuff 1927 Swimming Scientifically Taught 1931
308 The Joy of Youth Eden Phillpots 1913 Clipped Wings Rupert Hughes 1916
309 The Silent World Cousteau
310 The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne Locke 1906 Barnabetta Martin 1914
311 Primitive Baseball Frommer
312 Dalla The Lion Cub Stockley 1924
313 Silence and Other Stories Wilkins 1899 Audrey Johnston 1902
314 The Woman With the Fan Hichns 1904 lst Ed
315 The Cup of Fury Rupert Hughes Ilust 1919 The Three Brothers Philipotts 1909 lst Ed
316 Worlds Without End Barclay
317 Blackies Boys Annual
318 The Thirteenth Commandment Rupert Hughes What Will People Say ? Rupert Hughes 2
319 Outdoor Life Cyclopedia 1943
320 Peter The Great Farrell 1932
321 The Taft Story Wm White lst Ed dj 1954
322 The Game That Was (Early pro football)
323 Rattlesnake Crossing Jance lst Ed dj
324 Empty Pockets Rupert Hughes 1915 Changeling and Other Stories Byrne 1923
325 Diamonds Unlimited Burgess
326 The Haunted Photograph 1911
327 The Gods Arrive Edith Wharton 1932
328 The Rescue Sedgewick 1902
329 Days of Our Years Pierre Van Paassen 1939
330 I Protest Bishop G B Oxnam
331 They Were Expendable W L White 1942 lst Ed dj
332 Yankees Under Steam
333 Man from Abilene, Eisenhower McCann l952 dj lst Ed
334 Adventures of America 1857-l900
335 Seasoned Timber Dorothy Canfield 1939
336 Animal Stories by PT Barnum
337 Damned in Paradise John Barrymore Kobler
338 Mutiny in January Carl Van Doren
339 Folies Bergere
340 What Bird is That ? Chapman 1938 Miss Toosy's Mission 1885
341 The Decameron Boccaccio Illus Rockwell Kent
342 'Essays on English Surnames 1849 2 vols
343 Selective Trout
344 The Cloister and the Hearth Reade 1902
345 The Novels of Chas Lever 2 vols
346 The Novels of Chas Lever 2 vols
347 Satire in Brown Garwin
348 The Story of Northwestern University
349 Washington's Farewell Address 1812 Published in Boston, Joseph T Buckingham for the Hampshire Washington Benevolent Society
349A Kansas at the Worlds Fair 1893
349B Paris Universal Exposition 1878 Repts of the US Commissioners
349C Barrayar Bujold signed Easton Press
349D Turning Point Jimmy Carter signed Easton Press
349E Martha Washington booklet 1865
349F Scribners 1893 ( NY Organ Grinder)
349G AH Centennial Fair
349H Sketch Book Magazine 1939 NY Worlds Fair and l939 Friusco Fair
349I Drawings and Paintings 1993-2007 Beecroft signed
349J Gioivanni Boldini in Impressionist Paris
349K My Life and Loves Frank Harris 2 vols
349L Oxberrys Dramatic Chronology 1849
350 A Childs Garden of Verses Stevenson Illus Jesse Wilcox Smith
351 Our Animal Friends Tarrant
352 Illustrated Catalog of Arms and Military Goods Schuyler,Hartley and Grahams 1864 repr
353 Middlesex Fulleylove/Moncreiff
354 Windsor Henton/Holmes
355 Dear Old Stories Told Once More Faith Latimer 1877
356 The Stately Homes of England Jewitt
357 Princeton Review bound 1878-79 2 vol
358 Unknown Warwickshire Harris/Duggins
359 Aesops Fables
360 More Really So Stories 1929
361 Huntin gun
362 The Children of Dickens Crothers 1933 Ilus Jesse Wilcox Smith
363 James Thurbers Fables for Our Time
364 Hamlet Roycroft Shop 1902
365 The Dunlop Book The Motorists Guide, Counselor, and Friend
366 Tales of the Trades 1906
367 Dorothy Parker: Death and Taxes; Sunset Gun 2
368 Push card Baseball Game
369 Adolf Hitler 1935 in German ( rough)
370 Coaching Days and Coaching Ways Thomson
371 Children of the Abbey 1874 Coates
372 The Scottish Chiefs Porter 1875
373 Allendale (Historical Society) Wardell
374 :Poems of Childhood Eugene Field Illus Maxfield Parrish
375 Dare magazine
376 True Detective magazine
377 True Detective magazine
378 Impact magazine
379 Lot childrens books
380 The Great Gatsby F Scott Fitzgerald
381 Lot Garden State Concert Band Souv Books 5
382 Lot Bloomfield Civic Band, D Ferrara Souv Books 3
383 Lot Bloomfield Civic Band, D Ferrara Souv Books 5
384 Sound the Trumpet, Beat the Drums Horse Mounted Bands of the US Army 1820-l940
385 Over Sexteen
387 Framed Ltd Ed print (pen and ink)38/500 The Black Pearl off Castle Hill.Light Signed " Beach"
388 Travelers in Africa c 1860
389 Anne of Geierstein Waverly 1834
390 The Age of Hildebrand 1896 Epochs of Church History
390A Grease The Musical
391 Irving's Wks Life of Washington, Crayons 2 1860
392 Lot Time Year Books 3
393 The Tall book of Mother Goose
394 Scrapbook Asbury Park HS Alumni
395 As You Were WWII comic cartoons
396 Fun House A Laugh Picnic
397 Fun House A Laugh Picnic
398 Laugh Digest
399 C/o Postmaster By Corp T R St George
400 American Wildlife Illus Wise
401 Atomic Energy Gamow
402 1936 autograph album
403 Yankee Whalers in the South Seas
404 The Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane Illus Curry Heritage Press
405 The Real Mother Goose Illustr Blanche Fisher Wright
406 An Island Sheltered Shelter Island 350 Years
407 Degas
408 Norman Rockwell Illustrator
409 The History of the Worlds Warships Chant
410 Bermuda A World Apart
411 Capea Cod and the Offshore Islands
412 Great Battlefields of the World
413 The Birds Xmas Carol Kate Douglas Wiggin
414 Broadway J B Kerfoot Illus Hornby 1911
415 The Book of Ruth
416 Colt Pistols
417 Victorian photo album w/.gallery cards and CDVs
418 Yachting A Parody
419 The Tall Book of Mother Goose
420 Vanity Fair Thackeray 2 vols
421 Sky Travel Romer
422 Moll Flanders Defoe Ill Maxwell
423 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
424 The Piano Wier 1940
425 Known Violin Makers Fairfield
426 The Animals Trip to Sea
427 Manual of Sex Therapy
428 Lawson Piano catalog
429 Baseball in Trenton
430 James Taylor
432 The Story of Russia Headstrom
433 Bracebridge Hall Washington Irving 2 vol
434 Bound periodicals The Heart 1909 +Incl Vol 1 No 1
435 The Children of Dickens Crothers Illus Jesse Wilcox Smith
436 Princeton Yearbook l945 Reunion 50th
437 Lot Sophie May series 3
438 Lot Misc eph Great American Restaurants Medallions
439 1962 Yearbook St Josephs HS Brooklyn
440 1961 Yearbook St Josephs HS Brooklyn
441 Antarctica A New Look
442 The Garland Token of Friendship 1855
443 Forget Me Not 1855
444 Portland Glass
445 Hat Life 1958
446 Princeton Review 1883
447 Colt Firearms 1836-1954
448 1943 Princeton Univ Yearbook
449 1945 Princeton Univ Yearbook Honoring Fallen Heroes
450 Abraham Lincoln, The Prairie Years 2 vols
451 T/L Recorded Course in Italian
452 Framed legal documents ( both sides) Brooks and Brooks 1809=l835
453 Militia Laws of the United States and New Jersey 1806
454 Complete Confectioner 1844
455 1849 Almanac Terhune New Brunswick
456 1788 Town and Countryman's Almanack (One of the first printings of the proposed US Constitution)
457 1863 letter from State Adjudant General NJ
458 The Board of Proprietors of East New Jersey George J Muller author signed
459 Kate Aylesford Peterson Philadelphia 1858
460 New Jersey Brewers Journal 1898
461 Victorian Trenton 1882 autograph book
462 Communication New Jersey Rail Road Co Relative to Transit duties 1841
463 Address to the Friends of Sound Doctrine, Experimental Piety, and Ministerial Faithfulness True Reformed Dutch Church Lansing 1828
464 The New Brunswick Adventurers of 49 1920 NJ Library Bulletin 2
465 THe New England Primer Restored Rodgers 1846
466 New Brunswick Collection of Sacred Music, Morristown 1827
467 The 46th Guttenberg Leslie
468 Did He Steal It ? Trollope
469 The Weekly Monitor: Essays on Moral and Religious Subjects By A Layman (South Carolina) 1810
470 I've Been Thinking AS Roe 1857
471 The Grolier Club 1884-l950
472 American Literary Publishing in the 19th Cty Winship
473 Brothers Berg Collection
474 Edgehill Essays Joline
475 Conquering Gotham Jill Jones
476 Percy Muir 2 vols Points 1866-1934; 1874-l930
477 Cancels Chapman 1930
478 The Gardeners Christmas Book
479 T/L Early Life magazines
480 T/L Early Life magazines
481 T/L Misc eph
482 T/L Early Life magazines
483 T/L Early Life magazines
484 Abraham Lincoln Carl Sandburg 6 vol set
485 Lot baseball, player autographs
486 USSR
487 The Green Flag Robert Kee Irish National Movement
488 Carving Duck Decoys
489 Indian Tiger Kasilash Sankhala
490 The Star Spangled Banner lst ed
491 Lot Elvis eph
492 Early American Winters 1604-l820 David Ludlum American Meteorological Society Cover art by Eric Sloane
493 The New York Mets The First Quarter Century
494 Stampede to Timberline Wolle The Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Colorado
495 The Old Breed lst Marine Division in WWII
496 United States Destroyer Operations in WWII
497 All About Hawaii
498 The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
499 The Man at the Gate of the World Cule Woodcuts Ross
500 Assaroe Carville
501 Lot art books
502 Lot art books
503 Lot art books
504 Lot art books
505 Lot art books
506 Lot art books
507 T/L Misc eph incl 1808 legal documentl867 bank protest
508 T/L Misc eph incl Historical booklets
509 T/L Misc eph
510 Bluenose A Portrait of Nova Scotia Duncan
511 The Hunting of the Snark Lewis Carroll Illus Holiday
512 Frank Kirk Life and Work
513 Bramble Bray Bridges signed with original hand written ode "The Tavern at Princeton 1902'
514 Designing Modern 1920 to the present Collab
515 Let the People Sing J B Priestly
516 The Wrath of Angels Connolly dj ;lst ed
517 The Worn Doorstep 1891-l991 Northwestern Univ
518 Thesis Univ of Delaware Estates in Philadelphia county 1682-1710
519 Chinese Painters
520 Inaugural Program Governor Lureen Wallace
521 AE Stegmann
522 William Shakespeare Rowse
523 Lot eph re Texas
524 Mississippi Valley Historical Review 1925
525 Ticonderoga Text
526 Textiles of the Arts and Crafts Movement
527 Mining the Fields
529 Auction catalog Dorrance
530 The Sins of Scripture John Shelby Spong
531 When I'm With You Elder Illustr Mansmann author signed
532 A Natural History of New York City
533 Under a Gulls Wing Poems and Photographs of the Jersey Shore
534 The Four Disciplines of Execution
535 Animal Farm George Orwell 1946
536 Slapstick Kurt Vonnegut
537 Bushisms and Glen Beck's Common Sense
538 Inishfallen Fare Thee Well Sean O Casey 1949
539 Mrs Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
540 The Silmarillion Tolkien
541 Paul and Jesus Tabor
542 Rockefeller Center Photographic Narrative
543 Carry On Warrior
544 The Words Jean Paul Sartre
545 The Social Institutions and Ideals of the Bible
546 Such a Simple Thing Soviet Stories
547 The Sword in the Stone T H White
548 Full Black Brad Thor signed dj l st Ed
549 Shakespeare Said It
550 Howdy Doodys Circus 1950s
551 Little Black Sambo 1947
552 T/L The Sporting News
553 Lot Misc eph photos, etc 1943 Rio de Janiero
554 Lot Misc eph Railroadiana
555 Lot Misc eph Railroadiana photographs
556 Lot Misc eph Railroadiana
557 Lot Misc eph Railroadiana
558 Lot Misc eph Railroadiana
559 Lot Misc eph Railroadiana
560 T/L Misc eph Railroadiana
561 Lot Misc eph WWII US Naval Air Station, Miami
562 Lot press photos antique and high perf autos
563 T/L Misc periodicals and eph hot rods, etc
564 T/L The Sporting News
565 T/l The Great Bridge(book) Verazanno Narrows accompanying Newsp article
566 The Doll Goddu/Lavitt
567 Depression Glass A Collectors Guide
568 Millers Antiques Guide 2007;2003 2
569 Christmas Carol Dickens Illus Mark Summers
570 Bullfinch Ency of Antiques
571 Cottage Retreats
572 Pearsall's Guide to Antiques
573 Norman Rockwell 332 Magazine Covers
574 Christmas in America
575 Norman Rockwell Artist and Illustrator
576 100 Wonders of the World
577 Framed collage,( in double sided frame) Players Cigarette cards (9) " Cries of London"
578 Lot comics, graphic novels
579 Lot sports cards
580 Lot sports cards
581 Scrapbook New Jersey Devils
582 Scrapbook sports clippings
583 Album sports cards basketball
584 Lot History of the World Wars magazines
585 Poteries Rustiques
586 The Story of the Bomber 1914-l945
587 Vodka
588 Lot sports cards
589 Lot sports cards
590 Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them Al Franken
591 Longitudes and Attitudes The World in the Age of Terrorism Friedman
592 Perspectives on Terrorism
593 Tropical Gangsters Development and Decadence in Deepest Africa Klitgaard
594 Running on Empty Peterson
595 Lot childrens books
596 Merlin Matthews
597 US Naval Aviation
598 The Photographic History of the Civil War
599 The Case for Israel Alan Dershowitz
600 A Red Carpet for Lafayette
601 Solomon and Sheba Williams
602 Lot Esquire playing cards
603 The Anatomy of Racial Inequality Loury
604 Lot eph re l981 Presidential Inauguration
605 Lot comics
606 Philatelic lot: Misc foreign stamps and covers
607 Rabbit Redux John Updike lst Ed dj The Summer Before the Dark Lessing lst Amer Ed dj
608 Giles Goat Boy John Barth
609 King Queen, Knave Vladimir Nabokov Chimera John Barth 2
610 Falconer John Cheever Bread and Wine Ignnazio Silone 1937 lst Ed
611 The Armies of the Night Norman Mailer lst Prt dj The Brigadier and the Golf Widow John Cheever 2
612 An Accidental Man Iris Murdoch Go To The Widow Maker James Jones lst Prt dj 2
613 The Descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan 1690=l928
614 Vince Lombardi on Football 2 vol set
615 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire lst Amer Ed dj
616 A Journey Trough Economic Time John Kenneth Galbraith lst Ed dj
617 Saphira and the Slave Girl Willa Cather 1940 lst Ed dj
618 Young Folks Library 1902 14 vols
619 Childrens Books Peter Pan; Robin Hood 2
620 Childrens Books Sneetches DrSeuss Thidwick The Big Hearted Moose 2
621 Somerset Hills Country Club 1899-l999
622 US Open 1989, l990 2
623 Mr Sammlers Planet Saul Bellow Any Wednesday Muriel Resnik 2
624 The Yearling Rawlings 1938 Illus Shenton
625 Pine Valley Golf Club A Chronicle
626 1932 Yearbook Westfield HS
627 1930 Yearbook Westfield HS
628 1931 Yearbook Westfield HS
629 L Affiche d Art en Europe
630 L Affiche d Art en Paris
631 1984 Olympic Games Los Angeles
632 Childrens Books Animal Story Book, Pinocchio
633 The Jupiter Hills Story
634 Shadow Creek
635 Winged Foot Story
636 Empire Deschamps
637 Moral Emblems Stevenson
637A Dear Mili Grimm Illus Maurice Sendak
637B Come Over to My House LeSeig Illus Erdoes Babar Loses His Crown DeBrunhoff 2
637C Documentary History of New York l851 IV
637D The Masters Book of Ikebana
637E The First Folio of Shakespeare The Norton Facs
637F African Elegance Blauer
637G Lot sheet music
638 An Old Sweetheart of Mine James Whitcomb Riley Illus Howard Chandler Christy
638A Are You My Mother? Eastman Bennet Cerfs Book of Riddles Illus 2
638B Documentary History of New York 1850 III
638C Boy Scouts in Mexico,or On Guard With Uncle Sam
638D The Wizard of Oz Baum Illus Nankivel
638E Handwritten essay George Washington
639 Philatelic lot: Stock Book foreign stamps
640 Philatelic lot: Looseleaf album US stamps
641 Philatelic lot:Album US and foreign stamps
642 Philatelic lot:Album foreign stamps
643 Philatelic lot:Album US and foreign stamps
644 Philatelic lot:Album US and foreign stamps
645 Philatelic lot:Album US FDCs
646 Philatelic lot:Album foreign stamps
647 Philatelic lot: foreign covers
648 Philatelic lot: foreign covers
649 Philatelic lot: foreign covers
650 Philatelic lot: foreign covers
651 Philatelic lot: foreign covers
652 Philatelic lot: T/L Misc stamps mostly sorted
653 Philatelic lot: T/L Misc stamps mostly foreign
654 Philatelic lot: Album US FDCs
655 The Colored Ornament Alexander Speltz
656 T/L stock certificates
657 Holland Sketches Penfield
658 Hunting Wild Life with Camera and Flashlight Shiras 2 vols
659 Rept Bureau of Ethnology 1906-l907
660 Rept Bureau of Ethnology 1883-l884
661 Rept Bureau of Ethnology 1886-l887
662 Books Illust Fritz Eichenberg Jane Eyre Withering Heights 2
663 Shirley Bronte rough
664 She Haggard
665 Puck of Pooks Hill Kipling
666 Wks of De Musset Comedies 2 vols
667 Heidi Spyri 1901
668 Philatelic lot: Album Looseleaf Australian Territories
669 T/L Misc eph
670 T/L Misc eph
671 Philatelic lot US FDCs
672 Philatelic lot US covers
673 Philatelic lot US covers
674 Philatelic lot US FDCs
675 Philatelic lot US Covers
676 Philatelic lot US FDCs
677 Philatelic lot US FDCs
678 Lot photographs
679 Lot photographs
680 Lot photographs
681 Lot photographs
682 Lot pin ups
683 Philatelic lot: Album pages w./stamps
684 Philatelic lot: Album pages w./stamps
685 Philatelic lot: Album pages w./stamps
686 Philatelic lot: Album pages w./stamps
687 Philatelic lot: Album pages w./stamps
688 Philatelic lot: Album pages w./stamps
689 Philatelic lot: Album pages w./stamps
690 Philatelic lot: Album pages w./stamps
691 T/L periodicals Harpers Weekly etc
692 Lot matted advs
693 Lot matted advs
694 Lot matted advs
695 Lot matted advs
696 Lot matted advs
697 Lot matted advs
698 WWII US Strategic Bombing Survey
699 Philatelic lot: Misc foreign stamps and covers
700 Philatelic lot: US FDC 1937 New US Colonies Puerto Rico 3cts
701 T/L Misc periodicals incl Mech Illus etc
702 T/L Misc periodicals incl Car and Driver etc
703 Hunters Luck Rikhoff Ltd Ed signed
704 Timber and Tide Elman Ltd Ed signed
705 Looseleaf album autographed photos Performers, movie stars, most are inscribed
706 T/L Misc eph incl 8 mm movies
707 Treasury of Stories Beatrix Potter
708 Lot comics
709 Lot Jack and Jill mags
710 T/L Misc eph
711 T/L Music
712 Interior Design
713 One World Wendall Wilkie
714 Artists story of the Great War WWI
715 Little Folks book c 1860
716 Bread, Rolls, and Sweet Dough 1932
717 George Segal Sculptures
718 T/L Time Life Library of Photography set
719 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
720 The World of M C Escher
721 Womens Diaries of the Westward Journeys
722 Wks of Walter Benton 2
723 Wks of Rod McKuen 2
724 The Prophet Kahil Gibran Nature of Love Kahil Gibran Worlds Best Loved Poems 3
725 Yankee Samurai Nisei in WWII Harrington
726 Paddy's Lament Thomas Gallagher Ireland 1846-47
727 Families in Former Times Flandrin Ceremony of Innocence Forman 2
728 The History of Ancient Israel Grant
729 The Greek Way Edith Hamilton The Twelve Caesars Grant 2
730 Unconditional Hatred 1953 lst Ed Grenfell
731 The Twelve Year Reich Grunberger Nazi Germany 1933-l945
732 The Children of Izieu A Human Tragedy Torregreca Cornelisen 2
733 How Hitler Could Have Won WWII Bevin Alexander
734 Child of the Morning Gedge lst Prt
735 Stories of Three Decades Thomas Mann
736 Bairnsfather Fragments
737 Gideon Planish Sinclair Lewis l943 lst Ed dj
738 Commanding a Kings Ship Kent
739 Heroes of the Elizabethan Age Gilliat 1911
740 Kingsblood Royal Sinclair Lewis 1947 dj
741 Some Champions Ring Lardner
742 One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Kesey
743 Bethel Merriday Sinclair Lewis 1940 lst Ed dj
744 The Thirteenth Tribe Arthur Koetsler The Planets A Modern Allegory Kreymborg 2
745 The Bloody Poet Dersider Kostolanyi 1927
746 Immortality Milan Kundera dj
747 Too Much College Stephen Leacock 1942 dj
748 Hollywood Garson Kanin lst Ed signed
749 The Servant in the House Kennedy 1908
750 The Horse and His Boy; Prince Caspian (2) C S Lewis
751 A Neutral Corner A J Liebling The Most of A J Liebling 2
752 The Death of Satan Delbanco dj lst Ed
753 Monuments of Medieval Art Etruscan Italy 2
754 Wanted ! The Search for Nazis in America Blum
755 The Russian Dagger Cowles
756 Accounting for Genocide Helen Fein
757 Lot of History pbs 4
758 The Mirrors of Downing Street 1921
759 An Eye for the Dragon Bloodworth
760 Betrayed 1949 Anglo-American Invasion of Communist Albania lst Ed dj
761 The Origins of Empire Canny
762 The Bolsheviks in Russian Society
763 A Third World David Daiches Sussex, England Professor at Cornell University for Five Years Later at Cambridge,"I felt myself part of an American community in a way I rarely did throughout all my
764 Framed Duck print
765 Framed Horse engraving The Scanty Meal
766 Framed print White Birches
767 Framed Engraved bookplate The Interview
768 Framed Engraved bookplate Velvet Vasaque
769 Framed Engraved bookplate See Saw
770 Framed Oil on Board Ptg A Galway Home
771 Framed Water color Pintail duck prt signed
772 Framed Water color prt SW Indian Pena
773 Lot Three framed Miniatures Mangtegna,Van Goyen,Ghirlandio/
774 Lot two framed miniatures architectural
775 Lot two framed needle work SW Indian
776 Lot framed needle work SW Indian
777 Framed adv collage Lackawanna RR The Route of Phoebe Snow
778 Framed watercolor prt signed
779 Folio Andrew Wyeth prints
780 Lot prints for framing
781 Lot fashion prints
782 Framed Navajo Sand Painting
783 The River of Diamonds Geoffrey Jenkins
784 Arouse and Beware MacKinlay Kantor 1936
785 N by E Rockwell Kent
786 Yama The Pit Alexandre Kuprin lst Ed 1930
787 The Scene Mike Jahn 1970 lst Ed dj
788 Baja Oklahoma Dan Jenkins lst Ed dj
789 A Bridge of Magpies Jenkins lst Amer Ed dj
790 Salthaven l908 Jacobs lst Ed
791 Dialstone Lane 1904 Jacobs lst Ed
792 The Awkward Age Henry James 1899
793 Tahl Jeremy Ingalls lst Ed dj 1945
794 Outdoors at Idlewild N P Willis 1855
795 Peyton Place Grace Metalious lst Ed dj
796 In Gallant Company Kent lst Ed dj
797 Semi Tough Jenkins The Ink Truck Kennedy 2
798 The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come John Fox 1903
799 September September Shelby Foote
800 The Odessa File Forsythe A Time to Kill John Grisham
801 Noa Noa Gauguin
802 The Saboteurs WEB Griffin
803 Mantissa John Fowles lst Ed dj The Trouble With Lazy Ethel Gann 2
804 Twilight for the Gods Gann The Long Short Cut Garve 2
805 A Chateau at the Front De Foucault 1931 Cordelia, Grahamn The Gondola Scam Gash 3
806 Journey James a Michener dj lst Ed
807 My Heart Shall not Fear Lawrence Sears Roebuck Co Book Club 1949
808 A Tradition of Victory Kent lst Amer Ed dj
809 Executive Jungle David Levy
810 The Love Nest l926 Ring Lardner
811 South Sea Tales Jack London
812 With or Without Roses Loucheim (w/inserted letter from author) Grand Slam Lambert 2
813 The Amiable Neddlers Lawrence
814 Lost Gregory Maguire lst Ed dj
815 The Poetry of Postwar Japan
816 Fast Copy Jenkins Last Leaves Leacock 2
817 The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln
818 Three Snow Bears Jan Brett
819 Folk Tales and Fables of the World
820 Tarka the Otter Williamson
821 Away Goes Sally Coatsworth Seven Strange Clues Sutton Judy Bolton mystery
822 Perrault's Fairy Tales Illustr Gustave Dore
823 Cherry Amnes Veterans Nurse Wells Young Cowboy Will Rogers 2
824 Militant Islam Reaches America
825 Auschwitz
826 The Middle East v Mansfield
827 Arms and Armor 2
828 The Ottoman Centuries, The Turkish Empire Persia II 2
829 Russia.USSR Moshe Lewin
830 Iran Under the Pahlavis
831 The Warin Granada
832 Up Front Bill Mauldin
833 Decade of Fear Hennings/Civil Liberties
834 Dr Seuss Bartholomew and Oobleck lst Ed 1949
835 Dr Seuss I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today 1969
836 The Red Balloon Lamorissee
837 The Muppets Take Manhattan
838 The City Book Corcos
839 This is Venice M Sasek
840 This is San Francisco M Sasek
841 White Stallion of Lipizza Henry Illus Dennis
842 A Nursery Companion Opie
843 Eloise in Moscow
844 Dr Seuss If I Ran The Zoo 1978
845 Baba The King
846 Tasha Tudor Book of Fairy Tales
847 A Childs Garden of Verses Illus Tasha Tudor
848 Dr Seuss From Then To Now
849 Starting Right With Turkeys
850 Vital Dust Life as a Cosmic Imperative Christian de Duve Nobel Laureate
851 The Black Book World Jewish Congress
852 Portrait of a Golden Age Connell
853 Undreamed Shores England's Wasted Empire in America
854 Reform and Reformation England 1509-l558
855 The Legion of the Damned ( French Foreign Legion) Doty 1928
856 Renaissance to the Counter Reformation
857 A Passionate Prodigality Guy Chapman lst Amer Ed dj
858 The Shadow of the Winter Palace Crankshaw
859 The Napoleonic Wars Glover
860 When Smoke Ran Like Water Davis
861 A History of Private Life Duby
862 The German Empire Between Two Wars 1871-l9l4 A Toreador of Spain Wheeler 2
863 The Town William Faulkner lst Ed
864 Lot sports books 3
865 The Literary Horse Golden
866 Lot sports books 3
867 Kentucky Derby Story Payday at the Races 2
868 Man O War; Native Dancer 2
869 When Boxing Was a Jewish Sport 2
870 NY Mets Fans Almanac
871 Wartime Paul Fussell Understanding and Behavior in WWII
872 Deities and Dolphins Glueck lst Prt
873 Before the Revolution Russia/Czar
874 Inside Europe John Gunther
875 Show Boat Edna Ferber 1926
876 Mother Knows Best Edna Ferber 1927 dj
877 Highlights of the French Revolution Belloc 1915
878 Mark Clark The Last of the Great WWII Commanders Martin Blumenson
879 The War Against the Jews 1930-45 Lucy Dawidowicz
880 Courtesans and Fishcakes Consuming Passions of Classical Athens
881 The Prince Buys the Manor Elspeth Huxley
882 Random Thoughts of a Fascist Hyena Constantine FitzGibbon 1963
883 Gold from Crete C S Forester
884 Sword of Islam Murphy
885 Cappella Israel Horovitz
886 Sanctuary William Faulkner
887 The last Squadron Gerd Gaiser
888 Tis Folly be to be Wise Lion Feuchtwanger
889 The Road Leads On Knut Hamsun
890 The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
891 Hitlers Shadow War The Holocaust and WWII McKale
892 The Threatening Storm US and Iraq Pollack
893 History of the Donner Party A Tragedy of the Sierra
894 Eyewitness Accounts of Slavery in the Danish West Indies
895 Paris in the Third Reich
896 The Surgeon and the Shepherd Vichy France Resistance
897 Vichy France 1940-44
898 Silent Cities Sacred Stones
899 The Medieval Soldier Norman
900 Serbs Tim Judah
901 Bouncing Back POWs Survival in Vietnam Norman
902 The Battle of the Atlantic 1939-43 Morison
903 My Secret Diary of the Dreyfus Case Paleologue
904 The Middle East in Transition Laquer
905 Emperor of Japan 1852-l9l2
906 The Origins of Socialism in Cuba
907 The Buchenwald Report
908 The New Terrorism Politics of Violence
909 The Innocent Voyage Hughes The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 2
910 The Amateur Gentleman Farnol 1913 Allan Quatermain Haggard 2
911 Ramages Prize Dudley Pope dj
912 Torpedo Run Reeman lst US Ed dj
913 New York On Fire Onbenzinger
914 Under the Swastika Holt
915 Anti Nazi Writers in Exile
916 London's Noble Fire Brigades 1833-l904 Holloway
917 Day of Infamy Lord lst Ed
918 Europe and America The Future of the Atlantic Community
919 For Science and National Glory the Spanish Scientific Expedition to America 1862-66
920 To Risks Unknown Reeman lst Amer Ed dj
921 Failure of a Mission Sir Neville Henderson
922 A Journey to Paris in the Year 1698 by Martin Lister Stearns dj Univ of Illinois
923 The Strange Death of Adolph Hitler Anonymous 1939
924 History of Herodotus Rawlinson 1862 (with maps) IV
925 Miss Read series 6 vols
926 Treasury of American Design and Antiques
927 Match cover collection in album
928 T/L Glass Lantern slides Great White Fleet and Spanish American War
929 Lot post cards and folders
930 WWII Silk Souv 8th Air Force 1945
931 WWII Silk Souv Army Air Corps
932 Lot Match book covers
933 T/L childrens books
934 Lot comics
935 T/L Archies Digest comics
936 Portrait of the Alaska Railroad
937 The Decoration of Houses Edith Wharton/Ogden Codman 1897
938 Ornament and Its Application Lewis Day 1904
939 The Teaching of Ornament Daniels 1900
940 School Sanitation and Decoration Bailey 1899
941 United States Service Symbols
942 Schools and Masters of Painting 1876
943 Memoirs of General Sherman I 1875
944 The Travels of Marco Polo
945 Lot childrens books
946 T/L Misc eph
947 T/L Peter Rabbit Ruth Newton 1938 :Pete the Tramp Russell, 1945 2
948 The Bird Lowrey Illus Merida
949 The Story of Sleepy Sam Sherrill 1932
950 Bobby of Cloverfield Farm Orton Illus Owen 1922
951 Uncle Remus Joel Chandler Harris Illus AB Frost 1911
952 Harlem Globe Trotters Tickets--Norway US Stars
953 The Light at Tern Rock Sauer Illus Schreiber 1951
954 Three Little ,Pigs Watty Piper 1928
955 Jamie and the Dump Truck 1943 Johnston Illus Edwards Peter Rabbit Beatrix Potter 1946 Becky and Tatters 1940 Brownies GSA 3
956 Lot Misc eph
957 Irrational Ravings Pete Hamill
957A The Duke of Deception Wolff
957B Loyalties Daniel Patrick Moynihan
957C Murder at the FBI Margaret Truman lstEd dj
957D A Catskill Eagle Parker
957E Thy Neighbors Wife Gay Talese lst Ed dj signed
957F Sideshow Kissenger Nixon and the Destruction of Cambodia Shawcross
957G The Chateaux De La Loire
958 Lit Antique Automobile magazines
959 T/L 45 RPM records
960 T/L 45 RPM records
961 T/L 45 RPM records
962 T/L 45 RPM records
963 T/L 45 RPM records
964 Lot 33 vinyl records classical
965 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Gladys Knight and the Pips Little Anthony and the Imperials,Flamingos Sonny and Cher,Paul Simon, James Taylor
966 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Village People,Genesis Eric Clapton,Carpenters,Bee Gees,Sonny and Cher James Taylor,Elvis Presley etc
967 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Moody Blues,Styx, Emerson Lake and Palmer, The Beatles etc
968 Philatelic lot: Stamps US and foreign, unsorted
969 The World of Guns
970 T/L Misc eph incl childrens books
971 Framed signed photograph Joe DiMaggio
972 Pig Pen Pete, l9l4 Roycrofters Elbert Hubbard limp leather
973 T/L Little Leather Library 13 vols
974 Lot Chidrens books
975 Under the Eye of thge Storm John Hersey
976 The Mettle of the Pasture James Allen 1903
977 Cry the Beloved Country Alan Paton 1948 lst ed dj
978 T/L The Works of Jack London 9 vols
979 Woodland Portraits Campbell Ilus Harry Moeller
980 Song and Garden Birds of North America
981 African Genesis Ardrey
982 Seven Pillars of Wisdom T E Lawrence 1940
983 Nicolo Machiavelli Prezzolini
984 The Second Tree From the Corner E B White
985 The John F Kennedys Meet John F Kennedy 2
986 House of Earth Pearl Buck
987 The Crossing of Antarctica Edmund Hillary, Fuchs
988 The Fire on the Mountain and Other Ethiopian Stories
989 Worlds of Dust and Jade Poems/Ballads by Third Century Chinese Poet Tsao Chih
990 Common Forest Trees of New Jersey
991 The Navy
992 Ships of the US Navy
993 Classics of the Silent Screen Laurel and Hardy 2
994 Above and Beyond Medal of Honor
995 Southern Antiques
996 Rare Birds of the World
997 The Voyage Home Schnabel The Idle Demon 2
998 Architecture Vincent Scully
999 Six by Seuss
1000 Gustsave Dore Treasury
1001 The Lady Was a Terrorist( Israeli War) Katz
1002 Half Hours J. M. Barrie
1003 H M Pulham Esquire Marquand
1004 De Mytholiogie 1845 A Treatise on Fine Arts 2 1930
1005 Great Styles of Interior Architecture Gilman 1924 lstE
1006 The Nature Library Wild Flowers
1007 The Art of Colour Jacobs 1926
1008 La Vie de Pasteur
1009 Esars Comic Dictionary lst Ed 1943
1010 The Story of the Little Angels Portor 1917 Froliches Kinderland 1940 Zurich
1011 Up Front Bill Mauldin
1012 The Cruel Sea Monserat
1013 Yankee from Olympus Justice Holmes Bowen
1014 Literary England
1015 Adventures of America 1857-l900
1016 Wood and Water The Story of Seaboard Lumber Time Tide and Timber Pope and Talbot 2
1017 The Madonnas of Leningrad
1018 Vassar College Alumnae/i 2011 Sesquicentennial
1019 Literary America
1020 Churchill The Life Triumphant
1021 The Divine Comedy Dante Illus Gustave Dore
1022 The Five Worlds of Our Lives Hammond/Newsweek lst Ed
1023 Treasury of Grand Opera
1024 Leaves of Grass Whitman Illus Daniels
1025 He Human Comedy Saroyan
1026 Jane Eyre Bronte
1027 Let Love Come Last Taylor Caldwell Tender Victory Taylor Caldwell 2
1028 Blues John Hersey
1029 Lincoln and His Generals
1030 Wheels Arthur Hailey
1031 The Tribe That Lost Its Head Monsarrat
1032 O Jerusalem
1033 Witness Whittaker Chambers
1034 The Just and the Unjust 1942 Cozzens lst Ed
1035 The Last Resorts Amory
1036 Ill Take Manhattan Krantz
1037 Rabbit Redux John Updike 1971 lst Ed
1038 Captain Horatio Hornblower series 3 vols
1039 Modern American Painting
1040 Look at America
1041 The Expo Celebration
1042 Little Women Alcott Illus Louis Jambor
1043 Benjamin Franklin Van Doren
1044 Leonardo Da Vinci
1045 The Naked and the Dead Mailer
1046 The Pleasure Bond Masters and Johnson
1047 Inside, Outside Herman Wouk
1048 Helen Keller Sketch for a Portrait Van Wyck Brooks
1049 The Cinderella Complex
1050 Norma Jean Guiles
1051 Early American Design Motifs
1052 State of New York Forest Fish and Game Commission Reports 1902,l903
1053 Scotts Poetical Works c1890
1054 English and American Furniture
1055 The Collecting of Antiques Singleton
1056 Mary Frances First Cookbook 1912
1057 A History of Egypt Breasted
1058 Out of the Shadow Charles Edison Venable
1059 Silver, Pewter and Sheffield Plate
1060 Genealogy of the Bostwick Family in America
1061 Farthest North Fridtjof Nansen 1898 Exploration of the Ship Fram 1893-96
1062 The Boy Travelers on the Congo Knox
1063 Favorite Hymns Illus Tengren 1941
1064 The Blue China book Camehl
1065 Masterpieces of Mystery and Suspense
1066 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Dukes of Dixieland Nat King Cole,Spike Jones, Benny Goodman,Mills Bros Charlie Spivak,Rudy Valee,Chet Atkins, Buck Owens
1067 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Mills Bros,Ames Bros Tommy Dorsey,Dukes of Dixieland, Andrews Sisters Big Tiny Little, Westchester Cathedral
1068 T/L 33 vinyl records incl: Streisand,Barry Manilow Tiny Tim;Mills bros,Joni James, Harmonicats,Nat King Cole,Sammy Davis Jr,Andy Williams, Lionel Hampton The Letermen,Kenny Rogers
1069 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Bobby Rydell,Diana Ross Tony Bennett,Roy Orbison, Thne Shirelles,Righteous Bro Temptations,Supremes,Pointer Sisters
1070 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Sonny and Cher,Supremes, Dionne Warwick,Nat King cole,Lionel Ritchie, Donna Summer,Diana Ross,Dion and the Belmonts
1071 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Bobby Rydell,Dion & the Belmo The Edsels,Connie Francis,Frankie Avalon, The Flamingos,Joey Dee,etc
1072 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Patti Page, Sarah Vaughan Louis Prima,Pee Wee Hunt Ernest Tubb,Mills Bros. Ames Bros,Count Basie, Nat King Cole,Ella Fitzgerald Benny Goodman, Woody Herman
1073 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Glen Miller,The Four Lads Joni James,King Cole TRio,Burl Ives
1074 Lot Misc legal documents Lafayette Iron Works etc
1075 Lot comic books Westerns etc
1076 New Adv of Peter Rabbit Pop Up Book
1077 Treasury of Flower Arrangements
1078 The Treasury of a Century MacChesney
1079 THe Western Fenin/Everson
1080 The Light of the World c 1890
1081 Rabbit Redux John Updike lst Ed dj
1082 In Praise of Older Women Vizinczey
1083 The Edge of the Sea Rachel Carson lst Ed dj
1084 Plain Mary Smith A Romance of Red Saunders Phillips 1905
1085 American Bottles
1086 Hopi The Cliff Dweller Jewett
1087 Siberia Semonov
1088 Letters from Chickadee Hill The Indoor Gardener 2
1089 Folk Tales Every Child Should Know Mabie 1913 Essays" " " " " " " 2
1090 Partners Deland Illus Chas Dana Gibson 1913
1091 Arthurs Honey Bear Hoban A Bargain for Frances Hoban
1092 The Films of Marilyn Monroe
1093 Lost Desert Bonanzas Conrotto
1094 A Cookbook for Book Sellers
1095 Ghosts of the Glory Trail Murbarger
1096 Out of the Old Rock J F Dobie
1097 Coronados Children J F Dobie 1931
1098 Daddy Long Legs Webster 1940 dj
1099 The War Message FDR Address of Dec 8 1941 Printed in 1942 by Ritten House dj
1100 Works of Hawthorne 3
1100A The Arts Van Loon 1937 dj
1100B Advise and Consent Drury dj 1959
1100C Kennedy or Nixon Does It Make Any Difference 1960 Schlesinger
1100D Masterworks of Science lst Ed
1100E Harry Truman Helm lst Ed
1100F Inside Russia Today John Gunther dj
1101 Lot Mini Books Condensed Classics 5
1102 Lot Religion books incl: Lutheran Prayer Book Rubaiyat, Missionary tracts,Watch Tower tracts etc 6
1102A Album 78 records incl:Glen Miller;Charlie Spivak, Edison records,
1103 Rebecca,Margaret and Nasty Annie Jody Silver
1104 Tootle 1940
1105 Belgium A Personal Narrative 2 vols 1919 Brand Whitlock United States Minister to Belgium
1106 Peter Pan Disney
1107 Sleeping Murder Agatha Christie
1108 Mongoose RIP William Buckley lst Ed dj
1109 Treasure Island Stevenson Illus Godwin 1924
1110 Somerset Homecoming Redford Intr Alex Haley Author signed
1111 Racer of Illinois Somerville 1902
1112 The Cathedrals of England 1948
1113 From Two Stroke to Turbo Tunberg Saab
1114 The History of a Village Ridgewood
1115 Anatomy of the Movies
1116 The Spy Who Came In From the Cold Le Carre lst Amer Ed dj
1117 Lady Chatterly's Lover D H Lawrence lst Amer Ed
1118 Beatrice Potters Art
1119 The Devils Mode Burgess lst Ed dj
1120 The Divine Comedy Dante Trans Longfelloiw 1867
1121 Damon Runyon A Life Jimmy Breslin dj
1122 Masks of the Universe Harrison Univ of Massachusetts, Amherst
1123 Michelangelo
1124 A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy Yorick 1792
1125 The Stepford Wives Ira Levin
1126 Big Game Fishing Watkins lst Ed 1950
1127 My Recollections The Countess of Cardigan/Lancastre 1911
1128 Fire From Heaven Nary Renault lst Ed dj
1129 The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club 1837 Chas Dickens
1130 Oedipus Trilogy ( of Sophocles) Stephen Spender
1131 New Jersey Curiosities
1132 The Burning of Washington The British Invasion of 1814
1133 The Fate of Humor Mark Twain Cox
1134 Brideshead Revisited Evelyn Waugh 1945
1135 Boswells Life of Johnson 1826 2 vols I and III
1136 The Big Fisherman Lloyd Douglas 1948 Publishers presentation copy
1137 The Moon is Down John Steinbeck 1942 lst Ed dj
1138 Seven Pillars of Wisdom T E Lawrence l936 dj
1139 Goldsmiths Poems Poems by Christopher Morley 2
1140 Your Horse Selection Stabling and Care Saunders
1141 Tall Story, a Play Lindsay/Crouse
1142 Capital and Interest Eugen von Bohm Mawerk 3 vol set
1143 On Hallowed Ground Arlington National Cemetery
1144 A Primer of Book Collecting The Binding of Books
1145 Boy Colonel of the Confederacy Henry King Burgwyn Davis ( Fell at Gettysburg at Age 21 Commanding he 26th North Carolina Regiment, Graduated with Honors Univ of North Carolina and VMI )
1146 Caesar Against the Celts Jiminez
1147 Colonel Weatherford and His Friends Gordon Grand Illlus Twachtman Derrydale Press 1933
1148 The Age of the Gladiators Savagery and Spectacle in Ancient Rome Rupert Matthews
1149 In the Flesh Clive Barker
1150 Arthur C Clarke Biogr McAleer Fwd Ray Bradbury
1151 The Serpent and the Rope Raja Rao lst ed dj
1152 The City in the Autumn Stars Moorcock lst Ed dj
1153 The Lost Notebooks of Loren Eisely Kenneth Heuer Illust Morrill lst Ed
1154 Worlds Within Worlds
1155 Audubon John Chancellor
1156 Celtic Warriors
1157 The War for Late Night Carter lst ed dj
1158 Imagining the Penitentiary Bender
1159 The Crown Jewels
1160 Brave Men Ernie Pyle 1945
1161 Here Is Your War Ernie Pyle 1943
1162 History of the Comic Strip
1163 The Annotated Alice Illus John Tenniel
1164 NGS 100 Years 2 copies
1165 Rank and File Civil War Essays
1166 A Century of Research Arkansas Agric Expt Station
1167 Charlston Blockade US Navy 1861-62
1168 Gone With the Wind Movie Book
1169 Of Human Bondage Maugham dj 1915
1170 Strike Him Out! Sherman dj 1931
1171 Story Telling Stamps 1934 Mulford
1172 A Farewell to Arms Hemingway Paramount Movie Edition Inscribed, l932 by Ernest Hemingway
1173 Manhunt ( for Lincolns Killker) Swanson lst Ed dj
1174 If The South Had Won the Civil War MacKinlay Kantor
1175 T/L Analog Science Fiction magazines
1176 Across the Sea of Stars Arthur Clarke
1177 Space Pioneers Science Fiction
1178 Foundation and Earth Isaac Asimov
1179 Across the Space Frontier
1180 Philco Radio Atlas 1930
1181 New York an Anthology
1182 The Prettiest Love Letters in the World 1503-l519
1183 Riding the Iron Rooster Theroux
1184 Tales Without Hate Wm Ashby Pub by Newark Preservation and Landmarks Committee
1185 The Everest-Lhotse Adventure Eggler dj
1186 A Creole Lexicon
1187 Outdoor Life series 4 vols
1188 Victor Borges My Favorite Intermissions
1189 A World of Differences Kessel author signed ,lst Ed
1190 History of Methodism 1891
1191 No Surrender My Thirty Year War Onoda Lieut, Imperial Japanese Army
1192 Hannibal the Carthagian Abbott
1193 Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World Creasey
1194 The Collected Poems of Chesterton John Betjeman Collected Poems 2
1195 A Man For All Seasons Bolt Horse Thieves Nye Uncorrected Proof University Facs L D Lafferty Frontiersman 1875
1196 Enc of Cat Breeds
1197 Poes Tales of Mystery and Imnagination Illustr by Arthur Rackham
1198 Jean Fouquet Perls 1915
1199 Les Voix du Silence
1200 Boswells Life of Johnson II and IV
1201 The Columbia Americas Great Highway
1202 Player Piano Kurt Vonnegut
1203 The Art of Fact A Historical Anthology of Literary Journalism4
1204 The Enc of Mushrooms
1205 Style in Motion
1206 Audubons America
1207 Howard Pyle Diversity in Depth
1208 The Cicada Aldous Huxley
1209 Portnoys Complaint Roth
1210 Sex Satisfaction and Happy Marriage
1211 Rinkatink in Oz 1916
1212 The Land of Oz Frank Baum 1904
1213 A Hundred Fables of La Fontaine Winter Visitors McCarthy lst Ed
1214 The Moon Pool Mystery pulp
1215 Eden Tree Witter Bynner Planets and Dimensions Smith 2
1216 Grays Botany 1887
1217 The Moon is Down John Steinbeck 1942 lst Ed dj
1218 Burtons Arabian Nights Privately Printed
1219 Psychopathia Sexualis
1220 Don Quixote 2 vols
1221 Memoirs of a Coxcomb Cleland Ltd Ed 500/1000
1222 Amazing Grace in John Newton Slave ship Captain,Hymn Writer and Abolitionist Phipps
1223 The Courtship of Miles Standish Longfellow 1859
1224 Mutiny on the Bounty Illustr Fletcher Martin Heritage Press
1225 The Confidential Clerk, a Play T S Eliot lst American Ed
1226 Terribly Intimate Portraits Noel Coward 1922
1227 The War Lover John Hersey 1959 lst Ed dj
1228 Under the Hill Aubrey Beardsley/ Glassco
1229 T S Eliot On Poetry and Poets
1230 The Playboy of the Western World Synge 1911
1231 The Supply at Saint Agathas Phelps 1897
1232 Period of Adjustment Tennessee Williams
1233 The Great Sebastians Lindsay/ Crouse
1234 Constructing Mark Twain Trombley/.Kiskis Mark Twain and William James Horn Mark Twains Ethical Realism Fulton 3
1235 Chris Christophersen Eugene O Neil
1236 Legacy of Heorot Niven The Parasite Campbell 2
1237 Steeplechasing Winants
1238 Jadite; Fiesta 2
1239 Lot Artist monographs:Reubens,Van Dyck,Rembrandt 3
1240 Auction catalog Christies/Audubon
1241 The DeMilles
1242 The Boardgame Book
1243 Fabulous New Orleans
1244 T/L Misc eph
1245 Sea Tracks of the Speejacks Dale Collins 1923
1246 The Modern Army and Air National Guard
1247 New England George French 1911 Boston C/C
1248 Majesty QE II and the House of Windsor
1249 The Victrola Book of the Opera 1929
1250 Wines and Spirits of the World
1251 Classic American Automobiles Wise
1252 Certain Letters of James Howell 1645-1655 1928
1253 Navigation and Nautical Astronomy Dutton 1943 (Original text at USNA 1926)
1254 The Soldiers Handbook National Tribune c1900
1255 The Daughter of a Chieftain Ellis
1256 The Wooden Woman Townsend 1930
1257 A Restless Breed J William Terry lst Ed dj author inscribed
1258 Picture Book of Scotland
1259 Guided Missiles Dept of the Air Force
1260 Natures Ways Andrews Ilust
1261 Haji Baba of Ispahan Morier
1262 Partners United Nations and Youth Eleanor Roosevelt
1263 English and American Furniture
1264 White Otter David Cory
1265 Twice Over Lightly Hayes/Loos New York Then and Now lst Ede
1266 Vitality Supreme Bernard Macfadden 1915
1267 Blues John Hersey Bass and Trout Gibbs
1268 The Human Side of Plants
1269 History of the War WWI London Times
1270 Outfitting for Spiritual Marriage The Great Divorce
1271 The Assasiuns Elia Kazan lst Ed dj
1272 The Wall John Hersey
1273 Tess of the Durbervilles Thomas Hardy 1893
1274 Aubrey Beardsley Ross
1275 Steeplechasing and Hunt Racing in America
1276 The Peterkin Papers Hale 1886
1277 Gustavus Vasa H W Van Loon 1945
1278 Wits Beaux and Beauties of the Georgian Era
1279 The Standard Book of Fishing The American Sportsmans Treasury Salt and Fresh Water Fishing Equipment 3
1280 Charles Francis Adams Brig Gen Fifth Maachusetts Cav Antietam, Gettysburg later Inspector General 1835-l9l5
1281 Stoeger Arms Catalog 1957
1282 The Pirotechnia of Vannoccio Biringuccio
1283 The National Archives of the United States
1284 The Lively Years 1920-l973 Brooks Atkinson/Hirschfeld
1285 Master Skylark Bennett Illus Pitz
1286 Atlas of Railway Traffic Maps
1287 American Agriculturist bound 1872
1288 Little Brown Koko Has Fun 1945
1289 Helds Angels
1290 The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics
1291 Happy Go Lucky Crowley 1889 Tom Slade Boy Scout
1292 The Trail of the Seneca
1293 The Life and Achievements of Admiral Dewey
1294 Little Lord Fauntelroy Burnett The House of Youth Waren
1295 Speeches and Literary Contributions Chauncey Depew
1296 Your Wings Jordanoff
1297 Natural History of New York City
1298 The Children Edith Wharton
1299 Strawberry Girl Lenski The Pilgrims Scrip Meredith The Potato Child Little Book of Prayers 4
1300 Yankee Hobo in the Orient
1301 The Beatles
1302 Exploring The West Viola
1303 American Fights and Fighters 1760-1836
1304 Woodburning Stoves
1305 America Illustrated'l878
1306 Alice's Adventures Through the Looking Glass Carroll 2
1307 Frontier Days Swan 1928
1308 Life and Literature of the Southwest Doby
1309 Daddy Danced the Charleston
1310 Simsadus London Leighton
1311 The Devil in Massachusetts The Salem Witch Trials
1312 Foote Bros Trade catalog 1928
1313 History of the St Georges Society of NY 1770-l9l3
1314 The Fabulous Showman P T Barnum
1315 T/L Satirical political cartoon plates
1316 The Great Offensive Hindus 1933
1317 Letters of a Self Made Diplomat to His President Will Rogers 1926 How We Choose a President Gray author signed Eisenhower for President ? 3
1318 With Malice Toward Some Halsey
1319 Wks of Oliver Goldsmith Washington Irving leather
1320 British Agent Lockhart
1321 The Deaths of the Bravos Myers
1322 Storms and Shipwrecks of New England Snow lst Ed 1943
1323 Igloo Walden
1324 Pinocchio Illus Richardson
1325 The Lone Scout of the Sky West BSA 1927
1326 Fighting Ships Hough
1327 St Nicholas 1909
1328 St Nicholas 1911
1329 St Nicholas 1904
1330 St Nicholas 1925
1331 St Nicholas 1911
1332 A Golden Adventure Ultramar
1333 The Eskimo Hunter Hayes
1334 Arctic Researchs and Life Among the Esquimaux 1865
1335 Risen From the Ranks Horatio Alger
1336 The Challenge to Liberty Herbert Hoover
1337 Flying Saucers from Outer Space Keyhoie
1338 Predestined A Novel of New York Life
1339 Henry James A Small Boy and Others Notes of a Son and Brother 2
1340 Lot Bobbsey Twins djs 4
1341 Lot Judy Bolton Mysteries djs 3
1342 The Perilous Fight Swanson
1343 Boy Heroes of the Sea
1344 The Green Mtn Boys Ride
1345 The Edible Sea
1346 Life and Erica Frankaus dj l924 Me Jean Webster 1915 lst Ed dj
1347 Steve Canyon series 2
1348 Judy A Story of Divine Corners Faith Baldwin 1930 Illus Beebe
1349 Tom Slade Motor Cycle Dispatch Bearer Heidi's Children 2
1350 The Princes Ball 1860 Little Feather Rides Herd 2
1351 The Mayor of Casterbridge Thomas Hardy
1352 Murder in the Cathedral T S Eliot
1353 An Encore Deland Illus Stephens 1907
1354 15 Days in the Air Adams 1928 dj
1355 Dere Mable L0ve Letters from a Rookie Streeter Im a Stranger Here Myself Ogden Nash 2
1356 Max Und Moritz
1357 Lot Childrens Operatic Books
1358 Education as a Science Bain 1895
1359 The Student Pilots Training Primer Fundamentals of Flight 2
1360 Comic Epitaphs The Little Limerick Book 2
1361 The Bells of St Marys movie book The House on the Hill Wright author signed 2
1362 Alices Adventures Illus Arthur Rackham
1363 Early American Homes
1364 Puerto Riuco Schwartz
1365 Old Fashioned Dolls and Toys
1366 A Fools Errand By One of the Fools
1367 Book of Patriotism 1902
1368 The Man Who Died T H Lawrence
1369 T/L Bobbsey Twins 7 vols
1370 Great Captain Morrow (Lincoln)
1371 Oceanic Mythology
1372 Framed plaque Vince Lombardi
1373 Lot Comedy Central Display posters
1374 Lot Beatles posters
1375 Lot Power Rangers posters
1376 Lot Disney posters
1377 T/L Misc eph
1378 T/L Misc eph
1379 T/L Misc eph
1380 Lot Disney posters
1381 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Jefferson Starship;Police Jim Croce, John Denver,Paul McCartney,Lionel Richie Stevie Wonder,Aretha Franklin,
1382 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Diana Ross,Billy Ocean Midnight Runners ,Shannon, Huey Lewis, Paul Mc Cartney, Stevie Wonder etc
1383 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Band,The Beatles, Revolver,Beach Boys
1384 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Beatles,John Lennon Bob Dylan,Chicago,Billie Holiday,Rick James The Osmonds,Elton John, Kenny Rogers etc
1385 T/L Westermanns Monatshefte 5 vols bnd 1888+
1386 TL Misc eph travel
1387 Lot SEP 1901 +
1388 Lot Harpers magazine 1901 +
1389 T/L Misc eph
1390 T/L Scrapbooks Newsp clippings
1391 T/L Scrapbooks Newsp clippings
1392 T/L Scrapbooks Newsp clippings
1393 Lot SEPs 1930s
1394 Lot SEPs 1909 +
1395 Lot Press photos
1396 Philatelic lot:Presidents US FDCs
1397 Lot Godeys Ladies book 1840s
1398 Lot card folders Europe
1399 Coronet Vols 3,4,7
1400 Lot Harpers magazines
1401 T/L German Classics and periodicals bound i.e.Logik Erkkenntnisstheoretische 1878
1402 T/L German series Vom Fels Zum Meer 1897 + 5 vol
1403 Hope Publishing Periodicals
1404 T/L Misc eph
1405 T/L Misc eph
1406 T/L Misc eph
1407 T/L Misc eph
1408 T/L Misc eph incl WWII GI correspondence
1409 T/L Misc eph
1410 T/L Misc eph incl 1939 NY Worlds Fair
1411 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Loretta Lynn; Patsy Cline Jimmie Rodgers, The Carter Family;Roger Miller Minnie Pearl; Series Greatest Country Music
1412 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Sons of the Pioneers, Roy Rogers;Milton Brown,Texas Dance Hall ; Series Greatest Country Music
1413 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Cajun Country;Doug Kershaw Eaal Scruggs,Buddy Holly,Jerry Lee Lewis ; Series Greatest Country Music
1414 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Eddy Arnold. Jim Reeves Dolly Parton,Merle Haggard,Tom T Hall ; Series Greatest Country Music
1415 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Barbara Mandrell, Larry Gatlin,Lynn Anderson,Ronnie Milsap,Stanley Bros ; Series Greatest Country Music
1416 Lot 33 vinyl records inclz:,Tammy Wynette,Brenda Lee Chet Atkins,Merle Travis,Roy Clark ; Series Greatest Country Music
1417 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:,Tenn Ernie Ford Jimmy Davis,Red Foley, Kitty Wells ; Series Greatest Country Music
1418 ABCs of Animals Jack and the Beanstalk
1419 Lot enlarged military photos
1420 Lot Mens magazines
1421 Review of Reviews magazine 1908
1422 Army Field Manual Browning Automatic Rifle
1423 Lot Misc eph
1424 T/L Hist Newsp
1425 Philatelic lot US and foreign covers
1426 1939 NY Worlds Fair picture album
1427 T/L Misc eph commercial Letterheads etc
1428 T/L Hist Newsp
1429 Album collector cards
1430 T/L Sports cards
1431 Picturesque America 1872
1432 LHJ 1913
1433 B/L Life magazines 1940s
1434 A Voyage Around the World 1740-1744 Lord Anson
1435 Lullaby Land Eugene Field 1894
1436 The Princess Tennyson 1892
1437 Schillers Works 2 1871
1438 The Victrola book of the Opera 1921, 1924 2 vols
1439 Mucha Art Nouveau
1440 Masterpieces of Painting
1441 Physical Culture magazine 1930
1442 Star Identification Tables
1443 Christian Herald 1912
1444 SEP 1914
1445 Peoples Home Journal 1900
1446 Christian Herald 1913
1447 The Woman's Magazine 1916
1448 Lot music
1449 Lot childrens books
1450 Lot matted adv
1451 American Home mag 1930'; SEP 1980 2
1452 Ansel Adams In Color
1453 T/L Connaissance des Arts magazines
1454 Victrola Book of the Opera 1921, 1936 2 vols
1455 T/L Mad magazines and pbs
1456 Looseleaf album post cards and travel broch Canada
1457 Looseleaf album post cards and travel broch Virginia
1458 Scrapbook Pop Music stars
1459 Gone With The Wind lst Ed ( rough)
1460 Antique Tool Collectors Guide
1461 Philatelic lot; US Bicentennial Cover Collection
1462 Philatelic lot; US FDC Olympics Album collection
1463 Scribner's magazine bound 1896
1464 Nascar poster
1465 Jm Wangers auto poster Ltd Ed artist signed
1467 Nascar Indy poster
1468 NY Yankees photos, cards collage
1469 Philatelic lot: Album US FDCs
1470 Philatelic lot Album US FDCs
1471 Album Photocopies of Civil War Documents
1472 Looseleaf album football cards
1473 Looseleaf album basketball cards
1474 Looseleaf album baseball cards
1475 Philatelic lot Album US FDCs
1476 T/L Abrams art print collections
1477 Philatelic lot :T/L Misc stamps and covers mostly US
1478 T/L Misc eph
1479 1963 Pontiac Tempest sales catalog
1480 1964 Buick sales catalog
1481 Lot. Victorian photos
1482 T/L Misc eph
1486 Trade catalogs Giunta Bros Grape and apple presses
1487 Once to Every Pilot Hawks 1939
1488 Fashion Fundamentals Chambers 1950
1489 A Profile of Trains Pennsylvania RR
1490 Lot: The Modern Priscilla magazines 1910 +
1491 Birds Classic prints
1492 In Grand Style Met Opera
1493 T/L Misc eph
1494 Comic Book Price Guide
1495 Lot comics
1496 Lot comics
1497 Lot comics
1498 Lot comics
1499 Lot comics
1500 Lot comics
1501 Lot comics
1502 Lot comics
1503 Lot comics
1504 Lot comics
1505 Lot comics
1506 Lot comics
1507 Lot comics
1508 Lot comics
1509 Lot comics
1510 Korn Kinks adv
1511 The Baseball Encycl
1512 Love Me, Hate Me Barry Bonds
1513 Carry On Sergeant ! Bruce Bairnsfather 1927 author inscribed
1514 North by Northeast Walter Cronkite
1515 Woodburning Stoves
1516 Harpers Bazaar 1894
1517 Baseballs Book of Firsts
1518 Cal Ripken
1519 T/L Misc eph
1520 Lot 8mm Movies Cartoons etc
1521 Lot comics
1522 Lot 8 mm movies
1523 Hummell
1524 Chatterbox 1935
1525 Uniformen Volkssarme 1956-86
1526 Lot Mad magazines and sheet music
1527 Lot childrens books
1528 Philatelic lot; Album older US FDCs
1529 Philatelic lot; Album older US FDCs
1530 Philatelic lot; Album older US FDCs
1531 T/L Football cards
1532 Philatelic lot: older US FDCs 1940s Famous Americans
1533 The Story of Painting Impressionist and Post Impressionist Masterpieces 2
1534 The Movie Book
1535 Girls Book of Treasures c 1905
1536 Father Tucks Nursery Rhymes
1537 The War of the Revolution Ward 2 vols
1538 The Oregon Trail Parkman 1927 dj
1539 T/L Knives and Blade magazines
1540 The Campfire Girls of Roselawn
1541 Camping Out Stephens c 1925
1542 San Franciscos Great Disasters
1543 The Launching of Sputnik
1544 Frank on the Prairie The Eyes of the World 2
1545 Crashing Through ! Sherman dj 1932
1546 Horatio Alger Tony the Tramp, Wait and Hope
1547 Horatio Alger Herbert Carters Legacy
1548 Horatio Alger Jerry The Backwoods Boy
1549 Mary Lee at Washington 1918 The Story Teller 2 1915
1550 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Wiggin 1920
1551 Lot eph l939 NY Worlds Fair
1552 The Happiest Christmas Ever Cameron Illus Shackleton
1553 Astrid, Princess, Sweden
1554 Wild Life Among the Redmen and Their Daring Deeds 1902
1555 Stories About Animals Every Child Should Know
1556 Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses Gray 1915
1557 Lot Topps Baseball card books
1558 Lot Topps Baseball card books
1559 Scrapbook Hollywood clippings
1560 Scrapbook autos etc 1930s
1561 Scrapbook Hollyuwood stars
1562 Scrapbook Book plates Historical, Personalities etc
1563 Parker Brothers Chinese Checkers
1564 Lot 33 vinyl records: The Beatles
1565 Lot 33 vinyl records: The Beatles
1566 Philatelic lot: Album Millennium Covers
1567 Meyers Universum 1856
1568 NGS bound 1911
1569 1928 Yearbook Academy of St Vincent Newark
1570 1909-l9l2 Sears Roebuck Co Motor Buggy Catalog rep
1571 On Beyond Zebra Dr Seuss
1572 Movie poster First Man on the Moon
1573 T/L Misc eph
1574 The Last Hero Life of Mickey Mantle
1575 The Glory of Their Times
1576 Nolan Ryan Miracle Man
1577 Philatelic lot: Three stamp albums w/stamps,beginners
1578 The Great Book of Currier and Ives America
1579 Bible
1580 Treasury of Art Masterpieces Craven
1581 Norton Anthology of Western Music
1582 Motors Auto Repair Manual 1955
1583 CT and MR Imaging of the Whole Body 2 vols
1584 Railroads of New Jersey The Formative Years John Cunningham author signed
1585 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1586 Album basketball cards
1587 Yankee Stadiun Durso
1588 Lot 33 vinyl records The Beatles
1589 Lot Heavy Metal magazines
1590 Lot Basketball cards
1591 Lot Basketball cards
1592 Lot Basketball cards
1593 Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
1594 T/L Time Life Civil War series 15 vols
1595 Abraham Lincoln Carl Sandburg Single Volume Cond Biog
1596 Daniel Martin John Fowles 1977 lst
1597 Girl Scout Handbook 1954
1598 LOt 45 RPM records incl:The Lovin Spoonful Smokey Robinson,The Police,Bilky Joel,Stevie Wonder Marvin Gaye,etc
1599 LOt 45 RPM records incl:Aretha Franklin,Earth Wind Fir Diana Ross,The Chantels, Micheal Jackson,Prince Wilkson Pickett, Marvin Gaye etc
1600 LOt 45 RPM records incl:Roberta Flack,Smokey Robinson Sly and the Family Ston,Temptations, Jackson5 Isley Bros, The Jacksons
1601 LOt 45 RPM records incl:Little Anthony/Imperials Chuck Berry,Temptations,Carole King,Jackson 5
1602 LOt 45 RPM records incl:Earth Windand Fire Isley Brothers,Wilson Pickett,Rolling Stones Aretha Franklin,Stevie Wonder
1603 Lot 33 vinyl records: Incl Neil Diamond Elton John,Three Dog Night,Boz Scaggs,
1604 Lot 33 vinyl records: Incl Boz Scaggs,Jefferson Starship,Hermans Hermits,Harry James,Marvin Gaye
1605 Lot 33 vinyl records: Incl Stevie Wonder,Dianna Ross Lionel Ritchie,Temptations, Supremes,Bruce Springsteen Ray Charles,Dionne Warwick,James Brown,Kingston Trio
1606 Lot 33 vinyl records: Incl Frankie Laine, Billy Eckstine Carole King, Tony Bennett,Streisand,
1607 Lot 33 vinyl records: Incl Brothers Four,Fats Domino Bill Haley,Young Rascals,Everly Bros,Buck Clayton Diana Ross,Stevie Wonder etc
1608 Lot 33 vinyl records: Incl Bruce Springsteen, Air Supply,SOS Band,Ernie Ford,Boz Scaggs etc
1609 Lot comics
1610 T/L baseball cards
1611 T/L baseball cards
1612 T/L baseball cards
1613 T/L baseball cards
1614 T/L baseball cards
1615 T/L baseball cards
1616 Philatelic lot; Album US mint sheets
1617 Philatelic lot; Album Canadian mint sheets
1618 James Montgomery Flagg
1619 The MGM Story
1620 Epic! History of the Big Screen
1621 Warner Bros Story
1622 The Prince of Egypt
1623 Edward Hopper
1624 Great Houses of the Western World
1625 Norman Rockwell A Sixty Year Retrospective The Best of Life The Worlds Last Mysteries
1626 T/L Music; Books and sheet music
1627 At Pencils Point Harry Roth
1628 Dances With Wolves Home Video
1629 Dreamboats of the 50s Folksong Festival 2
1630 The Future in America 1906 H G Wells
1631 The Tiffany Touch
1632 Lot Monster magazines
1633 Lot Jackdaw Misc eph
1634 The Trianon of Marie Antoinette
1635 Framed watercolor print, Ltd Ed artist signed St Andrews Golf Course
1636 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Billie Holiday Bill Haley;Del Shannon;Buddy Holly,Chuck Berry, Fleetwoods, Platters,The Beach Boys,
1637 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Movie sound tracks etc
1638 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dave Brubeck,Billie Holiday Benny Goodman, Stan Getz,Quincy Jones, .
1639 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Movie sound tracks
1640 Facs Italian auto print
1641 Facs Puccini Opera poster
1642 Facs Italian Manifesto, poster 1900
1643 Facs Hippodrome poster 1885
1644 Facs Italian opera poster
1645 Facs Humber Cycle poster
1646 Facs Graphic Art poster, Italian Edison
1647 Facs poster Milano International Exposition 1906
1648 Facs 191b Italian Movie poster
1649 Lt NY Times Birth Date Editions 1920,l941 2
1650 Set 5 Japanese Mythological prints on rice paper, framed
1650A One Hundred Gymnastic Games 1897
1650B The Oxford Book of American Verse 1950
1650C Concord Desk Ency 3 vols
1650D Set The Hilarious Adventures of Paddington Bear 5 vols
1651 T/L Laser Disc Movies
1652 Billy Martin Pennington
1653 Illust History of WWII
1654 DiMaggio Albums 2
1655 A World of Movies
1656 UFO The Complete Sightings
1657 A Ticket the Boneyard Block lst Ed dj
1658 The Day After Roswell US Govt Coverup
1659 Frank Sinatra An American Legend
1660 Enc of Boxing
1661 After Columbus North American Indians
1662 The Killing of Crazy Horse Powers
1663 Dark Hills to Westward
1664 Jackie Robinson
1665 Jimmy Stewart
1666 Son of the Morning Star
1667 1915 Battin HS Yearbook
1668 Life Richards lst Ed dj Running Scared Steve Wynn An Evil Mind Carter 3
1669 X Raying the Pharaohs
1670 Rommel's War in Africa
1671 The Foxes of the Desert Carell
1672 Battles Lost and Won Hanson Baldwin
1673 Battle Below Casey
1674 Close Up On Sunset Blvd
1675 Hitler's Jewish Soldiers
1676 The Sinking of the Lancastria
1677 The Breckenridges of Kentucky
1678 Ashes to Ashes The cigarette War
1679 For God, Country and Coca Cola The Real Coke, The Real Story Coca Cola Superstar 3
1680 The Ending of Hereditary American Fortunes
1681 The New York Mets
1682 Foyt Bill Libby
1683 The Great Merchants
1684 Baseball Legends
1685 Company Commander MacDonald 23rd Infantry,2nd Inf Div
1686 The London Dungeon book of Crime and Punishment
1687 Crime in America Ramsey Clark signed
1688 Same Time, Same Station
1689 Small Town America in Film
1690 Hail Columbia Larkin
1691 Movie Palaces
1692 50 Golden Years of Oscars
1693 Universal Pictures
1694 The Art of the Broadway Poster
1695 The Rise and Fall of the Matinee Idol
1696 Jewish Athletes Hall of Fame
1697 1974 Kentucky Derby Program
1698 The Erotic Muse
1699 Enc of the American Theater 1900-l975
1700 The Master Plan Himmlers Scholars and the Holocaust
1701 The Art of War Sun Tzu 2
1702 The Direction of War 1954
1703 Illustrated History of the US Navy Porter USNA
1704 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Carpenters, Barry Manilow Ozark Mtn Daredevils,Linda Ronstadt,Paul Simon, Chicag
1705 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Aerosmith, Chicago,Barry Manilow,Jefferson Starship,Fletwood Mac,Eagles Manhattan Transfer,Grand Funk,Frampton etc
1706 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Earth Wind and Fire, Village People,Neil Sedaka,Barry Manilow,Bee Gees David Bowie,m
1707 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Cissy Houston,Hall and Oates RR Express,Prince,Four Tops,Earth Wind and Fire Donna Summer,Herb Alpert,Rod Stewart etc
1708 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Carly Simon,Jackson Browne George Benson,Donna Summer,A Taste of Honey Carly Simon,Jackson Browne,Doobie Bros,Stgevie Wonder Donna Summers
1709 Albums 78 records incl: Louis Prima,Andrews Sisters The Collegians,Paul Whiteman, Rudy Valee,Jimmy Dorsey
1710 T/L 78 record albums incl Tommy Dorsey, Xavier Cugat, Tex Ritter,Carmen Cavallaro Top hatters,Hoagy Carmichael, Margaret Whiting etc
1711 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Peanuts,Creedence Clearwater Revival,Fontaine Sisters,
1712 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sonny and Cher,Steisand Barry Manilow,Winchester Cathedral, The Ventures, Dave Brubeck,King Sisters etc
1713 WWII Order of Battle Stanton
1714 The Seventh United States Army Report of Operations France and Germany 1944-45 2 vols
1715 Mother West Wind Why Stories Burgess
1716 Story of the Irish Race
1717 Wood box with glass slides
1718 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Sinatra,Ray Charles Spanky and Our Gang,The Ink Spots
1719 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Four Sesaons, Sinatra, Jackie Wilson,Four Tops etc
1720 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Chicago,Frankie Valli The Four Seasons,Sinatra, Beach Boys
1721 The Survivors Club Ben Sherwood
1722 No Turning Back Bryan Anderson lst Ed dj
1723 My American Journey Colin Powell signed lst Ed dj
1724 Victims of Justice Matzner lst Ed dj
1725 Love Can build a Bridge Naomi Judd lst Ed dj
1726 The King ( Elvis)
1727 Rand McNally Atlas and Marketing Guide 2 vols
1728 T/L Misc periodicals
1729 T/L signed baseballs :Mickey Mantle,Rickey Henderson etc (5)
1730 Everest Mountain Without Mercy Coburn
1731 Drawing and Painting With Ink
1732 T/L Framed photographs Dodgers baseball
1733 Lot Photos Star Trek
1734 Kitchen Junk The Kitchen 2
1735 Come Home to Country
1736 Victorian Style
1737 Garden Antiques and Collectibles
1738 Decorating With Southern Living
1739 The Royal Ballet
1740 Home for the Holidays
1741 Holiday Theme Parties
1742 Creating Vintage Style
1743 Depression Glass
1744 The Limoges Porcelian Box
1745 RS Prussia
1746 Southern Christmas
1747 Fonteyn and Nureyev
1748 Smithsonian History of the World in 1000 Objects
1749 100 Years of Baseball
1750 Newarks Little Italy The Vanished First Ward
1751 Victorian Treasures
1752 Camps and Cottages
1753 Classic Baseball
1754 The Wonder Book of Railways
1755 Giants a History Once a Giant Always........ 2
1756 T/L Time Life Library of Art 6 vols
1757 T/L Misc photos
1758 T/L Misc eph
1759 T/L Misc eph
1760 T/L Misc eph
1761 T/L Misc eph
1762 Ireland Illustr rough
1763 1862 Civil War Manual Camp and Outpost Duty for Infantry
1764 Poetical Quotations 1883
1765 Adventures Among the Indians Goulding c 1860
1766 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: John Denver, Sly and the Family Stone etc
1767 The Secrets of Scotland
1768 Military History of WWII 6 vols
1769 The Secrets of Scotland
1770 T/L Misc periodicals
1771 The Clan Campbell
1772 Irish Houses and Castles
1773 All About Dogs
1774 To Have and To Hold Johnston
1775 A Joyful Noise
1776 Record Guide 1900-l965
1777 78 record Stars and Stripes Forever Fairest of the Fair John Phillip Sousa Sousas Band RCA Victor
1778 78 record Father of Victory March March Militaire United States Marine Band Edison
1779 78 record Mussolini's Letter to Hitler Hitlers Reply to Mussolini
1780 78 record Belle of New York New York Military Band Edison
1781 78 records lot Edison
1782 78 records lot Military Marches
1783 78 records The 74th Regt Band March General Pershing March 2 Edison
1784 78 records Lot Military Marchs
1785 78 records Lot Military Marchs
1786 78 record Military Band marchs
1787 78 record Robert E Lee Medley Victor Military Band Under The Double Eagle Sousa Band 2
1788 78 records Victor Talking machine Co Single faced 2
1789 78 records lot incl: Tex Benecke,Xavier Cugat, Harry James,Tommy Dorsey,Benny Goodman, Rudy Valee John McCormnack
1790 78 records Lot Military Marchs
1791 78 records Lot Military Marchs
1792 78 records Lot RCA Victor Talking machine Co Single face incl Enrico Caruso,John MacCormack Ernestne Schumann Heink etc
1793 Defeating Jihad
1794 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Juice Crew,Black Sheep Big Daddy Kane Black Moon, Public Enemy,Hurbys, Machine'etc
1795 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Juice Newton,Debby Boone Herb Alpert,etc etc
1797 Ayn Rand: Centennial Edition Fountainhead; Atlas Shrugged 2
1798 The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
1799 Dinner in the Diner Great Railroad Recipes of All Time
1800 The Italians Barzini Manners and Morals Growing Up Italian 2
1801 The Art of Hand Analysis
1802 Cities of Destiny Toynbee
1803 The Age of the Renaissance
1804 Last of the Great Scouts Zane Grey
1805 Man Eaters of Kumaon Corbett dj
1806 Dick Donnelly of the Paratroops The Wings of the Morning 2
1807 Red Pepper Burns Grace Richmond Roy Blakelys Roundabout Hike 2
1808 The Submarine Boys on Duty Durham The Tin Soldier Bailey 2
1809 Betty Zane Zane Grey
1810 Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone 1914
1811 A Yankee flier with the RAF Wing for Wing Rilla at the Lighthouse 3
1812 Children of the Dark People
1813 Linda Carltons Ocean Flight Thunder Birds 2
1814 Fighting Blood Stover at Yale 2
1815 Blue Book of Gun Values
1816 A Soldiers Story Omar Bradley
1817 Impossible Odds Jessica Buchanan and Seal Team 6
1818 No Easy Day Autobiogr Navy Seal Mark Owen
1819 Kwahu The Hopi Indian Boy
1820 Crippled America Donald Trump
1821 No Higher Honor Condoleza Rice
1822 The Wright Brothers McCullough author signed
1823 Amanda Knox Waiting to Be Heard
1824 The United States Army in the World War 1917-l9
1825 Std Catalog of Firearms
1826 The Green Berets
1827 Radio Amateurs Handbook 1957
1828 Bartlett's Quotations 1891
1829 Pennsylvania Seed of a Nation Wallace
1830 Profiles in Courage Senator John F Kennedy 1956
1831 T/L Misc eph incl Army Manuals
1832 T/L Misc eph incl Army Manuals
1833 T/L Misc eph incl Army Manuals
1834 World War II Sulzberger
1835 Lot Gunners Bible, Shooters Bible 2
1836 Lot , Shooters Bible 2
1837 Lot , Gun Digest 3
1838 Lot , Gun Digest, Shooters Bible,Hand Gun Digest 3
1839 T/L Misc eph maps, travel etc
1840 T/L Misc eph travel etc
1841 T/L Misc eph travel etc
1842 T/L Misc eph Hist Newsp
1843 T/L Misc eph
1844 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1845 Gun Traders Guide Fladermans Antique Firearms 2
1846 The Little Engine That Could Watty Piper Thank You Amelia Bedelia Parish Illus Fritz Siebel
1847 Currier and Ives Harry T Peters
1848 The Bonfire of the Vanities Tom Wolfe
1849 Shadows on the Grass Isak Dinesen
1850 The Mountain Road Theo White
1851 The Reivers William Faulkner
1852 Lot 78 records incl:Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mtn Boys Fats Waller,Tommy Dorsey,Spike Jones etc
1853 Lot 78 records incl:Hoosier Hot Shots Roy Acuff,Count Basie,etc
1854 Lot 78 record Edison Washington Post March United States Marine Band
1855 Lot 78 records Military Marches
1856 Lot 78 records incl Gracie Fields.Zeke Manners, Freddie Schnickelfritz Fisher,Al Jolson Marconi Bros etc
1857 Lot 78 records incl Gene Krupa,Dick Powell Buddy Rose,Bing Crosby,Al Jolson
1858 Lot 78 records incl Olly Oakley, Pop Hanks, John McCormack,Notre Dame Univ Band, Marconi Bros,Duke Ellington, Andrew Sisters etc
1859 Lot 78 records Single faced
1860 Lot 78 records Edisons
1861 Lot 78 records Military Marchs
1862 Lot 78 records incl Kay Kyser,Vaughan Monroe, Vic Damone, Alm Jolson,Tex Benecke etc
1863 Lot 78 records incl Bunny Berigan,Sousas Band, Arthur Pryor
1864 T/L 45 RPM records incl:Belafonte,Harmonicats Benny Goodman,Mills Bros,Guy Lombardo,Buddy Hackett et
1865 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Elton John, Streisand, Earth Wind and Fire,The Astronauts,Duane Eddy Rare Earth, Rosemary Clooney,Lawrence Welk, Lionel .Ritchie
1866 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Adam and the Ants, Sinatra,Leon Rusell,Four Season,Art Garfunkel, Barry Mnailow, Nat King Cole
1867 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Elton John,Carole King Hall and Oates,Dianna Ross,Galway, Benny Goodman Fire and Water Free,The Doors,Cincinatti Fats Diana Ross and the Supremes
1868 Lot sports cards
1869 T/L baseball cards
1870 T/L sports cards
1871 T/L baseball cards
1872 T/L baseball cards
1873 Cardinal Hays HS Yearbook Bronx, NY 1980
1874 Cardinal Hays HS Yearbook Bronx, NY 1979
1875 Cardinal Hays HS Yearbook Bronx, NY 1977
1876 Cardinal Hays HS Yearbook Bronx, NY 1978
1877 Brown University Class of 68 Reunion Yearbook
1878 B/L Audio books
1879 Effortless Elegance Cowie
1880 American Patchwork and Quilting
1881 (Penn State) Amer Heritage Dict
1882 Sacred Writings Buddhism
1883 Kidnapped Stevenson
1884 The Iliad and the Odyssey
1885 Freshwater Fishing Secrets
1886 The American Indian
1887 Lot Analog Sci Fiction periodicals
1888 Little Peachblossom or Rambles in Central Park 1873
1889 Don Juan Lord Byron
1890 Ill Be You and You be Me Krauss Illus Maurice Sendak
1891 Selected Writings of Gertrude Stein
1892 The Story of the Confederacy Robert S Henry 1936 dj
1893 Rock of Chickamauga Life of Gen Geo Thomas USMA graduate, Native Virginian Unlike Robert E Lee chose the Union Side (Family turned his portrait to the wall)
1894 Kennys Window Maurice Sendak author and illustrator
1895 Native Son Richard Wright 1940
1896 Narrative of a Pedestrian Journey through Russia and Siberian Tartary from the Frontiers of China to the Frozen Sea and Kamtchatka 1820-23 1824 Capt John Dundas Cochrane RN (rough)
1897 The Ransom of Russian Art John McPhee lst Ed dj
1898 Picasso and Co Brassai
1899 Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening Robert Frost Illus Susan Jeffers
1900 The Poster Hutchison
1901 The Rules of the Game Stewart Edward White Illus L A Hiller l9l0 lst Ed
1902 Living Free Joy Adamson dj
1903 Clair de Lune Pierre LaMure lst Ed dj
1904 Out of the Silences Mary Wallerm 1918 lst Ed
1905 Songs of the Century 1900 Sacred Songs 1896 2
1906 Extracts from Adams Diary Mark Twain
1907 Lot Analog Sci Fict magazines
1908 Lot Sci Fict novels 4
1909 The Russian Jew Under Tsars and Soviets Star in Eclipse Russian Jewry Revisited 2
1910 The Story of Benus and Tannhauser Erotica Aubrey Beardsley
1911 Lot Sci Fict novels 4
1912 Lot Sci Fict novels 4
1913 Hells Cartographers Sci Fict Writers
1914 Foundations Edge Isaac Asimov
1915 The Pirates Own Book or Authentic Narratives of the Lives Exploits and Executions of the most Celebrat Sea Robbers 1842 rebound
1916 Kotto Lafcadio Hearn 1902 Kwaidan Lafcadio Hearn 1904
1917 The Afterlife John Updike lst Ed dj
1918 Brazil John Updike ;lst Trade Edition dj
1919 ADA Vladimir Nabokov lst Ed dj
1920 Lot Sci Fict Books 3
1921 In the Beauty of the Lilies John Updike lst Trd Ed dj
1922 The Collected Stories of Noel Coward
1923 Prescotts Conquest of Peru I 1847
1924 Manuscipt Found in a Battle A Marine Fighter Pilots Story Weiland Author inscribed
1925 Edward Windsor Royal Enigma
1926 Princeton 1929 Twenty Years After (John D Rockefeller III)
1927 Useful Birds and Their Protection
1928 Birds of Hawaii
1929 The Hohenzollerns in America Leacock
1930 The Complete Short Stories of Saki
1931 Lot Collector price guides 4 glass, jewelry etc
1932 Black Beetles in Amber Ambrose Beirce 1892
1933 In Search of Black America Dent
1934 Poetry of W H Auden
1935 Lot Pogo series Walt Kelly 5
1936 Lot art books 5
1937 The Intelligent Mans Guide to Science Isaac Asimov
1938 The Day Christ Died Bishop1957 lst Ed
1939 Wilhelm Hohenzollern The Last of the Kaisers Emil Ludwig 1927
1940 Dantes Divine Comedy Longfellow
1941 The Grand Tour
1942 The Fashionable Lady in the l9th Cty
1943 Van Gogh
1944 Pink Fairie Book, Blue Fairy Book 2
1945 Juvenile Jewels Grace Gormley 1940 signed
1946 A History of Dreams Ratcliff 1923
1947 The Films of Charlie Chaplin
1948 What Did You Do When You Were a Kid ? Sturner/Seltzer signed
1949 Beautiful Dolls
1950 The First Printers and Their Books
1951 Yarns by Halliday Witherspoon signed
1952 The Land and People of Tanganyika
1953 Lot Sci Fict novels 3
1954 500 Great Films
1955 Nobody's Perfect Anthony Lane
1956 John Le Carre: A Small Town in Germany dj The Looking Glass War dj lst Amer Ed 2
1957 The New Yorker Album 1925-l950
1958 The Complete Poems of Robert Frost 2 vols
1959 The Complete Letters of Vincent Van Gogh 3 vols
1960 The Works of Laurence Stearne 1808 IV
1961 Lot poetry books: Other Mens Flowers, The Suicide 2
1962 The Masquerader Thurston 1904
1963 Tallulah Tallulah Bankhead
1964 The Quotable Einstein
1965 The Seance Isaac Bashevis Singer lst Amer Prt
1966 The Patriot Pearl Buck 1939
1967 The Story of Dartmouth
1968 Two Faces of Love Irving Stone
1969 Kon Tiki Heyerdahl
1970 Lot Books poetry 3
1971 The Empty House Blackwood The Alhambra Irving 2
1972 Lot Books poetry 3
1973 Rhyme and Punishment
1974 Relativity Einstein Einstein The Life and Times 2
1975 2002 Yearbook Humble, Texas HS
1976 1962 Yearbook Clifton HS
1977 Irish History Macannaidh Who Were the Celts ? Duffy
1978 Headhunting in the Solomon Islands
1979 The American President
1980 1972 Yearbook Ridgewood HS
1981 Lot Sci Fict books 3
1982 Old Loopy Christopher Morley 1935 Marriage Manual Stone 1935
1983 He talk like a White Boy Phillips
1984 The Quality of Life James Michener Illus James Wyeth
1985 The Moon is Down John Steinbeck 1942 lst Ed
1986 Lot Sci Fict Books 3
1987 Lot Books poetry 3
1988 The Annotated Sherlock Holmes 2 vols
1989 Rendezvous Northwest Edition Steber, Gildemeister, Gray signed
1990 Rodin
1991 The Civil War Henry Steele Commager
1992 Andrew Wyeth
1993 Ernest Hemingway Selected Letters 1917-l961
1994 Murder Ink
1995 Through Indian Eyes
1996 Our Gang Phillip Roth lst ed dj
1997 The New Yorker War Album Law and Justice 2
1998 Life in Camelot The Kennedy Years Time Great People of the 20th Cty 2
1999 Fictions of Nuclear Disaster Dowling
2000 Stranger Than Fiction by the Voice of Experience 1934
2001 B/L Misc books novels etc
2002 B/L World Book Year Books
2003 B/ Misc books Judaica, etc
2004 B/L Misc books novels
2005 B/L Misc books novels, historys
2006 B/L misc books Music. The Arts
2007 B/L Misc books World Book Enc and Dictionaries
2008 B/L Misc books Novels, Biogrs
2009 B/L 33 vinyl records
2010 B/L 78 records
2011 B/L 33 vinyl records shows etc
2012 B/L 33 records shows etc
2013 B/L 33 records shows etc
2014 B./L Misc books mostly novels
2015 B/L Misc books Novels, Bios
2016 B/L Misc books Novels etc
2017 B/L Misc books Novels etc
2018 B/L Misc books Novels etc
2019 B/L Misc books Novels etc
2020 B./L Misc books
2021 B/L Misc books
2022 B/L Misc books Novels, Bios etc
2023 B/L Misc books Novels, Bios etc
2024 B/L Misc books
2025 B/L Misc books
2026 B/L Misc books novels etc
2027 B/L Misc books
2028 B/L Misc books
2029 B/L Misc books
2030 B/L Misc books
2031 B/L Misc books
2032 B/L Misc books and eph
2033 B/L Misc eph
2034 B/L Misc eph
2035 B/L Misc books
2036 B/L Misc books and Recording tapes
2037 B/L Sports Newsps
2038 B/L Misc books texts etc
2039 B/L Misc books texts etc
2040 B/L Misc books texts etc
2041 B/L Misc pbs and Hist Newsp
2042 T/L 45 RPM childrens records
2043 B/L 78 records
2044 B/L Misc books and eph incl Childrens (rough)
2045 B/L Misc books sports etc
2046 B/L Misc books
2047 B/L Misc books
2048 B/L Misc books
2049 B/L Misc books
2050 B/L Misc books
2051 B/L Misc books
2052 B/L Misc books
2053 B/L Misc books
2054 B/L Misc books
2055 B/L Misc books
2056 B/L Misc books
2057 B/L Misc books
2058 B/L Misc books
2059 B/L Misc books
2060 B/L Misc books
2061 B/L Misc pbs and eph
2062 B/L Misc books
2063 B/L Chilton Auto Repair Manuals
2064 B/L Time Life Series Home Repairs etc
2065 B/L Misc books fiction
2066 B/L Misc books
2067 B/L How to Do It Encycl
2068 B/l Misc books
2069 B/L Do It Yourself Ency
2070 B/L Time Life Fix It and Home Improvement sets
2071 B/L Misc books
2072 B/L collection of 78 records
2073 B/L Collection 78 records
2074 B/L Misc records 78s/33s
2075 B/L 33 vinyl records Reggae, Rap etc
2076 B/L 78 records classics etc
2077 B/L 33 vinyl records Reggae, Rap etc
2078 B/L Misc books
2079 B/L Misc books
2080 B/L Misc books bios etc
2081 B/.L Misc books
2082 B/L Misc books
2083 B/L Misc books
2084 B/L Misc books novels
2085 B/L Misc books novels
2086 B/L Misc books novels
2087 B/L Misc art books
2088 B/L Misc books
2089 B/L Misc books
2090 B/L older pbs
2091 B/L Misc books
2092 B/L Misc pbs
2093 B/L Misc periodicals
2094 B/L Misc books texts
2095 B/L Misc books
2096 B/L Misc books novels
2097 B/L Misc books novels
2098 B/L Misc books
2099 B/L Misc books
2100 B/L Misc books
2101 B/L Hist Newsp
2102 B/L Audio books
2103 B/L Audio books
2104 B/L Audio books
2105 B/ L Misc books and pbs
2106 B/L Misc books evangelical
2107 B/L Misc books evangelical


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