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1 The Nuremberg Trials
2 American Locomotives 1930-l950
3 US Army Air Force Fighter Planes
4 Czertwony Blitzkreig Panzer Grenadier Division
5 Panzers in Saumur M4 Sherman
6 Modern Naval Combat
7 D Day; Day by Day
8 The Period Ship Handbook
9 P 47 Thunderbolt Combat Missions
10 The Forgotten War WWII in Alaska
11 US Half Tracks in WWII Arms of Our Fighting Men 2
12 OSS America's First CIA
13 The Aviation Art of William Phillips
14 Fire Engines in North America
15 War at Sea 1939-l945
16 Ships of the Twentieth Century
17 Fire Engines Wagner
18 Ghosts Vintage Aircraft of WWII
19 The Fighters WW I
20 World War One World War One Collectors Handbook 2
21 The Remington Historical Treasury of American Guns
22 The German Crisis 1932 Knickerbocker dj
23 Washington The Man and the Mason 1913
24 Philatelic lot: Framed sheet Bicentennial States Issue USPS Stamp Year Book 2005 w/stamps
25 Philatelic lot: USPS Stamp Yearbook 2008 w/stamps The Best of the Decade Mint set 1980s USPS Wildfowers album w/stamps
26 Philatelic lot: USPS Stamp Yearbook 2007 w/stamps USPS Stamp Yearbook 2000 w/stamps Mint sheet US Official Mail stamps 1989 Mint set US Commems
27 Philatelic lot: National Wildlife Federation Stamp Album w./stamps
28 Philatelic lot: USPS 2010 Stamp Yearbook w/stamps 1999 and 1995 USPS Stamp Yearbooks w/stamps
29 Philatelic lot: FDC Mint sheets
30 Philatelic lot: FDC Mint sheets
31 Philatelic lot: US Mint sheets Wildlife America
32 Philatelic lot: USPS I Have a Dream album w/Black Americans on Postage Stamps
33 Philatelic lot: USPS stamped post cards
34 Philatelic lot: USPS stamped post cards
35 Philatelic lot: USPS stamped post cards
36 Philatelic lot: USPS commem panels w/stamps
37 Philatelic lot: USPS commem panels w/stamps
38 Philatelic lot: USPS commem panels w/stamps
39 Philatelic lot: US stamped post cards
40 Philatelic lot: US FDC stamped post cards
41 Philatelic lot: US Commem mint sheets
42 Philatelic lot: US Stamped post cards
43 Philatelic lot: USOS Activity Book w/stamps 2
44 Philatelic lot: US stamped post cards
45 Philatelic lot: US commems mint sheets
46 Philatelic lot: US commems mint sheets
47 Philatelic lot: USPS panels w/stamps space exploration
48 Philatelic lot: US stamped post card
49 Philatelic lot: T/L Misc stamped envelopes US
50 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
51 Set Weapons and Warfare 24 vols
52 The American Eagle Isaacson
53 Civil War Armies and Leaders
54 1897 Sears and Roebuck catalog repr
55 The Book of the American West
56 Allis Chalmers
57 Trucks at Work 4 vols
58 Guns of The Reich
59 The Ship That Would Not Die Adm Becton
60 Wells Fargo
61 Malcolm Forbes Around the World on Hot Air and Two Wheels
62 The German Century Photographic History Sturmer
63 Command the Horizon
64 A Passion for Wings Robert Wohl
65 Enc of Propeller Airlines
66 Aviation Art of WWII
67 Mighty Mo Battleship Missouri
68 Boeing B 52
69 Fighter Aces Stores
70 La Guerra Aerea in Africa Settentrionale
71 Great Treasures of the Kremlin
72 US Air Power
73 The Ship That Held the Line USS Hornet The Battle of Leyte Gulf Sea of Thunder
74 Special Ops \ 1939-l945
75 Company Commander
76 Flying Tigers
77 Ship Busters British Torpedo Bombers
78 The Dog Book Diana Thorne/Albert Payson Terhune
79 Real Tales of Real Dogs Albert Payson Terhune, Diana Thorne
80 AT Close Quarters PT Boats
81 The Mighty Eighth US 8th US Army Air Force Freeman
82 The Shooting Field l956 Gun Digest Two note books The Monthly Bugle (Penna Antique Gun Collectors Assn)
83 The Lure of the Great West Getlein
84 The Bassett Lowke story Fuller
85 Flat Tops and Fledglings
86 Hunters in the Shallows PT Boats Nelson
87 The Art of Frank McCarthy
88 George Catlin and the Old Frontier
89 Medal of Honor
90 Monty Nigel Hamilton
91 A Higher Call Safely Rest A Fathers Quest to Discover the Fate to His WWII Soldier Son Colley 2
92 Patton's Third Army at War George Forty
93 The Tide at Sunrise The Russo Japanese War 1904-l905
94 The Third Reich in Power
95 Pegasus Bridge Stephen Ambrose
96 Bull Halsey Sea Wolf Buckeley The Devils Device Invention of the Torpedo
97 The Sky on Fire Battle of Britain Battle The Story of the Bulge
98 The Battered Bastards of Bastogne
99 The Churchill factor How One Man Made History Boris Johnson
100 Area 51 Jacobsen
101 Dam Busters James Holland
102 Hells Angels 303rd Bomb Group in WWII
103 Early Flight
104 Program Launching of the Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt
105 George Preddy Top Mustang Ace
106 The Nazis WWII
107 US Military Vehicles
108 Spitfire Icon of a Nation
109 Omar Bradley A Soldiers Story
110 Gold An Illustrated History
111 Man of War A History of the Combat vessel
112 Submarines Enigma U Boats 2
113 Bombers The Aircrew Experience Bombers of WWII 2
114 T/L Better quality novels re War
115 Masters of the Air Miller
116 Pocket Battleship The Story of the Adm Scheer
117 The Captain Class Frigates
118 The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign Naval Fighter Combat
119 The T Class Submarine
120 Seapower
121 Biogr of Blaine and Logan 1884
122 An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore
123 The Bombers Cross
124 Great Weapons of WWII
125 UK Airfields of the Ninth Then and Now
126 Hitler's Commanders Adolf Galland Held 2
127 The Tibbets Story
128 General Patton Soldiers Life Patton A Genius for War Last Days of Patton 3
129 Double Strike Jablonski
130 Descent Into Darkness Pear Harbor Navy Divers Memoir Raymer
131 Luftwaffe 1933-l945
132 Sub Rosa The OSS and American Espionage
133 Twelve Desperate Miles The Epic WWII Voyage of the SS Contessa November 1942 :Largest Convoy ever to Cross the Atlantic
134 Black 41 West Point Class of 1941
135 Dunkirk British Evacuation 1940
136 The Hardest Day Battle of Britain 18 August 1940 Price
137 Devil at My Heels Louis Zamperini Fensin
138 The Navys Air War by the Aviation History Unit Buchanan
139 Wake Island Schultz
140 The Streamlined Decade Bush
141 The Deserted Village Feltville, Glenside Village NJ
142 The Treasures of Notre Dame Paris
143 Theodore Roosevelt An Autobiography
144 The Marauders Three Gallant Battalions in the Jungles of Burma Ogburn
145 Patton Study in Command Essame
146 Green Beach Leasore
147 Guadalcanal Diary Tregaskis 1943
148 American Guerilla in the Philippines Wolfert 1945
149 The Life, Times and Death of Jesse James
150 The Stilwell Papers T H White
151 Over There With Pershings Heroes at Cantigny
152 Glory Road Bruce Catton
153 Uniforms and Insignia of the Navies of World War II
154 Big Men of the Little Navy The Amphibious Force in the Mediterranean 1943-44 Paschal Kerwin Lt Cmdr Chaplains Corps USNR
155 Victory Through Air Power Major Alexander deSeversky 1942
156 The Book of Churchilliana
157 F4U Corsair
158 B17 Flying Fortress
159 Royal Palaces of Europe
160 American Warplanes of WWII
161 Battle Colors
162 Liberators Over Norwich
163 Rock In a Hard Place BAR Ballou
164 Mega Machines
165 Art of War Chernoweth
166 Lot books Re Ferrari Ferrari F 1 1977-l985 Ferrari 126 C3 Ferrari 126 C4
167 Willie Nelson
168 Warner's Guide to American Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Holloware
169 The Twenties: Fords, Flappers and Fanatics Mowry
170 Philatelic lot: Album/stock book foreign stamps and covers
171 Philatelic lot: Foreign stamps
172 American Folk Painting 200 Years of American Sculpture
173 Femina Libido Sexualis
174 The United Nations Sacred Drama
175 Fashion History from the 18th to the 20th Cty
176 Leonardo Da Vinci on the Human Body
177 Flemish Painting; Impressionism 2
178 The Byzantine Wall Paintings of Crete Moyetakae 2
179 The Song of Songs Photographers Vision of The Song of Solomon
180 New York from the photo archives of the N Y Times
181 Men of Art Painting Below Zero 2
182 Edgar Degas; Paul Cezanne; Marc Chaghall 3
183 Diary of Frida Kahlu Noble Savage Life of Paul Gauguin 2
184 Parallel Visions The National Archives of the United States 2
185 The Nude Aesop Famous Paintings 2
186 Manet Modern Drawings 2
187 Babar's Museum of Art
188 Bruegel; Manet; Renoir 3
189 Australian Art; Kunsthaus Venetian Art, French Impresionists 4
190 A Heritage of American Paintings Rubin 2
191 Art of the Byzantine World Byzantine Enamels 2
192 Moonlight in Dune Land Chicago Southshore and South Bend Railroad
193 The Hansa History and Culture Indonesians 2
194 American Master Drawing and Watercolors 300 Years of American Painting
195 French Eroticism Exquisite Creatures 2
196 Yugo International Classic Clip Art
197 Seicento Inquieto Prints and Their Creators 2
198 Persian Painting Painters in Paris The Color Ency of World Art 3
199 The Grand Prix de Roma The Movie Poster Book Renoir Paintings, Drawings and Prints 3
200 The Face of the Nude The Dance, Art and Ritual of Africa
201 Diaghilev and the Ballets
202 The World of Atget photographs
203 Painting Farnsworth signed
204 The Book Through 5000 Years
205 The Revolution of Color
206 Persian Miniature Painting Ancient Rome 2
207 Karolik Collection of American Water Colors and Drawings 2 vols
208 Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women The Grand Eccentrics Guild Prints
209 The One Show
210 American Sculpture of the Sixties American Paintings Byzantine Wall Paintings 3
211 Art et Style Costumes The Selective Eye American Prints Craven 3
212 Klik Showcase Photography
213 American Impressionist Masterpieces The Impressionists The Lost " 3
214 The Best of Photo Journalism 3
215 Coaching Days of England
216 Tribute to Woman Boris Lovet-Lorski
217 Fifty Years of Movie Posters
218 Lo Studiolo Di Francesco A Firenze
219 Phares
220 Daumier Revolution und Krieg
221 Cowboy Artists of America
222 100 Crowned Masterpieces of Painting
223 Marvels in Art
224 Marco Polo A Photographers Journey Michael Yamashita signed
225 20,000 Years of Fashion Boucher
226 Klee; Dali ; Picasso 3
227 The Gold of Tutankhamen
228 Drawings of Old England
229 Christian Gurtler Kathe Kollwitz Pep Art
230 Graphic Design Milton Glaser
231 Fashion Drawing in Vogue
232 Painting from the Russian Museum The Environs of St Petersburg 2
233 The Last Flowering of the Middle Ages The Power to Heal 2
234 The Secrets of the Great Italian Dames of the Court of the DeMedicis The Treasures of the Medici 2
235 The Mosaic Decoration of San Marco, Venice Art Roman en Italie 2
236 A World of Their Own British Naive Painters Photo Maxima Caught in the Act Photos 3
237 Loie de Vivre The Family of Man 2
238 Serrano en la Decada Del 60
239 Chinese Painting 2
240 Here is New York
241 Great Draughtsmen Rosenberg The Draftsman Eye Olszewski 2
242 Japanese Art book signed
243 Israeli art book signed
244 Treasures of the Old West Impressionists by the Sea 2
245 Art Islamique Boris Anisfeld in St Petersburg The Royal Abbey of Saint Denis 3
246 Pincelas Mexicanos English Outdoor Paintings Techniques of Sumie 3
247 The Nude Figure The Nude Female Figure 2
248 Adventures of America 1857-l900 History of Colour Painting 2
249 The Island of Fisherwomen
250 Stuart Davis;Picasso;Verrocchios Christ and St Thomas 3
251 R O Blechman
252 The William Paley Collection Ore E Argenti Art et Style 3
253 Native Grace Prints of the New World America the Beautiful Thoreau 2
254 The U Boats
255 Twenty Silver Ghosts
256 Steam Yachts Merchant Steam Ships
257 United States Submarines
258 To The Third Power
259 Things I Love Wm Koch
260 Wolfpack U Boats at War 1939-l945
261 The World of Model Ships and Boats
262 The Wright Brothers
263 Artists of the Old West
264 Carrier War
265 Locomotives
266 Cars of the Thirties and Forties
267 Corvette Chronicle Corvette Americas Super Car 2
268 Phillip Goodwin Americas Sporting and Wildlife Artist
269 Flying Aces Aviation Art of WWII
270 The Ency of Animals
271 Pigboat 39 German E Boats 1939-45
272 Pattons Best 4th Armored Div The Burma Campaign 2
273 Cars of The 50s
274 Cars of the 70s
275 The Listener Taylor Caldwell lst ed dj
276 Die Heilige Schrift 1953
277 Animate Creation Illus 2 vols
278 Handbuch Bogelliebhaber 2 vols
279 Die Sunde Des Abbe Moutret Emile Zola 1929
280 Civil War Atlas
281 Architecture in America
282 Kinder der Strabe 1925 Heinrich Zille
283 West Point the First 200 Years
284 Georgian Grace
285 Trokkopfs Brautzeit 1894
286 The Story of Ernie Pyle Miller
287 Cousine Bette Balzac
288 The Natural History of Love Hunt lst ed
289 Catherine the Great Massie
290 Palmblatter
291 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1903
292 Reuters Werke 2 vols
293 Spectacular America
294 Daniel Boonen Stewart Edward White 1922
295 Little Jack Rabbit Big Blue Book Cory 1924
296 Grimm's Fairy Tales Illus Prittie 1924
297 Photo album incl GI
298 A Bridge for Passing Pearl Buck
299 Humans of New York
300 Harper Lee Go Set a Watchman lst Ed dj signed
301 Who's Who in the Zoo WPA book 1939
302 Oscar Wilde His Life and Wit
303 A Passage in the Night Sholem Asch
304 The Story of Dr Dolittle Hugh Lofting
305 Falling Water Frank Lloyd Wright
306 Bonnys Boy A Dog Story
307 A Childs Book of Old Verses Illus Jessie Wilcox Smith 365 Bedtime Stories Bonner 1923 2
308 Rosemary's Baby Ira Levin
309 Panorama Schweiz
310 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Spanky & Our Gang Jimmy Dean,The Association,Skeeter Davis,Bob Dylan Bee Gees,The Drifters, Dion, The Monkees,Beach Boys Chiffons, Critters,
311 Lot 45 RPM records incl: The Beatles,Beach Boys, Box Tops, Mamas and Papas,Bobby Vinton,Lovin Spoonful
312 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Ruby and the Romantics Donovan, Detroit Wheels,Bobbie Gentry,Richard Chamberlain,Bobby Goldsboro,Kitty Kallen
313 T/L Architectural Digest magazines
314 A Day in the Life of the US Armed Forces
315 A Patriots Handbook Caroline Kennedy
316 Images of America Millburn, Short Hills 2
317 North American Locomotives
318 Great American Scenic Railroads
319 Trains The Early Years
320 Americas Colorful Railroads
321 Wired The Short Life and Fast Times of John Belushi Bob Woodward
322 Roosevelt Soldier of Freedom Off the Record Papers of Harry Truman 2
322A Photo portrait of FDR
323 Gettysburg
324 The Captain The Journey of Derek Jetter Aint No Sense Worryin Mickey Rivers 2
325 Voices of 1776 The Battle for North America 2
325A Cribbage Game
325B Lot Music books
325C Who's Your Caddy ? Rick Reilly
326 The Honeymooners
327 Lot The Batman Returns magazines
328 Lot foreign paper currency (WWII Japanese Gvt Occupied Territory}
329 Lot foreign paper currency (WWII German Military in Occupied Nations)
330 Lot foreign paper currency
331 Lot foreign paper currency
332 Lot foreign paper currency
333 The Grand Prix
334 John Browning American Gunmaker
335 The Treasury of the Automobile Ralph Stein
336 Ency of Auto Racing Greats
337 Motoring in America The Early Years
338 Great Racing Drivers The Worlds Racing Cars 2
339 Catalog of American Collectibles
340 Harley Davidson An Illustrated History
341 Collectors Ency of Antiques
342 1896 Catalog Marshall Field repr
343 Bentley Cars 1940-l945
344 1904 Handbook of Gasoline Automobiles
345 Andy Warhol America
346 Bentley 41/2 Litre Supercharged
347 Motor Cars of the Golden Past
348 Ferrari
349 Motor Cycles of the World
350 Fit For The Chase Cars and the Movies
351 Lot Antiques magazines
352 Veterans of the Road
353 Collectible Cars 1930-80
354 T/L Set Automobile Engineering 8 vols
355 Encyclopedia of Automobiles
356 History of the Worlds Classic Cars
357 Indianapolis 500 Racing Cars 2
358 Indy Race Cars Racing Cars Story of the Indy 500 3
359 Vintage Cars
360 Ency of the American Automobile
361 Picture History of the Automobile
362 Veteran and Vintage Cars
363 Triumph Motorcycles
364 Cadillac The Seventy Year History
365 He Minutes of the Board of Proprietors of New Jersey Eastern Division 1685-l705
366 Set The World of Automobiles 21 vols
367 Lot Collector Car publications
368 Works of F Hopkinson Smith 4 vols
369 New York at Gettysburg 3
370 T/L Better quality novels 6
371 The Little Lame Prince Mulock 1907
372 Watchers of the Dark Biggle Sci Fict
373 Good Poems Garrison Keillor
374 Genghis Khan and the Mongol Horde
375 The Crisis Churchill
376 American Sniper Kyle
377 Code Talker WWII Bruchac
378 Lincoln an Illustrated Biography Kunhardts
379 The Vicksburg Campaign
380 Zane Grey: The Drift Fence; Forlorn River 2
381 Selections from the Fairie Queen 1905
382 A Key to Precious Stones English Glass for the Collector 2
383 Books re sailing 3
384 Books re sailing 2
385 The Final Fury Last Battle of the Civil War
386 Please Don't Eat the Daises Kerr
387 Oy! The Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes David Minkoff
388 Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky
389 The Spirit of the Border Zane Grey
390 Ellery Queen Mysteries 2
391 The Fireside University 1907
392 Young America Abroad Oliver Optic Outward Bound 1867
393 Books re Civil War
394 Golden Fluff Morris 1903
395 The Jazz Man Weik Wood Cuts Grifalconi
396 Playmates
397 Confederate Military History Tennessee
398 The Glorious Hour of Lt Monroe
399 The Great Task Remaining Marvel Vicksburg is the Key The Last Battle Cornelius Ryan 3
400 Mr Rabbit and the Lovely Present Illus Maurice Sendak
401 Adams Family James Truslow Adams
402 Toward Gettysburg Nichols
403 The Lee Girls Coulling
404 The Living Lincoln Midstream Lincoln the President
405 Lincoln and His Generals 2
406 The Spirit of Gettysburg Chickamauga Bloody Battle of the West
407 The Children of Pride Georgia in the Civil War The Civil War American Iliad 2
408 Indians of the Americas
409 First Blood Fort Sumter Confederate Portraits 2
410 Framed movie poster The Producers
411 A
412 Oriental Miniatures
413 AH History of Railroads in America
414 Roosevelt and Churchill 1939-l941
415 Birds of the New York Area
416 New Jersey Then and Now
417 Great Sailing Ships
418 Tall Ships
419 Algebra 1858
420 The Little Lame Prince dj Five Little Peppers and How They Grew dj Understood Betsy
421 Memoirs of the Duchesse De Dino 1831-1835
422 Meet General Grant Lee and His Generals in War and Memory 2
423 The Cross on the Drum Cave
424 The Civil War Day by Day Songs of the North and South
425 The Civil War Blay
426 Four Years with General Lee Under God Chancellorsville Lees Greatest Battle 3
427 The Lincoln Legion Lincoln Three Speeches Abraham Lincoln Thomas 3
428 Stonewall Jackson Lee and Grant 2
429 Mighty Stonewall Web of Victory
430 Stonewall Jackson at Cedar Mountain Pickett's Charge The Last Attack at Gettysburg
431 The State of Jones ; Freedom of Speech in Mass 2
432 The Untold Civil War Americas Robert E Lee Henry Stele Commahger
433 The Impending Crisis 1848-l861
434 Gettysburg July l Martin First Bull Run
435 To Appomattox The Civil War Picture Chronicle 2
436 The Library of Congress Civil War Reference
437 A Pictorial History of the Civil War Years Team of Rivals 2
438 Stonewall Jackson Vicksburg 2
439 The Wilderness Campaign Marks of Lee on Our Land 2
440 Civil War Sketch Book
441 Mr Lincoln Goes to War Reminiscences of the Civil War
442 Ton The Sea Stonewall of the West
443 A Civil War Treasury of Tales,Legends,and Folklore The Civil War Davis 2
444 Jeb Stuart The Last Cavalier High Crimes and Misdemeanors Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson 2
445 Lot Historical booklets and Guides
446 Alexander Hamilton Portrait in Paradox
447 The Art of Golf Antiques
448 The Foolish Dictionary 1904 Gideon Wurdz "CROW- a bird that never complains without caws" "LECTURE-an entertainment at which it costs but little to look intelligent"
449 In the Midst of Life Bierce
450 The Model History of the Civil War Capt George Herbert 1889 ( Very rough but full of portraits and illustrations/compelling firsthand accounts of often ignored battles and skirmishes)
451 North American Steam
452 Reconstruction 1863-l877
453 Philatelic lot:Album w/ US FDC panels and mint sheets
454 Philatelic lot:Album w/ US FDC panels and mint sheets
455 Philatelic lot:Album w/ US FDC panels and mint sheets
456 Philatelic lot:Album w/ US FDC panels and mint sheets
457 Philatelic lot:/ US FDC s
458 Philatelic lot:/ US FDC s
459 Philatelic lot:/ US FDC s
460 Philatelic lot:/ US FDC s
461 Philatelic lot:/ US FDC s
462 Philatelic lot:/ US FDC s
463 Philatelic lot:/ US FDC s
464 Philatelic lot:/ US FDC s
465 Philatelic lot:/ Album US FDC plates
466 Philatelic lot:/ Album US FDC plates
467 Philatelic lot:/ Album US FDC plates
468 Philatelic lot:/ Album US FDC plates
469 Philatelic lot:/ Album US FDC plates
470 Philatelic lot:/ Album US FDC plates
471 Philatelic lot:/ Album US FDC plates
472 Philatelic lot:/ Album US FDC plates
473 Philatelic lot:/ Album US FDC plates
474 Philatelic lot:/ Album US FDC plates
475 Philatelic lot:/ Album US FDC plates
476 Bomber Missions Aviation Art WWII
477 Carrier War Aviation Art of WWII
478 D Day Operation Overlord
479 Pan Am An Aviation Legend
480 B17 Combat Missions
481 United States Submarines
482 With Wings Like Eagles
483 US Naval Aviation
484 The War in the Air
485 Panzer a Pictorial Documentation
486 World War II The War in the Air
487 Building The Nation Coffin 1882
488 Drumbeat of the Nation 1888 Coffin
489 Redeeming the Republic Coffin 1890
490 Marching to Victory Coffin 1889
491 The Boys of 76 Coffin 1876
492 The Oregon Trail Illustr Thomas Hart Benton
493 The Autobiography of Will Rogers
494 Armored Thunderbolt US Sherman Tank in WWII
495 The World of the Polar Berr
496 Polar Dance
497 The Sunday Guest 1880
498 Victorian sepia Photo Portrait
499 The Ballad of Reading Gaol Oscar Wilde Illus Lynd Ward
500 The Musee d Orsay
501 Lot early German magazines WW I era
502 Autobiography General Jimmy Doolittle
503 OSS Weapons 1944 ( Confidential)
504 Big Little Book Gene Autry
505 President Roosevelt and the Coming of the War 1941
506 Buffalo Woman
507 The Age of Fighting Sail C S Forester War of 1812
508 Sea of Thunder Evan Thomas
509 On Glorious Wings Coombs
510 The Victors Stephen Ambrose Operation Jedburgh D Day 2
511 The Yard Building a Destroyer at the Bath Iron Works
512 Victory Coomts Jackday Ken Follet 2
513 Under the Wire Torpedo Junction Hickam 2
514 The Modern Rifle Winchester 1854-l964 2
515 Sands of Silence Peter Hathaway Capstick
516 Poster Viktor Denisov
517 Lot Airbrush T Shirts Art Nouveau Graphics 2
518 Royal Family Paper Dolls 2
519 Land Drainage 1861
520 Sorgho and Imphee Chinese and African Sugar Canes Olcott 1857
521 Forty Years Observation Music and Drama Grau 1909
522 Milch Cows Guenon 1856
523 Kitchen and Fruit Gardener 1844
524 Farmers and Mechanics Manual 1868
525 Blue Book of Style Musical Instruments Inscribed by author to Avery Fisher
526 Grasses and Forage Plants Flint 1858
527 Fifty Years of Theatrical Management 1909 Leavit
528 The American Fanciers Poultry Book Howard 1896
529 The Ten Essrntials for Successful Pictures Brewster 1933
530 Bauhaus
531 Black Star, Frost and Gorham Silver Catalog
532 Genealogy Knox;Martin;Whitlock
533 Lot Olympic poster reprints
534 Georgia OKeefe In the West
535 1914 YMCA photo
536 Book: Scale Models of Vessels of the 17th Cty LtdEd
537 The Glory of Flight The Art of William Phillips
538 Hellcat
539 Zulu Wars Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift Ian Knight
540 So Many RAF Bomber Command 1939-45
541 PT 109 Donovan lst Ed signed by author
542 Lot 3 lst Eds: Bastard Out of Carolina Allison The Water Beetle Mancy Mitford A Short Walk From the Station McGinley
543 Lot 3 Heritage Press A Journal of the Plague Year De Foe The Sea Wolf Jack London Notes From the Underground The Gambler Dostoevsky
544 Guns on the Early Frontier Russell
545 War Paint and Rouge Chambers
546 Surnames B H Dixon 1857
547 Uttermost Part of the Earth Bridges
548 Out of the East Lafcadio Hearn 1896
549 Bannerman's Military Goods Catalog repr
550 Chinese Snuff Bottles Perry
551 Picassos World of Children
552 Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Abraham Lincoln,James Garfield, and William McKinley by: George Bancroft;James G Blain, and John Hay 1903
553 New Jersey History 5 vols( 4 vol set plus uncommon 5th, biographical vol) 1930
554 4 Heritage Press: Ellegy Written in a Country Churchyard Thomas Gray She Stoops to Conquer Goldsmith Tales of the Gold Rush Harte
555 History of the Parliament of England 1812 May
556 Alte Schweizer Trachten Konig 816/1500
557 Beside the Bonnie Briar Bush McLarern lst Amer Ed 1895
558 Junkyu Muto
559 Narrative o a Tour Through he State of Vermont 1789 Perkins 1964
560 Guide to Romantic Living Jane Seymour signed
561 The Albert N Yanza Great Basin of the Nile Baker 1869
562 Points 1874-l930 Muir Ltd Ed 500
563 More " Very Young" Songs AA Milne 1929
564 The Best of Mutts Mc Donnell signed lst Ed w/ small drawing
565 The Gypsy Storyteller Simpson signed lst Ed
566 Windows on the World Complete Wine Course Kevin Zraly signed
567 Le Nouveau Cuisinier Royal et Bourgerois 17l6
568 Me, Governor ? Richard Cody
569 Out Of The Blue Victor Cruz signed
570 Zinger Paul Azinger signed
571 Lot Misc eph, autographs etc
572 The Comic Strip Century Blackbeard Two vols in slip case
573 The Lordly Hudson Brown 1937 Ltd Ed 367/920 signed by author
574 US Naval Aviation
575 Edward S Curtis Pritzker
576 Stuka
577 World War II 50th Anniv
578 The Wartime Scrapbook
579 Modern Fighting Aircraft
580 Battleships
580A Charles Lindbergh and the Battle Against Intervention in WWII Cole
580B Fighters of WWII
581 US Cruisers
581C Titans of the Seas Belotes
582 Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Hugh Honour
583 Images of Greatness Pres of Ronald Reagan
584 The Judas Goats :Piper
585 P 51 Combat Missions
586 The Twilight Warriors Gandt
587 Seapower
588 The Battle of Leyte Gulf 1944
589 The Hero of Batan The Story of General Jonathan Wainwright
590 747 The Story of the Boeing Super Jet
591 The History of Clocks and Watches Bruton
592 Daybreak for Our Carrier Max Miller
593 NGS bound 1924
594 The Path to Victory Mediterranean Theater in WWII
595 Masters of the Air
596 Ship Smithsonian Epic Story of Maritime Adventures
597 T/L Auction catalogs guns etc
598 Battleships Preston
599 Autobiography of General Herbert Norman Swartzkopf It Doesnt Take a Hero USMA 1956 "Duty, Honor, Country"
600 Montgomery of Alamein
601 Destroyers Preston
602 USS New Jersey From WWII to the Persian Gulf
603 The Patton Papers 1885-l940
604 The Legend of Chris Craft
605 The Greatest Cars Ralph Stein
606 Cars of the 40s
607 Great Fighting Planes
608 Lot: Battleships; Cruisers; Carrier War 3
609 Patton and Rommel Men of War
610 For Crew and Country Aboard the USS Samuel B Roberts
611 Unless Victory Comes Garrison
612 Its a Long Story Willie Nelson
613 Milton Berles Private Joke File
614 Frederic Remingtons Own West
615 Guns of the Old West
616 U S West The Saga of Wells Fargo
617 Harms Way Bassett lst Ed
618 The Shark Mutiny Robinson Killing Rommel Pressfield 2
619 The Bomber War
620 Auction catalog Military Decorations etc
621 Osceola The Seminole 1880
622 Life of Mary Jemison De-He-Wa-Mis The White Woman of the Genessee 1898
623 Life Begins at Forty Pitkin
624 Forty Niners The California Trail 1932
625 Defenseless America Hudson Maxim (Landing NJ )
626 Sleep Till Noon Max Shulman
627 The Way West Guthrie The Secret Road Lancaster 2
628 Up Front Bill Mauldin c/o Postmaster 2
629 Comes the Comrade 2 The Country Called Virginia Barksdale author signed
630 Lord Johnnie The Battle is the Pay Off The Light That Failed Kipling 3
631 The Navy Hunts the CGR 3070 Thompson 1944
632 The Practice of Printing Polk 1926
633 Geronimo Wolf of the Warpah
634 Mountbatten
635 The Armies of George Patton
636 Lot Military collector catalogs
637 The Last Days of Hitler Trevor-Roper
638 The Ranch Girls and Their Hearts Desire
639 Lot War Dept Training Manuals 1942 2
640 American Locomotives 1830-l880 John White
641 Iron Horse 1829-l900
642 Logging Railroads of the West
643 Pennsylvania RR M 1
644 The Railroaders
645 B and O Power
646 Pacific Coast Shay Building the Shay 2
647 The Locomotives That Baldwin Built
648 Black Gold/Black Diamonds PRR 2
649 The Northern Pacific Main Street of the Northwest
650 Mixed Train Daily
651 100 Years of Steam Locomotives
653 T/L Misc eph historical documents
654 T/L Misc eph historical documents
655 T/L Misc eph historical documents
656 T/L 1835+ Childrens magazine bound
657 T/L Misc sports periodicals
658 T/L Misc eph correspondence etc
659 T/L Misc eph
660 T/L Hist Newsp
661 T/L Life magazines re Marilyn Monroe
662 Lot photos, prints, lithos
663 T/L Misc eph mostly commercial paper
664 T/L Misc eph
665 T/L Misc eph Photo portraits, commercial paper
666 Lot stock certificates
667 Lot Misc eph incl post cards, trade cards etc
668 Lot Congressional records re Indians
669 Lot Victorian photographs
670 Lot misc eph commercial paper
671 Lot misc eph Railroad paper
672 Lot Scribner's magazines 1871 +
673 Lot autograph albums
674 Lot Misc eph drawings from 19th cty periodicals etc
675 Photo album fan photos some signed
676 Lot Life magazines 1905 +
677 Lot sheet music
678 T/L Misc eph
679 T/L Misc eph
680 Beach Benches
681 Ency of Oriental Arts Korea
682 The Treasure Book of Childrens Verse Illus Etheldreda Gray
683 Ships and Ways of Other Days E Keble Chatterton 1913
684 Station Wagon Set Faith Baldwin
685 John Jerninghams Journal,,,1900
686 Satin in the Suburbs
687 The Bird Book Blanchen
688 The New Machiavelli H G Wells 1910
689 Wildflowers of the United States 2 vols in case
690 Lamb Tales Weedon
691 Jimbo Blackwood 1909
692 The Adv of Huckleberry Finn 1923 Illus Worth Brem
693 The Owls of North America
694 The Blue and The Gray On the Staff Oliver Optic " " " " " In the Saddle " " " " " Brother Against Brother " " " " " An Undivided Union 4 vols
695 The Charm of Birds 1927
696 The Giant Killer or the Battle Which All Must Fight 1860
697 Principles underlying Radio Communication 1922
698 An Old Fashioned Girl Alcott 1928 Illus Clara Burd
699 The Story of Germany 1890
700 Poems of New Jersey Musgrove
701 Red Fairy book 1956
702 Golda Meir Gertrud Isolani signed True Story Bogart and Bacall 2
703 Story of Bostons Immortals The Straight Road 2
704 Louisiana Paintings and Painters
705 Arrow Smith Sinclair Lewis 1925
706 The Glorious Shannons Old Blue Duster Snider 1923
707 The Strange House at Newburyport
708 The First Hundred Years of St Marys Hall on the Delaware
709 A Knights City
710 Snells Mysteries for Girls Witches Cove; The Magic Curtain 2
711 Gravatt Family scrapbook and photo album
712 The Flying Machine
713 A Portrait of the Amish
714 Adrift in the Ice Fields Hall 1877
715 A Handbook of Modern Japan
716 Stories New Jersey Stockton
717 Choosing Abe Lincoln Captain
718 The Folklore of Maine Beck
719 Virgin Island Sketches
720 Auntie Petersham
721 My Greatest Day in Baseball
722 The Living Forest Heming
723 The Bodley Head Natural History Raphael Havergal 1884 3
724 The Bullwhacker Hooker A Tree With a Bird In It Widdemer 2
725 Productive Orcharding Sears Lippincotts Farm Manuals 1914
726 Death Be Not Proud John Gunther 1949
727 Seven Keys to Brazil Kelsey 1940
728 Banks of the Delaware
729 The Poetry of Sacred and Legendary Art 1857
730 A Childs Garden of Verses Stevenson Illustr Eulalie
731 Black Bottom Stomp
732 With Trumpet and Drum Eugene Field
733 Ether and Me Will Rogers
734 Official Guide of the Railways 1964
735 Beat It; You Can Search Me 2 1907
736 Works of Ian Fleming 10 pbs
737 The Bishop Murder Case Van Dine A Rose of Hundred Leaves 2
738 Observers Book of Automobiles
739 The Family of Man
740 Bob Dylan
741 Chi Psi 1841-l941
742 Strawberry Mansion Lowrie 1941
743 Almost A Game Drawings by Mauro Sesti
744 Man Without a Country Hale
745 J.B. Archibald MacLeish 1958
746 200 Years A Bicentennial of Livingston Twp
747 When The Iron Bird Flies
748 Design Since 1945 Philadelphia Museum of Art
749 Halo Warfleet
750 The Great Book of Modern Warplanes
751 Framed print Cypress signed
752 Framed print Greece signed
753 Lot Books on D Day
754 New York Historical Collection 1841 W/map of NJ and NY
755 Lessons in Gnani Yoga
756 Lot Railroad Books The Remarkable GG1 Aster Live Steam 2
757 The Pine Barrens of New Jersey Hawk Watch 2
758 The Earlier Poems of Elizabeth Barett Browning
759 Beresford Egan
760 The Magic Barrel Bernard Malamud
761 Vagabond House Don Blamding
762 Harvey Dinnerstein
763 Fifties and Sixties Lunch Box
764 Star Wars The Force Awakens
765 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde Heritage Press
766 Triumph at the Gallows Itzhak Gurion Heritage Press
767 Confucius Carl Crow
768 Webster's Dictionary
769 50 Years on Tracks Caterpillars World Truck Handbook
770 Practical Anatomist 1853
771 Vadedmecum Methotrexate
772 Secrecy ( a game)
773 Giovani Bocaccio Decameron
774 Sifilide Malattie Veneree 1937
776 Ludwig Van Beethoven
777 The Lion and the Carpenter
778 The Art of Advertising
779 New York Reinhart Wolf 2
780 Leonardo Da Vinci
781 Vincent Van Gogh
782 Day by Day The Sixties
783 Norman Rockwell Artist and Illustrator
784 The History of Impressionism
785 In Response to Place Last Great Places
786 The West as Romantic Horizon
787 Would You Let Your Daughter ? Norman Parkinson
788 Harpers Bazaar 100 Years of the American Female
789 The Red Couch A Portrait of America
790 American Greats
791 Scarlet Fever Gone With the Wind
792 Observations on American Architecture
793 Disneys Greatest Sight Gags
794 European and American Musical Instruments Sax and Brass Book 2
795 Libido Selections 2 Tracing Ansky Picasso Vu Par Brassai 4
796 The Painted Body
797 Combat WWII
798 Marilyn Monroe in Her Own Words
799 Glen Baxter Returns to Normal
800 Rock Encyclopedia
801 Rock Misc in America
802 Histoire du Jazz
803 Black Beauty White Heat History of Classic Jazz
804 Picture magazines 2 The Nude 3
805 He Had a Face Faces of Jesus
806 Jazz Life
807 JFK in Deutschland
808 Dynasty NY Yankees 1949-l964
809 Victorian photographs of Famous Men and Fair Women
810 American Daguerreian Art
811 Images of War Robert Capa
812 Jerusalem
813 Mondo Materialis
814 The Last Days of Mash
815 Rolling Thunder Harley Davidson
816 Fifties Style
817 A Matter of Conscience (Service in Vietnam)
818 Self Portraits Gasser
819 The Real Alice Anne Clark
820 Rap Whoz Who Stancell
821 Landscapes in Kansas
822 Symbol of America Norman Rockwell
823 Kansas Quilts and Quilters
824 Art and The Animal
825 Hot Hatchbacks
826 Pages de Carnets Castries
827 Highway Americas Endless Dream
828 Futurism
829 Costume Design
830 US Navy War Photographs
831 Stevie Wonder Scrapbook Billboard Ency Music
832 The Forbidden City
833 All Flags Flying American Patriotic Quilts
834 Photographing the Nude The Snapshot Photograph 2
835 Ford Decline and Rebirth 1933-62
836 Allgau Und Vorarlberg
837 The Kiss of Apollo
838 Truths and Fictions New York in the Thirties 2
839 Master Drawings
840 The Norman Rockwell Album
841 American Painting 2 vols
842 The Anti Rationalists
843 Science Fiction Hardy
844 American Image
845 Haifa Portrait of the City signed by the Mayor of Haifa
846 Dun and Bradstreet 2 vols
847 The Jet Aircraft of the World
848 The New York Yankee Encycl
849 An Atlas of Fantasy
850 Polish Jews
851 The Santa Claus Book
852 Lot 5 vols Rock On
853 Early Christian Art
854 DuMonts Neues Tangram
855 Amish The Art of the Quilt
856 Objects of Desire Photographs
857 Book of Models 1984 Sensational Sixties 2
858 Printing of Today
859 A Kind of Life Roswell Angier
860 Ruben Cimet
861 James Dean American Icon
862 The Man of Galilee 1928
863 The Paramount Story
864 The Ketuba Marriage Contracts Through the Ages
865 World Photography
866 Harvey Dinnerstein
867 Classic Paper Planes 4 vols
868 Absolute Statehood Painters
869 Day by Day the Sixties
870 Harry Potter (in Braille)
871 Folio Main Street photo prints
872 Chagall and the Bible
873 Charlie Chaplin
874 Charles Dickens Centennial Album
875 The Heritage of Tyre Meloney 1916 author inscribed
876 On Your Own Brooke Shields
877 Photographing History The Career of Mathew Brady
878 P H Emerson Newhall
879 Toxique Sagan 2
880 A Picture Book on Tobacco and the Pleasure of Smoking
881 The Child
882 The History of American Bandstand
883 The British Film Collection 1896-l984
884 On Leadership IBM 1974
885 American First Editions Johnson l929 Ltd Ed
886 Home Town The Face of America 1940 Anderson
887 Four Books of the Opera
888 150th Anniversary The Birthplace of Baseball Hoboken
889 Lot l9th Cty Music books
890 George Washington 1732-l799 Facsimiles
891 Set Rock On 9 vols
892 Durer; Expressionism Willett 2
893 Incas to Indians Skullduggery 2
894 One of a Kind color photography, Polaroid
895 In Our Time Magnum Photographers
896 Vera Wang on Weddings
897 Encyclopedia of Black America
898 Lifesaver Peter James
899 Images of Man and Death Aries
900 Mozart The Man, The Musician
901 Italian Painting
902 Give Up ? Whitney Darrow
903 Bogomil Sculpture
904 Survivors Endangered Wildlife
905 The Face of Folk Music
906 Jazz in the Movies
907 The Way We Live
908 The Romanov Family Album
909 Carl Mydan's Photo Jounalist
910 Le Bestiaire Ou Cortege D Orphee
911 North Vietnam
912 The American House Keefe 1922
913 Photographing Sensuality J F Smith
914 Motown The History Johnny Mercer 2
915 The Figure from US Camera
916 United Artists Story Movie Palaces 2
917 Central Park Country
918 Satchmo Louis Armstrong Michael Jackson 2
919 Moon Walk Michael Jackson 2
920 Rock On 3 vols
921 Unofficial Ency of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (pg 337 Eddie Brigati, The Rascals,Boonton,NJ)
922 Paris Parade
923 Billboard 100th Anniv Edition
924 Neil Diamond Solitary Star Panic Ency Presley
925 Muhammad Ali Memories 2
926 Bust Up Dvelopment of the Bra Modern Sex Techniques 2
927 Moments Preserved Irving Penn
928 Roxons Rock Ency
929 Lot magazines Life, Look etc
930 Lop 19th cty music books 2 Jacksons Poems 1890 3
931 Social Effects Collecting Old Cameras 2
932 Photography Inside and Out 1893 Lewis Carroll Photographer 2 3
933 The Way of the Animal Powers Historical Atlas of World Mythology
934 This America Lyndon Johnson
935 Photo Story des Jazz
936 Cape Light
937 Beethoven
938 The Book of the Blues
939 A Century of Model Trains
940 Leica 1925-l975
941 Lot art folios Picasso etc
942 The Nude
943 The Etude 1923
944 Lot art folios
945 Antwerp de wereld der sinjoren
946 Pirke Aboth Etchings by Saul Raskin
947 Isaac Asimov Dinosaurs
948 Dufy Poiret 1917-l9l9
949 This Was Your Hit Parade
950 Mirror of India
951 Manhattan Manners 1850-l900
952 The Films of Sophia Loren
953 Cigar Almanac
954 Moments The Pulitzer Prize Photographs
955 French Primitive Photography
956 The Cowboy Boot Book The Dirty Song Book
957 The Rock Song book Rock On 2
958 Van Stoomboot Schoomnhoven
959 Disco Disco Dance Steps The Beatles 3
960 History and Development of the American Guitar The Fretboard Journal 2
961 The Disney Villain
962 Isaac Asimov Earth is Round
963 Glanzlichter der Photographie
964 Oude Cameras
965 Piano and Player Hardware Catalog l880 Hammacher Schlemmer co
966 The Dog Observed
967 Larry Rivers
968 Too Funny for Words Disney
969 Vanishing Africa
970 Lot auction catalogs
971 Landmarks of Mapmaking
972 Rolling Stone The Photographs
973 Ancient Buddhist Treasures of Kofukuji Temple
974 Photographs of Today 1913
975 Mayan Architecture
976 Compleat Sinatra
977 Suddenly and Gently Visions of Elvis The Art of Betty Harper Elvis Recording Sessions 2
978 Sinema American Pornographic Films and he People Who Make Them
979 Hirschfeld
980 Subsistence USA
981 Donacion Botero
982 Renault Misere
983 Monuments of the Incas
984 1967 World Car Catalogue
985 Charles Dickens 1812-l870 An Anthology
986 Lot Misc periodicals
987 The Spirit of the Border Zane Grey dj l906
989 Rudyard Kiplings Verses
990 Childs Story of the World Peattie 1937
991 Walker Evans Photography Special Visual Effects
992 Paper Money of the United States
993 Dive Bombers in Action Dive and Torpedo Bombers 2
994 Iwo Jima
995 Messerschmitt Bf cl09
996 Hercules
997 Avro Lancaster
998 Lot Time Life WWII 5
999 The World of the Polar Bear
1000 Battleships and Aircraft Carriers What's Inside Aircraft, Aircraft Passenger Aircraft and Airlines 3
1000A The Ultimate History of American Cars
1001 Lot Little Golden Childrens Books
1002 Lot Little Golden Childrens Books
1003 Lot Comics characters trading cards
1004 Lot post cards
1005 Lot post cards
1006 Philatelic lot: US covers w/correspondence
1007 Philatelic lot: US covers w/correspondence
1008 Philatelic lot: Album w/ US stamps
1009 Philatelic lot: Album w/ some US stamps
1010 Philatelic lot: Album w/ some US and foreign stamps
1011 Philatelic lot: Album w/ British Empire stamps/covers
1012 Philatelic lot: Album w US FDCs and First Flight cvr
1013 Disraelis Grand Tour Blake
1014 The Battle of the Nile La Decouverte de,arabie 2
1015 Portraits of Jews
1016 Lot Booklets re Egypt
1017 Lot periodicals and booklets re Egypt (some signed)
1018 Lot periodicals and booklets re Egypt
1019 The Rape of Egypt
1020 Lot Mercator's World magazines
1021 Agypten Faszination und Abenteuer
1022 Lot photo maps incl Kurdish Highlands
1023 Judaica Budapest rough
1024 Photo map Iraq, Jordan
1025 The Living Races of Man Coon
1026 Lot Judaica Auction catalogs
1027 The Romance of Medicine Gordon 1945
1028 The Gay Gordons Bulloch 1908
1029 Records of the Past 1904, 1905 2
1030 Lot Judaica auction catalogs
1031 Lot Judaica auction catalogs 4
1032 Lot Historical auction catalogs and periodicals
1033 The Arts in Belgian Congo and Rwanda
1034 T/L auction catalogs
1035 The Lost Cities of the Mayas
1036 The Hebrew Book
1037 From the Ends of the Earth Judaic Treasures of the Library of Congress
1038 Hatchepsut The Female Pharaoh
1039 Akhenaten Egypt's False Prophet
1040 Black Athena 2 vols Black Athena Revisited 3
1041 Man Across the Sea
1042 Life of Bayard Taylor 1879
1043 Maya Archaeologist Search for the Maya Pursuit of the Ancient Maya 3
1044 The Qemant Pagan Hebraic Peasantry of Ethiopia In Search of the Maya The Discoverie of Empyre Guiana The African Origin of Civilization 4
1045 Historical Atlas of the Jewish People
1046 Roman Roads of Europe
1047 Hebrew Illuminated Manuscripts
1048 Collecting Historical Documents
1049 Crossing Borders The Romance of Alexander the Great The Rediscovery of the Holy Land in 19th Cty 3
1050 Digging and Dealing in l8th Cty Rome 2 vols
1051 Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions 3 Journal of Egyptian History 4
1052 Lot auction catalogs
1053 The Plundered Past Egypt Nubia American Jewish History 3
1054 Lot sports cards
1055 Lot trading cards
1056 Lot Botanical prints
1057 T/L childrens books
1058 Uncle Wiggilys Airship
1059 Lot Journal of the Irish Railway Record Society
1059A Lot Journal of the Irish Railway Record Society
1060 The Navajo; The Apache; The Blackfeet 3
1061 Works of Tolkein 4
1062 1967 Yearbook St Johns University
1063 1999 Yearbook John Adams HS NYC
1064 Indian Wars;Apaches; Eastern Band of Cherokees 3
1065 Modern Indians of Alabama Alaskan Native Culture Nova Scotia
1066 Lot post cards
1067 TL Misc eph travel etc
1068 Lot post cards
1069 Lot post cards
1070 History of the Irish in America
1071 The Ency of American Catholic History
1072 T/L Misc eph travel etc
1073 Yearbooks John Adams HS NYC 1970,l972,1971,1976
1074 Yearbooks John Adams HS NYC 1973,1975,1994,l995
1075 Yearbooks John Adams HS NYC 1998,1979,1974
1076 1966 Yearbook Archbishop Hughes HS
1077 Yearbooks St Johns University 1963,l964 2
1078 1961 Yearbook Blessed Sacrament HS NYC
1079 Yearbooks John Adams HS NYC 1981,l996
1080 Gone For a Soldier Memoirs of Prvt Alfred Bellard 5th New Jersey Inf
1081 A Salute to Courage
1082 The Confederate Navy
1083 Shadows of the Storm 1861-65
1084 The Civil War Shelby Foote The Battle Ground Glasgow
1085 Matthew Bradys Civil War
1086 The Civil War Experience
1087 The Deep Waters of the Proud Davis Stand In the Day of Battle Davis 2
1088 From Sumter to Shiloh
1089 Stonewall Davis
1090 AH The Civil War
1091 Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray 1861-65 1912
1092 19th Cty Bible
1093 Rabble in Arms Kenneth Roberts
1094 Now We Are Enemies Bunker Hill
1095 The Glorious Burden Lorant
1096 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Carpenters,Mamas and Papas Bob Marley,Geo McCrae,Elton John, Barry Manilow, Harry Chapin etc
1097 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Bee Gees The Osmonds,, John McCormack,
1098 UFO Crash at Roswell
1099 Military Atlas of the Civil War
1100 Washingtons Defeat at Brandywine
1101 Lionel Guides etc
1102 Images of America Spring Lake Spring Lake An Early History 2
1103 Photo album Vintage Aircraft
1104 Colliers Photographic History of WW l
1105 Milton Caniff painting 1948
1106 Milton Caniff painting 1948
1107 Advise and Consent Drury Franklin Library signed
1108 The Caine Mutiny Herman Wouck Franklin Libnr signed
1109 Andrew Wyeth
1110 TL Misc eph
1111 The Group Mary McCarthy Franklin Library signed
1112 Set This Fabulous Century 6 vols Time Life
1113 The Wapshot Chronicle Cheever Franklin Libr signed
1114 The Rector of Justin Auchincloss Franklin Library signed
1115 The Big Rock Candy Mountain Stegner Franklin Library signed
1116 The French Lieutenants Woman John Fowles Franklin Library signed
1117 Catch 22 Heller Franklin Library signed
1118 The Ginger Man Donleavy Franklin Library signed
1119 War of the Rebellion Official Records of Union and Confederate Armies L XLVI :Part III 1894
1120 A Stillness at Appomattox Catton Franklin Library signed
1121 Proud New Flags Van Wyck Mason
1122 Campfire and Battlefield
1123 Gun auction catalogs
1124 H M Pope Hartford 1887-l901
1125 WWII Saving the Reality
1126 Mighty Mo
1127 The Emperors of China
1128 Mother Earth, Father Sky
1129 The Doolittle Raid
1130 T/l Gun auction catalogs
1131 Round Shot and Rammers
1132 The Kentucky Rifle
1133 The Breech Loader in the Service 1933
1134 Lyle Arms and Armour Review
1135 American Firearms Colt
1136 The Kingdom Wildlife in North America
1137 The American Gun periodicals 3
1138 Hatchers Book of the Garand
1139 Colts Variations of Old Model Pocket Pistol
1140 Medici Money
1141 The Medal of Honor
1142 Russian Aircraft
1143 US Aerial Armament in WWII
1144 Smithsonian History of WWII
1145 T/L auction gun catalogs
1146 Lot Books re John Wayne 3
1147 Pictorial History of the Korean War This is My country 2
1148 War Birds of WW II Parachutes 2
1149 Leyte 1944
1150 The Medical Casebook of Adolf Hitler
1151 Pleasing the Spirits American Indian Art
1152 The Ultimate Classic Car Book
1153 Ronald Reagan
1154 Thunder in the Heavens
1155 The Kaisers Pirates WWI
1156 The Enemies Fighting Ships Naval Strength of the Axis
1157 The Yard Building a Destroyer at the Bath Iron Works, Rte 1, Bath, Maine
1158 The Armed Forces Officer
1159 Surrender and Survival
1160 No Greater Love 1945 Francis J Spellman The Eve of Battle 2
1161 Lot Auction gun catalogs
1162 New York Street Kids
1163 Battleships of the US Navy circa WWI
1165 Framed original water color signed and dated
1166 Framed original water color signed and dated
1167 Philatelic lot: Album UN covers and Stamps
1168 Philatelic lot: Album UN covers and Stamps
1169 Philatelic lot: Album UN covers and Stamps
1170 Philatelic lot: Album UN covers and Stamps
1171 Philatelic lot: Album UN covers and Stamps
1172 Philatelic lot: Album UN covers and Stamps
1173 Philatelic lot: Album UN Unicef Proof Editions 4
1174 Philatelic lot: Album USPS FDC sheets w/stamps
1175 Philatelic lot: Album USPS FDC sheets w/stamps
1176 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1177 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1178 Philatelic lot: US covers Presidential Inauguration
1178A Philatelic lot: T/L Misc incl stamped envelopes US covers w/stamps etc
1179 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1180 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1181 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1182 Philatelic lot: US FDCs and USPS FD sheets
1183 Lot Misc historical prints
1184 Philatelic lot US FDCs
1185 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1186 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1187 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1188 Philatelic lot: Older US covers
1189 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1190 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1191 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1192 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1193 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1194 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1195 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1196 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1197 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1198 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1199 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1200 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1201 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1202 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1203 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1204 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1205 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1206 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1207 Patton Ordeal and Triumph Farago
1208 Exploitation of Captured Enemy Documents 1949 Ground General School, Fort Riley Kansas
1209 Intelligence Corps Investigator Counter Intelligence School Camp Holabird Md l949
1210 Man of the House Tip O Neil signed
1211 Reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln Rice 1889
1212 Anecdotal Oddities Gatchell WWII signed LtdEd 45/100
1213 Nemesis of Power The German Army in Politics 1918-l945 Bennett
1214 Mountbatten Ziegler
1215 Enemy Submarine Story of Gunther Prien Captain of U47 Wolfgang Frank
1216 Cianos Hidden Diary 1937-38
1217 Klaus Barbie Author inscribed and Dedicated Dabringhaus
1218 Is Paris Burning ? Collins
1219 Goering Air Leader Asher Lee
1220 Ten Days to Die Musmanno (Hitlers Mad Finale)
1221 Sexations 1957
1222 The Call to Honor The War Memoirs of General De Gaulle
1223 The Trial of German Major War Criminals Nuremberg 1946 3 vols
1224 Mussolini Paolo Monelli
1225 The Pattern of Soviet Power Edgar Snow
1226 Minister of Death Adolf Eichman Story Reynolds
1227 The Seven Men of Sandau Fishman
1228 The Rise and Fall of Herman Goering
1229 The Office Party Corey Ford
1230 Orden Und Auszeichnugen
1231 Nazi Regalia
1232 Lot WWII Army FMs 1943
1233 German Rifle Company Military Intelligence Service Bulletin
1234 Lot (4) German pbs re WWII
1235 Deutsche Auszeichnungen
1236 Fur Tapferkeit und Verdienst
1237 Das Ritterfreuz
1238 Germany Surrenders Unconditionally The End of the War in the Pacific Facsimile Documents
1239 Alger Hiss Recollections of a Life
1240 The View from Algers Window Tony Hiss author inscribed
1241 Listen the Wind ! Anne Morrow Lindbergh signed
1242 Unexplained Mysteries of WWII Breuser author inscribed
1243 Citizen Soldiers Stephen Ambrose signed
1244 The Romanovs The Final Chapter Massie signed
1245 Sisterhood of Spies The Women of the OSS Mc Intosh Inscribed by author
1246 Napoleon Bonaparte Schom lst Ed dj signed
1247 Scapegoats Defense of Kimmel and Short at Pearl Harbor Capt Edw L Beach USN Ret author inscribed
1248 Comrades Harry Fisher author inscribed
1249 Soaring Underground Orbach/Viven Orbach Smith authors inscribed
1250 Titanic Paula Parisi author signed
1251 The Only Way to Cross Maxtone-Graham author inscribed
1252 Spy Hunter Robert Hunter signed
1253 Nemesis Douglas Reed
1254 Bohemia and the Cechs Moinroe
1255 The German Opposition to Hitler Rothfels
1256 Eagles of the Black Cross Musciano
1257 FDR Letters Early Years
1258 Your Dream Home Cobb 1950
1259 Five Minute Biogs Dale Carnegie
1260 Antiques at Williamsburg
1261 Panzers at War Zeiss Cameras (in German)
1262 Hitler Close Up
1263 The Third Reich Almanac
1264 JFK The Man and the Myth Lasky
1265 Minute Biogrs Parker Little Known Facts about Well Known People Carnegie Story of American Bank Note Company 3
1266 The Bottom of the Sea Sullivan
1267 World War Two Flashback Benford signed
1268 The Discovey of the Bismarck Ballard author inscribed
1269 Program The Massed Bands of Her Majesty's Household Cavalry signed by Pipe Major of the Black Watch
1270 My War Andy Rooney signed
1271 The Iron Furnace Holocaust Survivor George Topas signed
1272 Against All Odds A Tale of Two Survivors Salsitz signed
1273 Aristocrats Robert Lacey signed
1274 Ever After Diana and the Life She Led Edwards signed
1275 The Lincoln Group of New York Guest Speaker Harold Holzer signed copy " Lincolns Flat Failure"
1276 Voices From Raritan Landing
1277 Cranberry Christmas Devlins signed
1278 Confessions of a White Racist Larry King
1279 Wunnerful, Wunnerful Lawrence Welk signed
1280 Divided Houses Gender and the Civil War Clinton and Silber
1281 The Wind Wont Know Me History of the Navajo/Hopi Land Dispute Benedek signed
1282 Old Books, Rare Friends Rostenberg/Stern
1283 One Heartbeat Sway Birch Bayh US Senator inscribed
1284 The Commamders Bob Woodward
1285 The Agenda Bob Woodward
1286 Pat Schoen signed
1287 New Worlds in Old books Rosenberg/Stern
1288 Jocelyn Elders MD Surgeon General
1289 Jim Farleys Story The Roosevelt Years
1290 Dying We Live
1291 Walking With the Wind John Lewis inscribed
1292 Allies John Eisenhower inscribed
1293 War and Remembrance Wouk inscribed
1294 Quisling Prophet Without Honur Hewins lst Amer Ed
1295 Untamed Gunther Gebel Williams inscribed
1296 Memoirs 1925-1950 Kennan inscribed
1297 Secrecy and Power J Edgar Hoover Powers
1298 An American Life Jeb Stuart Magruder
1299 20th Cty Journey Shirer inscribed
1300 Eisenhower at War 1943- 45 David Eisenhower inscribed
1301 Bess W Truman Margaret Truman inscribed
1302 How to be a (fake) Kreskin
1303 T/L sports periodicals
1304 T/L Pin backs
1305 T/L Pin backs
1306 Poster Joe Louis
1307 Poster Bruce Springsteen
1308 Industrial photo poster Heilman Boiler Works
1309 T/L Misc sports eph
1310 T/L Misc eph
1311 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Artie Shaw; Charity Brown Four Freshmen;Chuck Mangione;The Bell Notes;
1312 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Gallagher and Lyle; Frankie Laine;Earth Quake;Al Martino;Teresa Brewer Kitty Kaleen; Kay Starr'Elkie Brooks
1313 Lot 45 RPM records incl: The Persuasions;Dino and Sambello;Burt Bacharach;The Four Seasons;Trini Lopez Les Baxter;Dingoes;Supetramp;Elkie Brooks
1314 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Blackberries;Chuck Rainey Rod Steweart,LA Express;Ozark Mountain Daredevils Cosmic Brotherhood;Dennis Correl'Henry Gross; Tennessee Ernie Ford
1315 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Chuck Mangione; Hilltoppers Soul Flutes; Frankie Laine; Jerry Vale; Harry Belafont,Doris Day; Quincy Jones;Ozark Mountain Daredevils; Bobbidazzler;Carpenters; Peggy Lee;
1316 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Ray Anthony;Carpenters Quincy Jones; Chuck Magione;The Bros Johnson; Peter Allen;Burt Bacharach;' April Stevens
1317 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Quincy Jones;Kool and the Gang;Sonny and Cher;Fat Boys;Patti Page; JP Morgan The Four Knights; L A Express;Sam Neely;Fopur Aces Billy Vaughan
1318 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Blackberries;Henry Gross Captain and Tennile;Savannah;Ozark Mountain Daredevils; Gail Davies;Quincy Jones; Paul Williams; Merry Clayton; Rosemary Clooney;Head East
1319 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1320 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1321 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1322 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1323 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1324 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1325 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1326 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1327 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1328 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1329 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1330 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1331 Lindbergh broadside New York Telegram
1332 T/L Harvard Classics 15 vols
1332A B/L Harvard Classics 45 vols
1333 T/L Hist Newsp
1334 T/L Misc eph
1335 The Hudson Fulton Celebration 1909 2 vols
1336 Ency of Health Bernarr McFadden 1933 5 vols
1337 Of Human Bondage Maugham
1338 Lot 78 records square dance music
1340 Tibet Life, Myth, and Art
1341 A Doonesbury Special
1342 Two Yachts, Two Voyages Hiscock
1343 Ency of Jewish Humor
1344 White Over Black American Attitudes Toward the Negro 1550-l8l2
1345 The Dream and the Deal Federal Writers Project 1935-l943
1346 Mysterious Erotic Tales
1347 In Defense of Our America Romero The Fight for Civil Liberties in the Age of Terror
1348 No Easy Day Mark Owen The Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden USN Seal
1349 John Adams HS Yearbooks 1991,1993,1980,1986,1956,1957.1958 7
1350 Women in Love D H Lawrence
1351 John Adams HS Yearbooks 2001,1984,1985,1990,1977,l978, l983 7
1352 John Adams HS Yearbooks 1982,1994,1997 3
1353 St Johns University Yearbooks 1972,1965,1964,1960,1965.1966 6
1354 Lot: The Life of Lewis Carroll Seven Novellas Forty four Essays Morkley 3
1355 Kings Mountain and Its Heroes Draper 1881
1356 Exodus Leon Uris Franklin Library
1357 Women of the War Moore 1866
1358 Slaughterhouse Five Kurt Vonnegut Franklin Library
1359 Heaven and Hell John Jakes
1360 Five Plays Sartre Franklin Library
1361 Battles and Leaders of the Civil War Bradford
1362 Russia's Decisive Year Walter
1363 The Life of General Francis Marion
1364 The Last Angry Man Greene Franklin Library
1365 The Affluent Society Galbraith Franklin Library
1366 Battles and Leaders of the Civil War 1888
1367 All the Kings Men Robert Penn Warren signed Franklin Library
1368 Battle Cry of Freedom James McPherson
1369 Abraham Lincoln Carl Sandburg Prairie and War Years
1370 Rabbitrun John Updike Franklin Library signed
1371 Goodbye Columbus Philip Roth Franklin Library signed
1372 Poems of Byron,Keats and Shelley
1373 Leaders Richard Nixon lst Ed signed
1374 Fighting Vehicles
1375 Yankee Nomad
1376 The Vietnam Experience 2
1377 Ireland in Pictures
1378 JFK Remembered
1379 A History of the Amish Old Order Mennonites 2
1380 Legendary Texans 3 vols
1381 Royal Duty The Royal Wedding Prince William 3
1382 Images of America Savannah Galveston The Mark Twain House 3
1383 Works of Robert Louis Stevenson 3 vols
1384 Blood and Thunder Hampton Sides
1385 1963 Yearbook Blessed Sacrament HS
1386 1983 Yearbook Fordham University Law School
1387 George M Cohan
1388 Carlyes Heroes and Hero Worship 1919
1389 The Womans War in the South Caty Catharine Littlefield Greene 2
1390 The Destructive War Royster lst Ed dj
1391 The Promise Chaim Potok King Solomons Mines 2
1392 Bloodletters and Badmen
1393 Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates
1394 Under the Guns of the Red Baron
1395 T/L Time Life series The Epic of Flight 17 vols
1396 Time Life WWII 6 vols
1397 Voices of Valor D Day
1398 Shiloh
1398A The Road to Shiloh
1399 Shattered Sword Battle of Midway
1400 Weird Pennsylvania
1401 MASH
1402 Politicians Honore Daumier
1403 Stories of Georgia Journal of a Trapper 2
1404 After the Civil War Antebellum Charleston Dramatists
1405 WWII GHI pocket testaments
1406 The History of Country and Western Music
1407 The History of the Vietnam War
1407A Vietnam The Secret War
1408 1961 Yearbook Lakeland Regional HS
1409 Vietnam Veterans of America Membership Directory The Eyewitness History of the Vietnam War Offerings at the Wall
1410 The Hunger Games Trilogy Collins 3
1411 Lot Harry Potter Books 3
1412 The Secret Wars of Americas Commandos in Vietnam
1413 NGS World Atlas
1414 Sears catalog 1976 Sears catalog repr 1908 2
1415 International Book of the Forest
1416 The Great West Neider
1417 Wheels Across America
1418 Lot 4 16mm movie reels
1421 New Orleans Unmasked
1422 Housekeeping in Old Virginia
1423 A Hell on Earth Ven Bagdro signed
1424 The Crow and the Eagle John Danenberger signed
1425 Brother Mel Anne Brown signed
1426 Ciccimarra Nowasad signed
1427 The Guardians of the New World Wackerbarth signed
1428 Chronicles of the Stimpcett Family Diaz 1882
1429 Arms and the Man George Bernard Shaw
1430 The Tale of Jimmy Rabbit Bailey
1431 The Call of the Wild Jack London
1432 The White Tiger of Nepal
1433 Imperial Woman Pearl Buck
1434 The Poet at the Breakfast Table Oliver Wendall Holmes 1888
1435 Knickerbockers New York 1865 2 vols
1436 Illustrated Treasury of Childrens Literature
1437 Tennyson
1438 Robert Browning Humanist
1439 Ireland Yesterday
1440 Ireland Yesterday
1441 T/L Life magazines
1442 Matted print, Victorian girl w/ two Amer Bull Terriers
1443 Framed photograph vintage football
1444 Flash cards Close up USA Vintage Buster Brown stocking box rough
1445 Framed print Beagle
1446 Framed photo American Bull Terriers
1447 Framed photo Retriever
1448 Two framed cartoons Dachshunds
1449 Vince Lombardi plaque
1450 Four framed needlework
1451 WWI GI Unit photo Mt Holly, NJ
1452 Los Angeles Dodgers baseball photo
1453 Lot pinup photos
1454 T/L baseball cards
1455 T/L baseball cards
1456 T/L baseball cards
1457 The Museum of Early American Tools
1458 Library of Travel 1872 Bayard Taylor
1459 Letters to Mickey
1460 Lot USMC Field Manuals
1461 Brooklyn Then and Now
1462 Frank Sinatra an American Legend
1463 Bulldogs
1464 London Then and Now
1465 Longbeach Island Rhapsody
1466 Lot Pro Wrestling magazines
1467 Lot periodicals Holiday 1970 Popular Mechanics 1946 Tin Pan Alley 1940 Worlds Best Old Time Songs 1940
1468 Lot Life magazines
1469 Lot Wrestling magazines
1470 Lot Wrestling magazines
1471 Lot periodicals American Home 1934; 1955 2 Holiday 1968; m970 2 4
1472 Lot Misc eph and comic books
1473 B/L Funk and Wagnell's Yearbooks
1473A B/L Funk and Wagnell's Yearbooks
1473B B/L Funk and Wagnell's Yearbooks
1474 Framed Frederic Remington print US Dragoon 1847
1475 Framed bookplate Middeletens System of Geography Pierced Rock Gulf of St Lawrence
1476 The Sixties
1477 T/L Misc eph incl Harley Davidson tour guides
1478 T/L Misc 33 record albums Classical and 50s and 60s
1479 WWII Map The Blueridge Path Invasion Route
1480 Candide 1936 Illus Rockwell Kent
1481 Personal Memoirs of P H Sheridan 1888 II
1482 The Boy Mechanic 1952
1483 Colliers Cyclopedia 1882
1484 The Arts Van Loon 1939
1485 Hooked Rug Design
1486 Huxford's Old Book Value Guide
1487 Shoot Pool
1488 Auction catalog Post War and Contemporary art
1489 Lot US Army NCO correspondence course material
1490 Lot US Army NCO correspondence course material
1491 Masonic Gleanings Lisy signed
1492 The British Pharmaceutical Codex 1949
1493 Elementary Principles of Landscape Painting John Carlson 1927
1494 King Gabs Story Book Heracliutus Grey 1883
1495 Lot Home University Bookshelf 2 Ilust include Arthur Rackham, Reginald Birch Howard Pyle,Maxfield Parrish,etc
1496 Lot Masonic Books 4
1497 Hammonds Nature Guide 1955
1498 The Peoples Natural History 1905 5 vols Heavily Illustrated
1499 History of Free Masonry 6 vols rough
1500 Lot Masonic Books 3
1501 Ency of Free Masonry 3 vols
1502 The Anglican Service Book
1503 Legendary Northwood Animals
1504 Cathedral Cats
1505 Sane Sex Life and Sane Sex Living Long 1922
1506 You and Heredity 1939 The Meaning of Anxiety 1950 2
1507 The Living Body 1944 Animal Micrology Cerebral Circulation in Health and Disease 1950
1508 Catalogue d Objects Introuvables Carleman
1509 Science of Eugenics 1930
1510 Personal Memoirs of General W T Sherman II 1891
1511 Lot Books of Masonic Proceedings 6
1512 Van Loons Geography 1932
1513 Lot periodicals Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 7
1514 Lionel Trains Standard of the World 1900=l943
1515 T/L Misc art : Drawings, Calendar art Currier and Ives reprs, etc
1516 Set The Story of Civilization Will Durant l0 vols
1517 T/L Hist Newsps 9/ll Morris County Daily Record Newark Star Ledger
1518 Folio Redoute Fruits and Flowers
1519 State and Revolution Lenin 1932 Vol l No l
1520 T/L Misc eph
1521 T/L Works of Robert Louis Stevenson 21 vols
1522 The Spark Edith Wharton New Years Day Edith Wharton 2
1523 The Bad Childrens Book
1524 The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico
1525 The Story of Manson Lescaut Heritage
1526 T/L Worlds Greatest Literature series 6 vols
1527 Sex Facts, Acts, Feelings
1528 1877 Bible
1529 T/L auction catalogs
1530 Catechisme Perseverance 1845
1531 The Museum of Modern Art
1532 The Triangle Fire
1533 Lot Museum art bulletins
1534 Kon Tiki Heyerdahl
1535 Estonians ! Debuts and Farewells
1536 1939 Yearbook Regis HS NY
1537 Impressionists and Their Legacy
1538 Treasury of Art Masterpieces
1539 The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
1540 TL Misc eph
1541 Lot Civil War Times magazines
1542 The Films of the Twenties Movies from the Mansion
1543 Lot Misc art books
1544 Lot 45 RPM records
1546 Lot 33 vinyl records, incl: Polly Bergen,Ricky Nelson, Jo Stafford Mummers Band;The Weavers,Lawrence Welk Four Lads,Tony Bennett,Vic Damone,Ink Spots,Eberrly Show Tunes
1547 1956 Yearbook Tenafly HS
1548 1953 Yearbook Tenafly HS
1549 Carpenter Geography 1899
1550 Lot Sports collectables guides
1551 T/L Better quality pbs
1552 T/L Better quality pbs
1553 T/L Better quality novels
1554 Lot Four framed Baseball pictures
1555 Mickey Mantle plaque
1556 150 Years of Baseball Guide to Beer
1557 Lot 45 RPM records incl: The Beatles,Shirelles, Andy Williams,Three Dog Night,Bobby Rydell,mTom Jones The Supremes Lesle Gore etc
1558 Lot 45 RPM records incl: Righteous Bros;Little Anthon and the Imperials, Ray Charles,Four Seasons Shirrelles,Bobby Vinton,Steve Miller Band Hermans Hertmits, Ferrante and Teicher etc
1559 Folio misc prints
1560 Chaim Potok The Book of Lights " " In The Beginning 2
1561 Never Say Stark Naked
1562 Lady Chatterly's Lover D H Lawrence
1563 Gay Monarch Cowles
1564 The Story of Americas Religions
1565 Ency of Jewish Humor
1566 Heritage Civilization and the Jews Abba Eban
1567 Isaac Bashevis Singer Reaches of Heaven " " " Old Love 2
1568 Nana Emile Zola 1889
1569 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1570 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1571 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1572 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1573 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1574 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1575 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1576 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1577 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1578 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1579 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1580 Philatelic lot: US FDCs
1581 Philatelic lot: US covers w/stamps
1582 Lot Printing plates used in book" Grotesques" Living Art, NY 1929
1583 Set Revue Des Deux Mondes 1860s 12 vols
1584 Archives Sciences Physiques et Natuurelles 1864+ Geneva, Paris Lot of Bulletins
1585 The Effects of Atomic Weapons
1586 The New World 1939-1946
1587 Children of the Atomic Bomb
1588 Poisoned Power Power Crazy 2
1589 The Atom and the Energy Revolution
1590 Sourcebook on Atomic Energy
1591 Deadly Deceit
1592 Hazardous Waste Management
1593 The Deadly Element The Story of Uranium
1594 North American Exploration
1596 Holy War Osama Bin Laden etc
1597 Better quality novels lot
1598 Vampyre Lovee In Vein Vampiric Erotica 2
1599 Celebrating The Familiar The Sculpture of J Seward Johnson Jr
1600 Within a Rainbowed Sea
1601 The Pine Furniture of Early New England
1602 Times to Remember Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
1603 Gideons Band A Tale of Mississippi Cable 1914
1604 Lot Journals of the Royal Asiatic Society 1870+
1605 B/L Journal of Genetics 1930+Ex Carnegie Institute 23
1606 T/L Microfiche American Journal of Archaeology British and State Papers
1607 Lot periodicals 1890+ Le Mouvement Geographiquie
1608 Lot periodicals 1903+ Le Mouvement Geographiquie
1609 Lot periodicals 1903+ Le Mouvement Geographiquie
1610 Lot periodicals 1893 + Le Mouvement Geographiquie
1611 T/L Archives Sciences Physiques Et Naturelles 1867 +
1612 Lot Journals 4 bundles Archivio Radiologia 1920s
1613 Set Neurologisches Centralblatt Dr Memdel 1882+11 vol
1614 Monatsschrift Psychiatrie und Neurrologie 1908
1615 T/l Mathematical Gazette 1931+
1616 Cartoon Cavalcade Thomas Craven
1617 History of Renaissance Art
1618 History of Modern Art
1619 Lot The Algonquin Quarterly
1620 Art News Annual 1948 Historical Gardens
1621 Astrological Atlas of the United States (Boonton 74w24.5 40n54.2 EST 2:22 LONG 4:57:38)
1622 The American Druggist bound 6 vols 1939+
1623 Set Rontgen Praxis 1932+ 7 vols
1624 Lot auction catalogs
1625 US Cancer Mortality Ratyes and Trends 1950-l979
1626 The Journal of the Records of Peter E Gumaer 1771-1869 Lucile Ogden
1627 Explosives and Home Made Bombs
1628 T/L Microfiche British and State Papers
1629 T/L Microfiche British and State Papers
1630 T/L set Annual Repts of the Smithsonian Museum 23 vol
1631 T/L Oriental bird prints
1632 The Better Half The Emancipation of American Women
1633 The Marvelous Land of Oz Frank Baum 1904
1634 Our Environment Can Be Saved Nelson Rockefeller
1635 The Roads of Home Beck
1636 An Ear for Uncle Emil Gaggin Inscribed by author 1939 lst ed
1637 Mexican Jewry
1638 Epidemiology
1639 The Heart of Happy Hollow Dunbar 1904
1640 Lot Misc Historical booklets
1641 Proceedings American Antiquarian Society
1642 Farm Knowledge Sears Roebuck and Co 1918
1643 Primitive Art
1644 Samantha at Saratoga 1916 Holly
1645 The Gospel According to Peanuts The Tao of Pooh 2
1646 Plants and Animals Under Domestication Darwin 1899 2
1647 Facs 1683 document separating Province of New York into Counties
1648 Lot pin backs incl WW I and Olympics
1649 Lot Baseball photo posters 4
1650 Lot Baseball photo posters 4
1651 Lot Baseball photo posters 4
1652 Lot Baseball photo posters 4
1653 Lot Baseball photo posters 4
1654 Lot Baseball photo posters 4
1655 Lot Baseball Sports photo posters 6
1656 Lot Baseball Sports photo posters 10
1657 Lot Baseball Sports photo posters 12
1658 Lot Baseball Sports photo posters 12
1659 Lot Sports photos signed 5
1660 Lot Sports photos signed 5
1661 Lot Sports and Entertainer photos signed 7
1662 Lot press photos
1663 Lot older baseball press photos old timers 10
1664 Lot older baseball press photos old timers 10
1665 Lot older baseball press photos old timers 10
1666 Lot older baseball press photos old timers 11
1667 Lot older baseball press photos old timers 11
1668 Lot older baseball press photos old timers 11
1669 Lot older baseball press photos old timers 10
1670 Lot older baseball press photos old timers 11
1671 Lot older baseball press photos old timers 11
1672 Lot older baseball press photos old timers 15
1674 Framed collage baseball E5rnie Banks signed
1675 Lot press photos Fires
1676 Lot press photos Fire Apparatus
1677 Lot press photos Military trucks and buses
1678 Lot press photos Fires
1679 Lot press photos Fires
1680 Lot press photos Palisades Park FD
1681 Lot press photos Edgewater FD
1682 Lot press photos Edgewater FD
1683 Lot press photos Fort Lee FD
1684 Lot press photos Misc FDs
1685 Lot press photos Misc FDs
1686 Lot press photos Leonia FD
1687 T/L Snapshot photos Baseball Spring Training and Inductions at Cooperstown
1688 Lot Victorian photos
1689 Lot Victorian photos
1690 Signed photo Tom Selleck
1691 Lot nude pinup photos
1692 Lot post cards
1693 Lot post cards
1694 Lot post cards
1695 Album baseball cards
1696 Hall of Fame Yearbook, Cooperstown 50th 2
1697 Lot Movie Star fan photos
1698 T/L Misc eph
1699 Napoleon 1800-l8l4
1700 Up and At Em (WWI)
1701 Costume Patterns and Designs Tilke
1702 The African Americans
1703 Uniforms of the United States Army
1704 Forms of Passion Edward Weston
1705 The Classic Watch Balfour
1706 Federico Fellini
1707 The Black Phalanx Wilson
1708 The Buffalo Soldier
1709 The Sable Arm Black Troops in the Union Army
1710 Black Jacks The Birth of African American Culture The Buffalo Soldiers 3
1711 Forging Freedom Philadelphia's Black Community Roots of Violence in Black Philadelphia Ebony Brass Black Artists in Photography 4
1712 Imperial Guard of Napoleon 1861
1713 Lot Campaign periodicals
1714 Lot Campaign periodicals
1715 Lot Campaign periodicals
1716 From Harlem to the Rhine New York's Colored Volunteers Little 1936, WW I Inscribed by author
1717 Rickenbacker Fighting the Flying Circus lst Prt 1995
1718 Out of Africa Isak Dinesen 1938 lst Ed
1719 Men Against Tanks Weeks
1720 The Fourteenth Regiment Rhode Island Heavy Artillery 1898 Repr 1969 (Colored) 1861-l865
1721 The First Battalion 406th Telegraph Battalion SCUSA ( WWI Bell Telephone Co of Pennsylvania)
1722 The Haitian Journal Lt Howard York Hussar 1796-l798s Buckley
1723 Cavalry in the Waterloo Campaign
1724 The Campaign of Marengo 1912 Spanish American War
1725 Hitler Fest lst Ed dj
1726 Rabbit at Rest John Updike
1727 Eyewitness The Negro in American History
1728 Bad Blood There Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
1729 The American Negro in the Great World War
1730 Kelly Millers History of the World War for Human Rights
1731 The Twenty Fourth Infantry(Spanish American War) (Madison Barracks, New York etc)
1732 Stonewall in the Valley Tanner
1733 92nd Infantry Division in WWII Buffalo Soldiers
1734 Braves and the Brass Buffalo Soldiers
1735 The Punic Wars; The First Punic War 2
1736 Forgotten Confederates Black Southerners
1737 Tuskegee Airmen
1738 A Train Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman
1739 Black Wings
1740 Like Lions They Fought Zulu War
1741 Wings on my Feet Howard W Odum (In dialect)
1742 Septimus Severus The African Emperor
1743 Canterbury Tales Chaucer Illus Rockwell Kent
1744 Black Defenders of America 175-l973
1745 Scaramouche 1923 Sabatini
1746 Seven Came Through Rickenbacker
1747 Military Uniforms of Britain and the Empire
1748 Fighter Combat Tactics and Maneuvering
1749 A History of Warfare John Keegan
1750 Private Peat 1917 WW I First Canadian Contingent
1751 Genghis Khan Lamb
1752 The Campaign of 1914 in France and Belgium Perris
1753 The Battle of Waterloo Victor Hugo
1754 The Romance of Prince Eugene Albert Pulitzer 1895
1755 The Screwtape Letters CS Lewis Albert Pulitzer 1895
1756 Letters and Reflections of Austrian Field Marshall Prince De Ligne 1809 leather
1757 The Conscript French War of 1813 1894
1758 The Field, The Dungeon, The Escape Albert Richardson 1865
1759 Michael Cassidy Sergeant Sapper 1916
1760 Memoirs of General La Fayette 1825 leather
1761 Jazz Portraits
1762 Patrick Demarcheleir Photographs
1763 Feininger on Photography
1764 Gordon Parks Half Past Autumn
1765 The French Foreign Legion
1766 Combat
1767 In Sight African Photographers
1768 Harlem Renaissance
1769 Photo=Graphic 1949
1770 Black Satin An Erotic Tale for Women
1771 Cavalry John Ellis
1772 Century magazine bound 1888
1773 North American Indian Wars Dillon
1774 Images of the Civil War Paintings Mort Kuntsler Text James McPherson
1775 On the Altar of Freedom Corporal James Gooding
1776 Officers Mess Life and Customs in the Regiments
1777 Red Tails Black Wings
1778 History of the Pipe
1779 Paul Robeson
1780 The Zulu War; The Zulu Kings 2
1781 The Anatomy of Glory Napoleon and His Guard Armee Francaise
1782 Blood of the Bastille
1783 Life of Bonaparte 3 vols c 1850
1784 Von Richthoffen 1933 The Red Knight of Germany Baron von Richthoffen 1927
1785 Winged Warfare Bishop 1918 Above the Battle Drake 1918
1786 War Birds Diary of an Unknown Aviator l926 Illus Clayton Knight
1787 Napoleon's Marshalls
1788 Story of Billy Bishop The Courage of the Early Morning High Flew The Falcons 2
1789 Set The War on All Fronts 1917 5 vols
1790 Napoleons Russian Campaign A Soldier for Napoleon 2
1791 Machiavelli
1792 Crisis on the Danube Napoleons Marshalls Eugenie and Napoleon 3
1793 The Life of Napoleon 4 vols
1794 Hats in the Ring Presidential Campaigns
1795 All Century Team
1796 Smoke World of Cigars
1797 Guide to Single Malt Scotch Guide to Cigars The Cigar Companion 3
1798 The New York City Draft Riots Bernstein
1799 Napoleon as a General 2 vols
1800 Revolt in the Desert T E Lawrence
1801 Philatelic lot: Two stock books and stamps on paper
1802 In Gurkha Company Lt Col J P Cross
1803 Troublesome Young Men
1804 Over The Polar Ice Adams 1928
1805 The American BB Gun
1806 Sexual Loving Bird
1807 Norman Rockwell Illustrator
1808 The New Jersey Shore John Cunningham
1809 Mythology of the American Nations
1810 Train Wreck Anna Nicole Smith
1811 Out of Harms Way If Cats Could Talk Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity Listen !
1812 One Square Mile on the Atlantic Cloast Quinn
1813 T/L Video tapes
1814 John Singer Sargent
1815 Statesman Yearbook 1900 Girl Scout Handbook 1954 2
1816 T/L Play Bills and Misc eph
1817 Historic Sights of Morris County NJ
1818 Saga of a City Paterson NJ Bicentennial
1819 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:George Jones, Tammy Wynette Lynn Anderson,Jimmy Dean Johnny Cash,LeRoy Van Dyke Red Foley,Willie Nelson etc
1820 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Flatt and Scruggs,Lynn Anderson, Statler Bros,Eddy Arnold, Kenny Rogers Barbara Mandell,Dolly Parton,Carly Simon Oak Ridge Boys
1821 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Skeeter Davis,Tammy Wynette, George Jones,,Johnny Cash,Randy Boone,Floyd Cramer The Highwaymen,Tanya Tucker,Cmdr Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen,Jerry Lee Lewis etc
1822 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Susan Raye,The Seekers, Wayne Newton Sonny James.Flatt and Scruggs,, Drifter Sylvia, Charlie Rich,Ozzy Osborne,Dolly Parton Wings Over America etc
1823 Lot booklets. Military History
1824 T/LMisc books and eph
1824A T/L Books re Magic 4
1825 Framed print "Ruth Law Sets a Cross Country Record 1916 "
1826 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Abba; Van Zandt, Billy Joel,John Lennon,Pointer Sisters,Graham Mash Carly Simon,The Who,Reo Speedwagon,Aretha Franklin Van Halen,Little River Band,Hall and Oates,Joni
1827 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Dionne Warwick,5th Dimensio Melissa Manchester,Kenny Rogers,Kenny Loggins, Aretha Franklin,Air Supply,Pat Benatar,Prince Billy Joel, Jefferson Airplane
1828 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Little River Band, Commodores,Anne Murray,Stevie Wonder,Billy Joel Pretenders Linda Ronstadt,Chicago etc
1829 T/L Misc eph
1830 Play Boy magazines
1831 T/L Mens magazines
1832 T/L Mens magazines
1833 B/L 45 RPM records
1834 Philatelic lot:USPS Album w/stamps mint sheet Endangered Species
1835 Philatelic lot:US and Foreign Issues Stamps and FDCs
1836 Philatelic lot:USPS Album 1997 Commems w/stamps
1837 Philatelic lot:US Mint sheet American Art
1838 Philatelic lot:USPS Alb WWII Road to Victory w.stamps
1839 Philatelic lot:USPS Alb Aviation Pioneers w/stamps
1840 Philatelic lot:USPS Alb Into the Battle w/stamps
1841 Philatelic lot:USPS Alb 1994 commems w/stamps
1842 Philatelic lot:USPS Alb Victory at Last w/stamps
1843 Philatelic lot:USPS Alb 1993 Commems w/stamps
1844 Philatelic lot:USPS Alb 2001' Commems w/stamps
1845 Philatelic lot:US FDC panels
1846 Philatelic lot:USPS Album 1998 Stamp Yearbook w/stamp
1847 Philatelic lot : USPS 2003 stamp Yearbook w/stamps
1848 Philatelic lot : USPS Album Prominent Americans w/stamps
1849 Philatelic lot : USPS Album Comic Classics w/stamps
1850 Philatelic lot : USPS Album Bicentennial w/stamps
1851 Philatelic lot : USPS Folder We The People FDCS
1852 Philatelic lot : USPS Alb 1988 Commems w/stamps
1853 Philatelic lot : USPS Alb Folk Art and Crafts w/stamps USPS Folder Inauguration Covers
1854 Philatelic lot : USPS l982 Mint Set Definitive Stamps and Postal Stationery
1855 Philatelic lot : USPS l982 Mint Set 1979 Stamps
1856 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set 1979 Stamps
1857 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set 1980 Stamps
1858 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set 1978 Stamps
1859 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set 1977 Stamps
1860 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set 1976 Stamps
1861 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint sheets stamps Birds/Flowers
1862 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint sheets stamps Birds/Flowers
1863 Philatelic lot : USPS Album Bicentennial w/stamps
1864 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set of 1981 Definitive Stamps and Postal Stationery
1865 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set of 1981 Definitive Stamps and Postal Stationery
1866 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set of 1980 Definitive Stamps and Postal Stationery
1867 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set of 1987-8 Definitive
1868 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set 1971 Issues
1869 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set 1975 Issues
1870 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set 1974 Issues
1871 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set 1973 Issues
1872 Philatelic lot : USPS Mint Set 1972 Issues
1873 Philatelic lot : USPS 1996 Commm Issues w/stamps 2
1874 Philatelic lot : USPS/MASA Space Mail Cover
1875 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1876 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1877 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1878 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1879 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1880 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1881 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1882 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1883 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1884 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1885 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1886 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1887 Philatelic lot : UN FDCs Flags of the Naions
1888 Philatelic lot : US cacheted covers Signers Decl/Ind
1889 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1890 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1891 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1892 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1893 Philatelic lot : US FDCs
1894 Numismatic lot: Album US Mint Medals of the Presidents
1895 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1896 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1897 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1898 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1899 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1900 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1901 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1902 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1903 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1904 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1905 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1906 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1907 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1908 Numismatic lot: foreign paper currency
1909 Philatelic lot: Misc eph and stamps on paper
1910 Philatelic lot:Album US FDC panels
1911 Philatelic lot: Album US FDC panels
1912 Philatelic lot: Album US FDC panels
1913 Philatelic lot: Album US FDC panels
1914 Philatelic lot: Album US FDC panels
1915 Philatelic lot: Album US FDC panels
1916 Philatelic lot: Album US FDC panels
1917 Philatelic lot: Album US FDC panels
1918 T/L pennants
1919 American Picture Places Architecture of Fantasy
1920 Ferdinand and Isabella Heritage Prerss
1921 Marguerite de Valois Dumas
1922 Great Western Indian Fights
1923 The Last of the Incas
1924 Great Feuds in History
1925 Plantagenet Ency
1926 The Art of Portraits and the Nude Photographing the Nude 2
1927 The Whale
1928 Cleopatra Grant
1929 Peter Finer
1930 The First Tycoon Cornelius Vanderbuilt
1931 Alice Roosevelt Longworth
1932 Starseekers Wilson
1933 The Hudson River and its Painters
1934 Chicagos Grand Hotels Allegrini signed
1935 Jane Eyre Bronte 1847
1936 The Spirit of Seventy Six Commager
1937 The American West
1938 Into the American Woods
1939 Bats in Question
1940 The Book of Whales
1941 Lingerie Love Sex and Marriage in Ancient Greece 2
1942 The Klondike Gold Rush The Johnstown Flood The Black Spring 3
1943 B/L Time Life series The Third Reich 20 vols
1944 B/L Novels by Anne Rice
1945 T/L Books re NASA
1946 A Kingdom Lost for a Drop of Honey Burmese Folk Tales
1947 The Personality of the Cat
1948 The Spy Who Came In From the Cold LeCarre
1949 Harvard Diary Coles
1950 John Wesley His Life and Theology
1951 Legit Professional Fake Book
1952 The Dried Flower Book
1953 Brooklyn Then and Now
1954 My Country Abba Eban Modern Israel
1955 Vietnam Perkasie A Combat Marine Memoir
1956 The Best of Times America in the Clinton Years
1957 Jihad The Trail of Political Islam
1958 The Bonesetters Daughter Amy Tan
1959 Mandala Pearl Buck
1960 Monica's Story Andrew Morton
1961 Last Tango in Brooklyn Kirk Douglas
1962 The Search for Meaming Berman
1963 Buggies, Blizzards and Babies Hawkins
1964 Marriage Divorce and Astrology
1965 The Big Book of Big Little Books
1966 The Complete Illustrated Book of Garden Magic
1967 American Barns and Covered Bridges Eric Sloane
1968 The Paper Life and Death of the New York Herald Tribun
1969 Scarecrow Robin Hathaway
1970 The Conjurer Cordella Biddle
1971 Man, God, and Magic Ivar Lissner
1972 Booked to Die John Dunning
1973 So Dear to My Heart Memories of a Gentler Time Jane Goyer
1974 Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater
1975 The French Lieutenants Woman Fowles
1976 Pierot's On the Stage of Desire
1977 T/L Batman Returns magazines
1978 Pattons Ghost Corps
1979 The Last Nazis 1944-47
1980 Allied Escort Ships of WWII
1981 Clear For Action
1982 Little Friends Fighter Pilot Experience in WWII England
1983 All American Elvis
1984 Airborne Warfare 1918-l945
1985 The Soldiers Story Vietnam
1986 Victory at Mortain
1987 Mistress James Paterson The Intimate Sex Lives of Famous People 2
1988 Aviation Landmarks Gardner
1989 When Titans Clashed
1990 The Tigers Are Burning
1991 TL Misc eph
1992 The Eagle Has Flown The Eagles War
1993 Free as a Running Fox Calman
1994 Air Heroes of WWII
1995 Typhoon Clear the Bridge 2
1996 Military Mavericks
1997 Daring Missions of WWII
1998 Clash of Chariots Great Tank Battles
1999 HMS Leviathan John Winton
2000 Historic Silver of the Colonies and its Makers Bigelow 1941
2001 B/L Misc books incl auction catalogs
2002 B/L Misc books
2003 B/L Misc records 33s, 78s, Shows, Iri3sh etc
2004 B/L Misc books
2005 B/L Misc books. Encycl
2006 B/L Misc books and older pbs
2007 BL Misc books and periodicals
2008 B/L Misc books and pbs
2009 B/L Misc books and pbs
2010 B/L Misc books and pbs
2011 BL Misc books novels etc
2012 B/L Misc books and eph travel etc
2013 B/L Misc books
2016 B/L Better quality novels
2017 B/L misc pbs
2018 B/L graphic novels, pbs
2019 B/L Misc books
2020 B/L Misc books
2021 B/L Misc books
2022 B/L Mens magazines Penthouse etc
2023 B/L Misc books incl politics;hobbys etc
2024 B/L Misc books and NGS magazines (preWWII)
2025 B/L Misc books
2026 B/L Microcard Editions l9th Cty British and State Papers
2027 B/L Archivo Radiologia 1920s-30s
2028 B/L Misc books and pbs
2029 B/L Misc books
2030 B/L Misc books
2031 B/L Misc books texts etc
2032 B/L Misc books
2033 B/L Misc books
2034 B/L Publishers Over Run " The Enemy Within"
2035 B/L German Physics Texts
2036 B/L Misc pbs incl Perry Mason etc
2037 B/L Printers Overrun "The Enemy Within"
2038 B/L Misc books
2039 B/L Misc books and pbs
2040 B/L Misc books and pbs
2041 B/L Misc books and pbs
2042 B/L Misc books and pbs
2043 B/L Misc books and pbs
2044 B/L Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society 1870+
2045 B/L Misc pbs etc re Zen
2046 B/L Misc pbs and books re Zen
2047 B/L University of Illinois Studies in Social Sciences 21 vols
2048 B/L Anatomischer Anzeiger Dr Karl Bardeleben 1906 +
2049 B/L Physics and Chemistry texts ( German)c 1870+17 vol
2050 B/L Misc books
2051 B/L Misc books
2052 B/L Misc books and pbs
2053 B/L Misc books and pbs
2054 B/L Misc books some in German
2055 B/L contemporary novels
2056 B/L Misc books and pbs
2057 B/L Misc books, periodicals
2058 B/L Misc books
2059 B/L Misc books
2060 B/L Misc books
2061 B/L Misc books cooking
2062 B/L Misc books and pbs
2063 B/l Misc books
2064 B/L Misc books and eph incl Art,Photography etc
2066 B/L Mens magazines
2067 B/L Misc books and pbs
2068 B/L Misc books
2069 B/L Misc books and eph
2070 B/L Misc books and pbs
2071 BL Misc books and pbs
2072 BLK Misc books and pbs
2073 B/L Misc books
2074 B/L Misc books and pbs incl camera manuals
2075 B/L Misc books and eph
2076 B/L Misc books and pbs
2077 B/L Misc books and pbs
2078 B/L mens magazines extracts
2079 B/L mens magazines
2080 B/L mens magazines extracts
2081 B/L mens magazines extracts
2082 B/L mens magazines extracts
2083 B/L mens magazines extracts
2084 B/L Misc books
2085 B/L Misc books and pbs
2086 B/L Misc books and pbs
2087 B/L Misc books and pbs
2088 B/L Misc books and pbs
2089 B/L Misc books and pbs
2090 B/L Misc books


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