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1 Medal of Honor Portraits of Valor Beyond The Call of Duty Tom Brokaw, Sen John McCain
2 The World's Greatest Aircraft
3 Silent Chase Submarines of the US Navy
4 Log of the Liberators B=24s
5 Tanks of WWII Dougherty
6 Box Kites to Bombers Glen Martin Co (Also pressure cookers,Outboard boat motors) True Stories of WWII 2
7 Beau Voyage Life Aboard the Last Great Ships Brinnin
8 Carrier War l945
9 The US Navy Today
10 Aviation Art Blake
11 Combat Missions B 24s Bowman
12 French Master Goldsmiths
13 History of the Royal Air Force
14 Warships Today Chant
15 Encyl of the Worlds Warships Lyon
16 Picture Postcard History of US Aviation HMS Belfast
17 Western Art of Harold Von Schmidt The Midas Marlins
18 American Military Belts and Related Equipment Heraldry of War 2
19 Lot auction catalogs
20 Lot auction catalogs
21 Lot auction catalogs
22 Lot auction catalogs ( John Wayne)
23 Lot Model Railroad catalogs
24 Finest Hour The Battle of Britain Clayton/Craig
25 Patton,Montgomery, Rommel Three Greatest Generals of the Greatest War
26 The Mighty Eighth ( Air Force) Astor
27 A Texas Ranger Jennings
28 The Franklin Comes Home
29 That Others Might Live The US Life Saving Service 1878-l9l5 Noble
30 The Royal Oak Disaster Snyder
31 The Man Who Never Was Ewen Montague
32 The Last Ridge US Army l0th Mountain Jenkins
33 Encyl of Rifles and Carbines Martink
34 Duke John Waynes Life
35 Elizabeth Taylor A Celebration
36 T/L Better quality newer novels
37 Child Star Shirley Temple Black
38 The Last Safari Rhodes Safari Holmes 2
39 Salvo ! Classic Naval Gun Actions Edwards
40 America Van Loon 1927
41 The Pointblank Directive (D Day) Keeney B29s The Superfortress 2
42 Gunfighter Colts and Rigs The Luger Handbook The Art of the Gun The Art of Miniature Firearms 4
43 US Winchester Trench and Riot Guns Poyer
44 The Panama Canal Haskin
45 Battleships of the U S Navy in WWII US Battleships in Action 2
46 Dreadnought Hough
47 Discovery of the Bismarck
48 Cruisers Preston
49 American Cruisers of WWII
51 Pegasus Bridge June 6, 1944 Stephen Ambrose
52 Tales of the OSS No Bugles for Spies Alcorn
53 Lot auction catalogs
54 Army Blue Truscott
55 The Kings Hussars, l5th Dress and Appointments Uniforms of the Royal Armoured Corps 2
56 T/L Better quality newer novels
57 Confederate Guns Ballard Rifles 2
58 United States Martial Pistols and Revolvers
59 Gun Collecting Chapel
60 The American Rifle for Hunting and Target Shooting Hagie Olympic Editions
61 Simeon North First Official Pistol Maker 1913
62 To Kill the Devil Attempts on the Life of Adolf Hitler
63 Single Shot Rifles Grant 1947
64 American Firearms Makers Carey
65 The Gun Collectors Handbook of Values
66 Remington Arms An American History
67 Gods and Generals Jeff Shaara lst Ed dj signed
68 Automatic Arms Johnson
69 The Sharps Rifle
70 The First Winchester 1866 Repeating Rifle Parsons
71 Military Vehicles The Observers Directory
72 History of the Luftwaffe
73 The Caine Mutiny The Story of the US Marines 2
74 Lightning Joe General J Lawton Collins
75 Leo Rosten's Treasury of Jewish Quotations
76 General A P Hill Story of a Confederate Warrior James Robertson
77 Troopers With Custer Brininstool
78 It Doesnt Take a Hero General "Herbie" Norman Schwarzkopf
79 D Days in the Pacific Miller
80 The Last Great Victory July/August 1945 Stanley Weintraub lst Prt dj
81 Neptunes Inferno The US Navy at Guadalcanal Hornfischer
82 1870 Rept of the Supt of Common Schools, Penna
83 The Fast Carriers The Forging of an Air Navy Queen of the Flat Tops USS Lexington 1943 2 The Coral Sea Battle
84 Firearms of the American West 1866-1894
85 Silver in American Life
86 Silver Smithsonian/Cooper Hewitt
87 Marks of Achievement Four Centuries of American Presentation Silver
88 Silver Lucinda Fletcher 2
89 Tiffany Table Settings
90 Lot auction catalogs
91 Lot auction catalogs
92 Tiffany Silver Flatware
93 The Complete Harley Davidson Ency Rafferty
94 Treasures of the NRA National Firearms Museum
95 Great Cars and Grand Marques
96 Lincoln and Continental Classic Motor Cars
97 Patton
98 WWII German War Booty
99 B 24 Liberator in Detail Jaws Over Europe B 24 Bombers in WWII 2
100 Imperial War Museum German Panzer Troops 1939-l945 German Secret Weapons 3
101 Hitler's U Boat War Blair lst Ed dj
102 Bomber ! Famous Bomber Missions of WWII Jackson
103 The Game of the Foxes German Espionage in the United States and Great Britain During WWII
104 June 1944 Willmott
105 Incredible Victory Battle of Midway Walter Lord
106 A Train Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman Lt Colonel Charles Dryden Fwd Lt General Benjamin Davis ("Schwartze Vogelmenshen"by the Germans)
107 Hells Angels 303rd Bomb Group in WWII
108 Pamphlet: Why Edward Quit 1937 Beverly Baxter (The Abdication of King Edward; The Simpson Divorce)
109 The Big Book of Jewish Humor
110 Bath Iron Works, Bath Maine. Shipbuilders,100th (Built the USS Bainbridge, of TV fame, Seals snipers rescuing Ships Captain by killing his captors)
111 The Smithsonian Book of Flight
112 Squadron/Signal Publications: PBY Catalina " " " British Mosquito " " " TBM/TBF Avenger " " " Thunderbolt P47 4
113 Squadron/Signal Publications: Superfortress B 29 " " " British Mosquito " " " Superfortress in Action " " " Stratofortress B 52
114 Squadron/Signal Publications: PT Boats " " " Schnellboot 2 " " " PBM Mariner 5 " " " Gato Class Submarines
115 Warship Pictorial Kriegsmarine Bismarck " " Benson/Gleaves Class Destroyer " " Kreigsmarine Type VII U Boats " " IJN Yamato Clas Battleships 4
116 Warship Pictorial USS New Jersey BB 62 " " Kriegsmarine Tirptz " " HMS Hood " " USS Indianapolis and Portland
117 Mercedes Benz Parade and Staff Cars of The Third Reich
118 Lincolns Assassins Their Trial and Execution
119 Hats Off Head Dress of the US Army 1872-1914
120 Grizzly Bears Candace Savage
121 Bears Their Life and Behavior Art Wolfe
122 B 24 Combat Missions Bowman
123 Patton's Third Army in WWII Green/Brown
124 The Aviation Paintings of John Young
125 Mosquito
126 P 51 Mustang Old Crow
127 Aviation Art of WWII
128 Aircraft Visual History
129 Stephen Ambrose: D Day June 61944 Citizen Soldiers 2
130 The Battle for Okinawa Colonel Hiromichi Yahara
131 Guadalcanal Decision at Sea Hammel
132 The Custom Body Era
133 Bugatti Great Marques
134 Great Car Collections of the World
135 Mustang at War Freeman
136 German War Birds
137 Fighter Cooper/Batchelor
138 Messerschmitt BF 109 At War
139 Union Pacific Railroad The Remarkable GG1 Aster Live Steam Catalog 3
140 The Story of D Day 1944 Normandy 1944 D Day Warren Tute (2) The Secret of D Day Perrault 5
141 The Great Book of Modern Warplanes
142 The German Navy 1939-l945 Cajus Bekker
143 Air Transport at War
144 Brass Checks and Red Lights Mazzula authors signed
145 Sharks pop up book
146 Cadillac NFL Golf Classic 1997 program
147 Lot auction catalogs
148 Lot auction catalogs
149 Lot auction catalogs
150 Lot auction catalogs
151 Lot auction catalogs
152 Log of the Liberators Birdsall
153 Navies of WWII
154 Time Life WWII series 11 vols
155 War Stories II Oliver North author signed
156 The Spoils of WWII The American Military's Role in Stealing Europes Treasures Kenneth Alford author inscribed
157 US Military Knives Cole
158 The Ames Sword Company 1829-1935
159 British Warplanes of WWII
160 Allied Submarines of WWII Poolman
161 General George S Patton Hogg (Pg153 Major Rex Morgan, then lst Lt,USA QM commanding Graves Registration leading casket and pall bearers to half track en route to Pattons
162 The Luftwaffe at War 1939-l945
163 Enola Gay Mission to Hiroshima
164 War Stories II Oliver North author signed
165 Gunner History of WWII Aircraft Turrets and Gun Positions Nijboer
166 The Littorio Class Italys Last and Largest Battleships 1937-l948 Erminio Bagnasco and Augusto de Toro
167 Helmets of the ETO
168 American PT Boats Chun
169 WWII Air War The Men; The Machines: The Missions
170 Attack and Conquer 8th Fighter Group in WWII Stanaway/Hickey
171 Iwo Jima Legacy of Valor Ross
172 Hirschfeld U Boat NCO 1940-46
173 Douglas MacArthur Jean Darby
174 Jimmy Stewart Bomber Pilot
175 The Patton Papers
176 The Ragged Rugged Warriors Caidin Early Air War Against Japan
177 Hard Call John McCain
178 Fire in the Sky Air War in the South Pacific Eric Bergerud
179 No Higher Honor USS Yorktown at the Battle of Midway Nesmith
180 Rommel Battles and Campaigns
181 Dogfight Air Duels of WWII Holmes
182 Lot gun catalogs
183 Lot auction catalogs
184 Lot auction catalogs
185 Lot auction catalogs
186 Lot auction catalogs
187 Lot auction catalogs
188 T/L Better quality novels
189 T/L Better quality novels
190 Fireboats !
192 Fire Engines Buff
193 The Fire Engine
194 Great Fires of America
195 Lot 33 vinyl records imncl: Led Zeppelin,Neil Diamond Emerson Lake and Palmer,Rod Stewart,O Jays,Eric Clapton Cashman and West,,Sly and the Family Stone Booker T, Gary Puckett, Bobby Goldsboro
196 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Jefferson Airplane, Rush,Donny Osmond,The Righteous Brothers, Willey Nelson, 5th Dimension,Allman Brothers Emerson Lake and Palmer, Herbie Mann, BB King
197 MB3 Helicopters
198 Avions De Chasse
199 American Fighters of WEII
200 Deutsche Panzergrenadiere 1939-l945
201 James Battleships of the 20th Century
202 Flatops and Fledglings
203 The Royal Air force of WWII Freeman
204 Lot History of the World Wars 4
205 War at Sea 1939-l945
206 Hellcat Anterdon
207 Coneway's Battleships
208 Peterbilt The Revolution of Class Warren Johnson
209 Schenectady Fire Dept
210 The FDNY Super Pumper System
211 The Rigs of the Unheralded Heroes
212 Fire Rigs Fighting Fires Sytsma
213 Hands, Horses and Engines
214 The Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain
215 The Second World War Churchill/Life 2
216 USS Missouri at War
217 Destroyers Preston
218 Lot Air Combat periodicals
219 Lot WWII pbs
220 T/L Choose Your Own Adventure series pbs 23 vols
221 Soldiers of the American Army 1775-l955 Illus Fritz Kredel
222 Mr Lincolns Camera Man Mathew Brady
223 Jesse James Was My Neighbor Wyatt Earp Frontier Marshall Lake Tin Types in Gold Jackson 3
224 A History of Colonial America 2 vol
225 A History of the Rise to World Leadership
226 A Book of the Revolution
227 A History of the American People
228 Picture History of the US Navy
229 American Battle Art 1775-l9l8
230 The Great American West
231 Macarthur Biography
232 London Times History of the War WW I 1914
233 Early American Gunsmiths 1650-l850 Kaufmann 1951
234 Life and Heroic Deeds of Admiral Dewey
235 Guns and Gunning Curtis 1941
236 Textbook of Firearms Investigation, Identification and Evidence with Textbook of Pistols and Revolvers Major Julian Hatcher, US Army Ordnance Fwd by J Edgar Hoover
237 The Civil War Through the Camera 1912
238 Program lst Brigade Band 3rd and 4th Divisions 15th Army Corps 1864-l964
239 Raritan's Revolutionary Rebel Major General Frederick Frelinghuysen
240 Abraham Lincoln and the London Punch Walsh 1909
241 Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court 1901 Mark Twain
242 With Lee in Virginia Henty
243 The American Ilead Epic Story of the Civil War Eisenschiml/Newman 1947
244 History of the Civil War in America Abbott leather 1862
245 Camp and Field Life of the Fifth New York Volunteer Infantry, Duryee Zouaves Alfred Davenport 1879 with inserted letter of Colin V G Forbes Late Sgt CoG 5th NY Vol Infantry
246 Lincolns Own Yarns and Stories McClure 1919
247 Muskets and Medicines Johnson MD Army Life in the Sixties 1917
248 Report of General George B McClellan 1863 Edward M Stanton Secretary of War Hon Schuler Colfax Speaker House of Representatives
249 Colonials and Patriots 1964 1700-1783
250 Over The Top Arthur Empey Machine Gunner WW 1 1918
251 Ice is Where You Find It Capt C W Thomas USCG lst Ed dj 1951
252 Bulfinches Age of Fable or Bedauties of Mythology 1898
253 The Animal Kingdom Craig 1903 ( good color plates)
254 Basil Edes Birds
255 Elvis
256 Expression in America Ludwig Lewisohn 1932 lst Ed
257 Atlantic Fever Jablonski Transatlantic Aerial Adventure 1972 lst Ed
258 1886 Childs First Book
259 Pictorial History of the Confederacy Buchanan
260 Lot auction catalogs
261 The Movie Stars Griffith 1968
262 Jazz Styles Gridley
263 Shooters Bible 5
264 300 Beers to Try Before You Die
265 Harps and Hoods Ice breeding Seals of bhe Northwest Atlantic Lavigne/Kovacs
266 WWII in l00 Objects
267 The Civil War Shelby Foote
268 The Story of a Bad Boy Aldrich Illustr Prittie 1927
269 Patton's Best 4th Armored The Patton Papers 2
270 Master of the Battlefield Monty 1942-44
271 Sold American ! American Tobacco Company 1904-l954
272 Cradle of Ships Bath Iron Works
273 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain 1912
274 The Commandos Arnold
275 America Why I Love Her John Wayne
276 And They Thought We Wouldn't Fight Gibbons 1918
277 Frederic Remington Selected Writings
278 1897 Sears Roebuck Catalog repr
279 AH History of WWII " " of the Civil War " " of Flight 3
280 Books by Van Wyck Mason 3
281 The Powder Flask Book
282 T/L Cavendish Illustr Ency of WWII 21 vols
283 Aircraft of WWII Whats Inside ? Supermarine Spitfire War Paint Fighter Nose Art WWII and Korea 3
284 War Paint WWII and Korea Nose Art
285 Ship Smithsonian
286 Aerrmacchi
287 P51 Mustang Combat Missions
288 Air Aces Shores
289 Great Book of WWII Airplanes
290 Histoire Mondiale de L Aviation Petit
291 Luftwaffe Propaganda ( German post cards)
292 The Forgotten War WWII in Alaska and NW Canada 2
293 The Hollywood Western
294 The Aircraft Treasures of Silver Hill ( Smithsonian}
295 The Battle to Save the Houston l944-45 John Miller Bluejacket Books
296 Weapons of WWII, Illust Ency Tanks etc
297 The Mercedes Benz Book
298 The Cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni
299 Return to Midway Ballard
300 The Battleship Dreadnaught John Roberts
301 Bomber Missions Aviation Art of WWII Murray
302 Battleship North Carolina
303 Portrait of a President AH History of the Presidency 2
304 Deutscher Kaiser Kalendar 1910
305 Lot Illust Christian Weekly 1873
306 The Examiner Catskill, NY 1862
307 Once a Week Newsp New York 1893
308 Coronation Number London Daily News 1883
309 Nick Max Pictorial 1858
310 Harpers Weekly 1863 1860 3
311 Harpers Weekly 1859 1860 3
312 Harpers Weekly 1859 1860 4
313 Harpers Weekly 1859 1858 4
314 Harpers Weekly 1859 1858 1857 4
315 Illust Christian Weekly 1873 3
316 The Youth's Companion 1885,l888, l890 3
317 Life Illustrated 1860 1861 4
318 Frank Leslies ,Illustrated 1860 1
319 Scientific American 1877
320 Framed French Lithograph Amerique Septentrionale R Etat de New York Town of Hudson
321 Framed French Lithograph Amerique Septentrionale R Etat de New York Tarrytown Where Major Andre Was Captured
322 Framed French Lithograph Amerique Septentrionale R Etat de New York Military School at West Point
323 Framed French Lithograph Amerique Septentrionale R Etat de New York Albany, Capital of New York
324 Framed French Lithograph Amerique Septentrionale Etat de New Jersey Passaic Falls
325 Framed French Lithograph Amerique Septentrionale Etat de New Jersey View of the Passaic River
326 Lot art catalogs
327 Lot auction catalogs
328 Lot auction catalogs
329 Lot gallery and dealer catalogs
330 History of the United States 1869
331 Lot Gun Digest Books 3
332 Lot childrens books
333 Lot American Heritage periodicals
334 The Civil War NGS Civil War Naval Chronology 1861-l865
335 Obsequies of Abraham Lincoln in the City of New York Under the Auspices of the Common Council 1866
336 Bands and Drummer boys of the Civil War Wise/Lord
337 Civil War Collectors Ency Lord
338 GI New Testament WW I limp leather
339 US Navy War Photographs
340 Uniforms of the Civil War
341 They Fought For the Union
342 Spirit of the Wild Cat
343 They Were Expendable White 1942
344 Fighter Deighton The True Story of the Battle of Britain
345 Double Strike Jablonski Epic Air Raids Regensburg/Schweinfurt
346 Hiroshima John Hersey
347 Biogr General George S Patton
348 Aicraft of World War 3
349 Warships of the World Preston
350 Thumbs Up Montgomery USMC John Browns Body Benet
351 John Browns Body Benet
352 The Revolutionary War NGS Collectors Ency of the American Revolution
353 Across the Cimarron
354 B/L Better quality contemporary novels 10
355 Pacific Air Sears lst Ed dj The Pacific Hell Was n Ocean Away Ambrose 2
356 Brothers, Rivals, Victors Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley
357 A Distant Prayer Miracles of the 49th Combat Mission
358 American Caesar{ Mac Arthur) Manchester
359 Escape From the Deep Kershaw (USS Tang)
360 John Wayne My Life With the Duke Pilar Wayne
361 Panmzertruppe
362 Executive Officer Instruction Book
363 Flags and Standards of the Third Reich
364 Exotic Birds
365 Birds of North America
366 The Wading Birds of North America Birds of Canada 2
367 Framed print game fish
368 Framed print game fish
369 Horse Drawn Funeral Vehicles
370 Tales of the Mississippi Ogden
371 Kitty Hawke to Conmcorde
372 Torpedolos
373 Amsterdam in De Zeventiende Eeuw 1901 A W Weissman (Gold tooled red leather,profusely illustrated- A beautiful book !}
374 Toulous Lautrec Yvette Guilbert
375 Oeuvres Choisies aux Musees Beaux Arts de URSS
376 D. N. Iesv Christi Testamentvm Geneva 1642 leather
377 Wrights Book of Martyrs 1794 2 vols leather
378 Materia Medica: A Series of Prescriptions 1741 gold tooled leather Herman Boerhaves "gentle purgers of the intestines-Strawberries Raspberrys, Blackberrys etc"
379 Lux Orientalis Rev Dr Rust Lord Bishop of Dromore, Ireland, London 1682
380 The Mirror Which Flatters Not London 1658 Concerning the contempt of the World or the Meditation of Death; leather Le Sieur de la Serre Historiographer of France
381 Troilus and Cressida A Tragedy John Dryden 1679
382 The Gentlemans Magazine and Historical Cronicle bound 1782,
383 The History of That Great and Renowned Monarchy of China 1655 (rough)
384 The History of Women Alexander MD 1779 two vols
385 Chagall Lithograph VI
386 The Oceana of James Harrington Esq and His Other Works Toland Dublin 1737
387 Metropolitan Improvements London in the Nineteenth Century 1828 ( Engravings)
388 Pictorial World (engravings) c 1800
389 Le Livre de la Brousse Rene Maran
390 History of the Colleges, Halls University of Oxford 1810 leather
391 Chagall The Ceiling of the Paris Opera
392 Dialogo Pio Et Spe Cvlativo 1560
393 The Three Bears Southey Illust Moyers 1949 Lt Ed Club
394 The Story of Joseph and His Brothers Illus Arthur Szyk Ltd Ed Club 1949
395 The Story of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp Illust Fritz Kredel Ltd Ed club 1949
396 Annual Register 1815 ( Britain)
397 The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure London 1786 bound
398 US Geographical Surveys West of the l00th Meridian 1878,1879
399 Swintons Geography 1882
400 Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts by Rupert Brooke
401 Mimbre's Painted Pottery Brody
402 Universal Magazine bound 1748
403 The American Magazine 1741 Facsimile
404 The Weekly Amusement 1763
405 L OeuvreGrave De Vuillard
406 The World of Waters Osborne 1852
407 Monteiths Manual of Geograhy 1857
408 The Annual Register 1763
409 The Political Magazine and Parliamentary, Naval, Military and Literary Journal 1787 w/map
410 Report Sundry Routes for a Railway from Boston to Providence 1828
411 Noblewomen and the Bible
412 Histoire et Geographie Atlas general Vidal Lablache 1894
413 Delle Naviationi et Viaggi 1608
414 Lincoln Herald magazine 3
415 Scientist Scholar and Scoundrel Count Guglielmo Libri
416 Lot Misc eph
417 Family Atlas 1845 good maps
418 Morses Atlas of the World good maps 1856
419 The Harper Encycl of Science
420 Corbusier Le Corbusier Oeuvre Complete 4
421 Cahiers d Art
422 A Kind of Archeology Collecting American Folk Art
423 Lot Papers in Illinois History 1937 Rubaiyat o Omar Khayam The American collector 1926 LC and PJ 4
424 London magazine bound 1766
425 The Monthly Review or Literary Journal 1840 bound
426 The Encycl of Anecdote and Wit Duncombe c 1800
427 Gentlemens magazine bound 1775
428 Gentlemens magazine bound 1746
429 Gentlemens magazine bound 1753
430 Gentlemens magazine bound 1732
431 Universal magazine bound 1771
432 Gentlemans magazine bound 1779
433 Kelnap's History of New Hampshire 1717=1786
434 Voyage to the Eastern Part of Terra Firma or the Spanish Main in South America 1801=-l804 Depons 3 vols
435 Gentlemens magazine 1774
436 United States Exploring Expedition 1845 4 vols
437 Gentlemens magazine 1737
438 A History of Early American Magazines 1741-1789 Richardson 1978
439 Maladies Nerveuses Sandras 1851 2 vols
440 Writings of Dr W W Gull MD 1894 Medical Papers 2 vol
441 History of Vermont 1794 leather w/map
442 Journal of a Tour Harris State of Ohio 1805
443 Affaire Porlelance 1773
444 Toulouse Lautrec Miserere Rouault 2
445 Lot art books
446 American Antiquities c 1800
447 The American Universal Geography 1819
448 Set Rural Sports London 1812 3 vols rebound
449 Set Buffon c 1800 leather 3 vols Animal color plates
450 Travels Through the States of North America Isaac Weld 1800 2 vols
451 Ohio Railroad Guide, Illustr 1854
452 Journey to the Polar Sea Franklin 1824 2 vols
453 Brackenridge Voyage to South America in the Frigate Congress 1819 2 vols
454 Supplement to the Royal Sports Daniel 1813
455 A Voyage of Discovery His Majesty's Ships Isabella and Alexander Baffins Bay, Northwest Passage 1819 2 vols
456 An Essay on Prints 1792 William Gilpin
457 Letters from Illinois 1818
458 A Tour Through Sicily and Malta Beckford 2 vols 1774 2 vols
459 A Pilgrimage in Europe and America ,leading to the Discovery of the sources of the Mississippi and Bloody River Belytami 1828
460 The Myth Makers Nibley (Mormonism)
461 Diary of a Contraband The Civil War Passage of a Black Sailor William Gould
462 War films A Pictoral History
463 Yukon River Steamboats Maritime Memories nof Puget Sound 2
464 American Naval History
465 Luftwaffe Colors
466 Janes Fighting Ships 1943-44
467 Lot: Lockkheed P 80 RAF Thunderbolts Flame Powered Aircraft Drafting 4
468 The Mighty Eighth in Art Freeman
469 The War in the Air Air Force 2
470 The Legendary Norden Bombsight Pardini British Airways 2
471 He 111 A Documentary History Heinz Nowarra British Flying Boats World Flying Boats 3
472 Mig Dynasty Tschechoslowakische Flugzeuge Mau 2
473 Ploesti Ground-Air Battle l943 North Atlantic Run Royal Canadian Navy 2
474 The Admirals Nimitz,Halsey,Leahy, King Five Star Adm The Atlantic Battle Won Morison 2
475 Across the Reef The Amphibious Tracked Vehicle at War Victor Croizat
476 Lot auction catalogs guns
477 Lot auction catalogs guns
478 Lot auction catalogs guns
479 Lot auction catalogs guns
480 Lot auction catalogs guns
481 Lot auction catalogs guns
482 Lot auction catalogs guns
483 Lot auction catalogs guns
484 Lot auction catalogs guns
485 The Experience of WWII John Campbell
486 The German Navy in WWII
487 The Trains We Rode Beebe/Clegg
488 Pennsy Power
489 Steam Passenger Locomotives
490 The Great Book of Trains
491 Americas Colorful Railroads
492 Railroads in the Age of Steam
493 Lot Misc eph re trains etc
494 Lot older NGS 1917,1919 etc
495 Miracle at Midway Prange
496 Nature Photography 2
497 USMC Parris Island Yearbook
498 Clear for Action Modern Naval Combat
499 The Kremlin Duncan
500 The Story of American Hunting and Firearms
501 The Mexican Story lst Ed May McNeer Illust Lynd Ward
502 The Films of WWII
503 Rebels The Rebel Heroes in Films
504 Works of Art and Other Objects in the US Capitol
505 American Military Belts and Related Equipmemnt
506 Ghosts WWII Aircraft
507 The National Air and Space Museum
508 Modern Air Combat War Planes of the Future 2
509 Battle
510 B 17 Fortress at War American War Planes 2
511 Luftwaffe
512 War Movies
513 Grumman Sixty Years of Excellence Commercial Aircraft 2
514 Flying Boats and Amphibians
515 Military Aircraft in Flight Sharpe
516 Battleship Texas
517 Alphabetical List of Battles 1754-1900
518 Lot Battlefield/Historical booklets
519 Lot Battlefield/Historical booklets
520 Modern Locomotives An Acquaintance with Alco 2
521 Classic Steam Trains
523 Historical Stories of American Pioneer Life J Fenimore Cooper rough
524 Set War of the Rebellion 11 vols Official Records 1888
525 Old Silver Wyler
526 American Silver Manufacturers
527 Tiffany Silver
528 English Silver Froom 1660
529 An Exhibition of American Silver
530 Silver Richard Came
531 Lot periodicals Southwest Art and Arizona Highways
532 War Eagles
533 Republic P-47 Wildcat Ace of WWII 2
534 Churchill A Photographic Portrait
535 Our Firemen History of the NYFD
536 D Day D Day Companion 2
537 Nimitz
538 History of Seaplanes and Flying Boats
539 T/L Messages and Papers of the Presidents 7 vols
540 Manhattan and Me Oriana Atkinson lst Ed dj Illus Herschfeld
541 In Bed We Cry Ilka Chase lst Ed 1943 dj
542 The Red Knight of Germany Baron Von Richthofen Gibbons dj 1927
543 The British War Blue Book 1939
544 My Three Years With Eisenhower Captain Harry C Butcher Naval Aide to General Eisenhower 1946
545 Antique Mining Equipment
546 Old Times in the Colonies 1881 Charles Coffin Illustrated
547 Freedom Triumphant The War of the Rebellion 1891 Charles Coffin Illustrated
548 The Story of Liberty 1878 Charles Coffin
549 The Coming Fury Bruce Catton
550 Adolf Hitler John Toland
551 The Decline and Fall of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan Hans Dollinger
552 Harry Hopkins Mc Jimsey Harvard
553 The Uses of Adversity Tushnet Starvation in the Warsaw Ghetto
554 Military map Operations of the 100th Infantry in Europe WWII
555 Matted poster Cockpit of the Concorde Aircraft
556 Matted NCR Broadside 1919
557 Matted adv Mobilgas 1945
558 Matted adv Buick, GM B=24 Liberator 1943
559 Matted adv Good Year Aircraft components
560 Matted adv Mobilgas Navy Corsair
561 Matted poster Union Pacific RR Big Boy
562 Matted poster Union Pacific RR Challenger
563 Framed print Bentley Roadster
564 Framed litho Princess of Wales Own Yorkshire Hussars
565 Framed photo Knife and Axe sales
566 Framed auto ad Packard Eight c 1930
567 Framed print American Eagle
568 Lot rolled certificates Pope Pius, etc
569 Inaugural Parade Flag Reagan/Bush
570 Pastime Puzzle Parker Bros
571 Set Flinch cards
572 Parchesi Game
573 Lot childrens books
574 Just Folks Edgar A Guest 1917
575 Framed trade card Anheuser Busch
576 Looseleaf binder Arizona highways magazines
577 Escape from Colditz Reid
578 Life and Death of Adolph Hitler Payne
579 War in Peace
580 Children of the Holocaust Helen Epstein
581 Anne Frank
582 Auschwitz and the Allies
583 Magda Goebbels First Lady of the Third Reich
584 Guderian Creator of the Blitzkreig
585 US Navy's Most Celebrated Carrier Fighters of the Pacific War
586 US Navy Air Pilots Wings
587 Carrier Air War
588 Admiral Bull Halsey
589 Iowa Class Battleships
590 The Battleship Warspite Watton
591 Lot auction catalogs
592 Lot auction catalogs
593 Lot auction catalogs
594 Lot auction catalogs
595 Lot auction catalogs
596 Lot auction catalogs
597 Lot auction catalogs
598 Lot auction catalogs
599 Deutsche Luftwaffe 1939-l945
600 Die Deutschen Jagdgeschwader
601 Deutsche Jagdflugzeuge 1915-l945
602 Supermarine Attacker Swift and Scimitar
603 Classic Car Profiles 25-60
604 Fighting Ships 1850-l950
605 D Day Stephen Ambrose
606 History of the US Air Force
607 Set Terror From the Sky Jablonski 3 vols
608 The B 24 Liberator 1939-l945 Log of the Liberators 2
609 Wings of Fire Jablonski
610 The Forgotten War Cohen
611 Conquerors of the Air 1903-l945
612 History of US Military Operations Since WWII
613 Battleships 1856-l977
614 United States Submarines
615 Lancaster at War
616 In Harms Way Sinking of the USS Indianapolis Doug Stanton
617 The Wild Blue Ambrose ( B 24s)
618 Hells Highway 101st Airborne 1944
619 Aphrodite Desperate Mission The Death of Joe Kennedy
620 Queen of the Flat Tops USS Lexington Battle of Coral Sea
621 The Unknown Patton War as I knew It General George S Patton 2
622 Battle of the Bulge Hitler's Alternate Scenarios
623 A Different Kind of Victory Admiral T C Hart Naval Institute Press
624 The Ency of Toys
625 T/L Misc eph
626 Lot Numismatic catalogs
627 Lot 78 records incl: Phil Spitalny; Harlem Hot Chocolates;Rudy Valee'Kentucky Serenaders Paul Whiteman;Dixieland Jazz Band
628 Lot 78 records incl:; General ofthe Army Douglas MacArthurs Report to Congress
629 Lot 78 records incl: Stars and Stripes Forever
630 Lot 78 records incl:; Album This is the Army Irving Berlin
631 Lot 78 records incl:; Album Sousa Marches Cities Service Band of America
632 Lot 78 records incl:; Paul Whiteman,Ted Lewis St Louis Blues;Alabammy Snow Mason-Dixon Orch.,Troubadors Henry Busse,Warings Pennsylvanians,Varsity Drag George Oleson etc
633 Lot 78 records incl:; Alfred Cortot,Olga Samaroff Fritz Kreisler,(Halelujah Chorus,Messiah)
634 Lot 78 records incl:; Classical
635 Framed photo WWII Aerial Recon (Supply Depot)
636 Colt Revolver adv poster
637 USS Constitution poster Freeman " Never Has She Failed Us" Commodore Bainbridge
638 Signed Pavarotti poster
639 Matted photograph PT 103 Underway
640 Framed poster Wings Over America US Army Air Corps
641 Art poster Douglas A 26 Invader
642 Art poster Douglas A 26 Invader
643 Art poster Douglas A26 Invader
644 Folio USN prints ( Pearl Harbor)
645 Poster Zapata
646 Signed art photo Pontiac hood ornament
647 Signed art photo Packard hood ornament
648 Lot engravings Steam Locomotives 8
649 Matted poster Yeager Springtime in the Old Apple Orchard
650 1935 calendar print
651 Matted adv Good Year Aircraft
652 Matted adv Buick Builds the Hell Cats ( Tanks)
653 Matted adv Good Year Aircraft
654 Matted adv Good Year Aircraft
655 Buick builds the M l8 Hellcat Tank Destroyer
656 Print USS New Jersey
657 Print CN Steamer
658 Lot aircraft prints
659 Mack Truck poster
660 Matted Coat of Arms
661 Mounted letter from LBJ repr
662 Matted Atlas map 1876
663 Print Indian Bear fight
664 Photo print PBY Flying Boat
666 Lot prints Attack and Sinking of the Moshashi 2
667 B/L Gun auction catalogs
668 Submarines Silent Chase 2
669 Strive and Succeed Horatio Alger Anson and Bailey of the US Navy
670 Gray Ghosts and Rebel Raiders Jones
671 All Quiet on the Western Front Remarque
672 General Gordon's Reminiscences, Confederate Army 1904
672A Uniforms of the American Civil War
673 Lot Gun Collectors pbs
674 Vinecarroon Saga of Judge Roy Ben 1936
675 George Armstrong Custer Dellnbaugh 1926
676 The Maritime Paintings of Robert Taylor
677 Maritime Maverick Koch
678 Lot Numismatic and Philatelic Guides
679 Lot pbs re Nazi Germany
680 The Shooters Bible
681 The Untold Story of Douglas MacArthur Frazier
682 Old Glass European and American
683 Uniforme et les Armies Des Soldats Des Etats Unis
684 AH Century Collection of Civil War Art
685 The Banners and the Glory Story of General Douglas MacArthur
686 The Fighting Man
687 The Collecting of Guns Serven
688 The Recollections of a Drummer Boy Kieffer 150th Regt Penna Volunteers 1889
689 Here is Your War Ernie Pyle The Story of Ernie Pyle Miller 2
690 Brave Men Ernie Pyle
691 The Wartime Journals of Charles Lindbergh
692 School of the Woods William Long Illus Copeland 1902
693 B/L Gun auction catalogs
694 New York in the Forties
695 If I Fall; Chester and Mendham NJ Civil War Stories
696 Tom Swift and the Electric Rifle " " Among the Firefighters 2
697 Fatherland Karl Billinger 1935 Hitler's War Directives 1939-l945 3 You Cant Do Business with Hitler
698 Hard Tack and Coffee 1887
699 Historic Somerset
700 Rally Round the Flag Boys Max Shulman 1957 lst Ed dj
701 The West Point Story
702 New Jersey Troops in the Gettysburg Campaign Samuel Toombs Co F 13th Regt NJ Vol Inf 1888
703 To Hell With Hunting Zern
704 AWOL K9 Commando Shurtleff
705 The War of the Revolution Ward 2 vols
706 As They Were The Aborigines of SE Australia
707 The Best of H T Webster
708 This is the West lst Ed dj
709 Reminiscences Douglas Mac Arthur The Soldier Warner 2
710 Rules and Regulations New York State Dept of Corrections 1946
711 Paul Jones Founder of the US Navy 1900
712 Guadalcanal Diary Tregaskis lst Ed dj 1943
713 B/L Gun Auction catalogs
714 B/L Gun Auction catalogs
715 The Great Book of WWII Airplanes
716 Flying Boats J Class
717 Historic Submarines
718 Janes All The Worlds Aircraft 1980-81
719 Janes All The Worlds Aircraft 1976-77
720 Classic Military Aircraft
721 The American Bomber Plane
722 B 24 Combat Missions Liberator Operations Over Nazi Europe
723 The US Navy An Illustr History Miller
724 Epic Sea Battles
725 Hunters in the Sky Fighter Aces of WWII
726 RAF Illustr History from 1918
727 The Battle of Britain
728 Tally Ho ! Donahue
729 Destroyers Preston Fighter Technology etc 2
730 B/L Gun auction catalogs
731 Photograph Framed 1925 Atlantic City Inter City Beauty Pageant
732 Framed Nazi emblem collection Includes Armbands,Flags,Patches
733 Lot ship prints US Navy
734 Lot military aircraft prints
735 Framed Buick ad 1932
736 Lot adv broadsides 1944 Good Year Aircraft
737 Framed collection Player Cigarette cards (military head gear)
738 Matted photo poster M 60 Heavy Tank
739 The Pinkertons 2
740 Lot Texas Gun Collector magazines
741 The Last Steam Railroad in America
742 The Great Trains
743 Live Steam 1975
744 The World Steam Train Album
745 History of the New York Central System
746 History of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe RR
747 Americas Colorful Railroads
748 The Railroad Caboose
749 Aircraft Carriers Carrier Air War USN 1939-l946 2
750 The Aircraft Carrier Intrepid
751 Keepers of the Sea Maroon/Beach
752 Lot auction catalogs
753 Mr Pullmans Elegant Palace Car
754 Famous Railroad Stations of the World This is New Jersey 2
755 And Die in the West The OK Corral Gunfight Marks lst
756 Blind Mans Bluff American Submarine Espionage The Red Orchestra Spy Ring WWII Perrault
757 Night Drop Marshall 508th Parachute Regt Triumph in the West 1943-46 2
758 B/L Auction gun catalogs
759 Frank Wootton 50 Years of Aviation Art
760 Chronicles of the Royal Family
761 Jane's Fighting Ships 1957=58
762 Fighting Yanks Around the World
763 Car Builders Dict and Ency (RR)
764 Smithsonian Aircraft
765 The Masterworks Gerald Coulson
766 Bomber Missions
767 Flying Aces
768 The West That Never Was Hollywoods Version
769 Ghosts Vintage Aircraft of WWII
770 Buckingham Palace and Its Treasures
771 The Big E USS Enterprise
772 WWII Saving The Reality
773 Lot the American Rifleman magazines
774 Army TM Equipment Data Sheets in looseleaf binder Guided Missile systems;Ambulance Truck,3/4 ton truck weapons carrier, Truck tractors,Cargo trucks,Jeeps Wreckers, Trailers,Mortar carrie,Armored personnel
775 Lot Guns magazines
776 Lot Commercial gun catalogs
777 Lot Take Down and Assembly Operations Winchester 4
778 Lot The Texas Gun collector magazines
779 Lot The Shooters Bible 1945,1949 2
780 Lot The Shooters Bible 1955,1956,1958 3
781 Show Windows Art of Display
782 Lot Books Dolls 2
783 The White Stag Kate Seredy 1937
784 Mighty Mo USS Missouri
785 Battle Stations Our Navy bn Action
786 Conduct Under Fire 1941-45
787 Lonely Vigil Walter Lord Coastwatchers of the Solomons
788 Okinawa Leckie
789 Warships War at Sea Operation Pacific 3 Gray
790 The History of World Sculpture
791 Churchilliana
792 The Great Book of Tanks
793 UBoat Combat Missions
794 Cars of the Fabulous Fifties
795 Consolidated B 24 Liberator
796 The Worlds Most Extraordinary Yachts
797 The Presidential Yacht Potomac
798 Indian Princely Medals
799 The Ency of Aircraft of WWII US Air Force in WWII 2
800 Badges of Americas Finest
801 Postcard Companion The Collectors Reference
802 Cars of the Fabulous Fifties
803 The Zulu War Barthorp A :Pictorial History
804 When The U boats Came to America 1929
805 Sink Em All Submarine Warfare in the Pacific
806 The Cavalry of WWII
807 WWII Front Pages
808 The Complete Ency of Motor Cars 1885-l968
809 Bomber ! Famous Bomber Missions of WW II
810 American Submarines'; British Submarines 2
811 United States Submarines Jane's Pocketbook of Submarine Development 2
812 Silent Victory The U S Submarine War Against Japan Blair
813 Master of Sea Power Fleet Admiral E J King Buell
814 Squadrons Up Noel Monks (RAF) 1942
815 Steam Steel and Stars
816 Rail Gun
817 Locomotive Solomon
818 Modern Locomotives Solomon
819 Steam Locomotives 2 Steam Locomotives of Britain 3
820 RAF History of Aircraft
821 Hitlers Generals and Their Battles
822 Flying 1943 US Naval Aviation at War
823 On Great White Wings Wright Brothers
824 Jungle Warriors
825 Grumman F6F Hellcat
826 Boeing B 17 Flying Fortress
827 P4-0 Hawks at War
828 Elite Fighting Units
829 Art of William Phillips The Glory of Flight
830 Ploesti Black Sunday Hill
831 Marks of Achievement American Presentation Silver
832 Ferrari Fornula l
833 A Century of Car Design
834 THe Legend of Chris-Craft
835 The American Automobile A Centenary
836 The Real Runabouts 3 vol
837 Classic Military Aircraft
838 The Mighty Eighth Freeman
839 Saga of the Super Fortress
840 Flying Fortress Jablonski
841 Lot This is America My Country Sheehan Pictorial History of WWII 2 3
842 Fleet Admiral King A Naval Record
843 Flush Decks and Four Pipe Cmdr John Alden
844 Shooting Star The Rise and Fall ,of the British Motorcycle Industry
845 The Decline and Fall of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan Hans Dollinger
846 Hellcats Sasgen Submarine Raid
847 The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter 1927
848 Walkout With Stilwell in Burma
849 The Generals Patton, MacArthur, Marshall Winston Groom
850 Through Hell for Hitler Henry Metelmann
851 Don't Shoot Its Only Me Bob Hope
852 B/L Gun auction catalogs etc
853 The Guards Anthony Edgeworth
854 Lot Historical periodicals BBC etc
855 Collectors Guide to Anheuser Busch Steins
856 TL Time Life WWII series 9 vols
857 The Last of Steam
858 Lionel Signature Edition Catalog
859 The New York Subway IRT
860 American Steam Locomotives Paul North
861 The History of North American Rail
862 Locomotives in My Life Don Wood
863 The Twilight of Steam Locomotives
864 Americas Fighting Railroads WWII
865 Trains to Victory WWII Heimburger/Kelly
866 Superpower Steam Locomotives Weitzman
867 T/L Gun Digest periodicals
868 Lot Guns periodicals
869 Lot Gun Traders Guide and Shooters Bible
870 Central Railroad of New Jersey Steam Locomotives
871 Duesenberg Owners Companion
872 Kit Carson
873 Following the Guidon 1890
874 Wild Man of the West Ballantyne
875 The Story of the Great March Nichols Sherman w pullout map
876 Life of J E B Stuart 1914
877 Mosby's War Reminiscences Stuarts Cavalry Campaigns 1887
878 Poems of American Patriotism 1883 "Love and Tears for the Blue; Tears and Love for the Gray " Francis Finch "Shoot,if you must.this old gray head
879 Hero of Bataan General Johnathan Wainwright Schultz
880 Lot pbs re WWII
881 The Holocaust Nora Levin
882 Boots and Saddles Elizabeth Custer Life in Dakota with General Custer 1898
883 Desperate Men James Horan
884 On to Berlin General James M Gavin Battles of An Airborne Commander 1943-l946
885 Operators Manual M60Al/A3 Tank Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System HQ Dept of the Army
886 Battle of the Bulge Graphic Novel
887 Zane Grey: Boulder Dam; Captives of the Desert 2
888 Tom Swift and His Undersea Search Flare Path Claymore
889 The Civil War Strange and Fascinating Facts The Perfect Tribute (Lincoln)Mary Shipman Andrews 1908
890 Zane Grey: The Ranger; Blue Feather 2
891 Frontier Fighter George W Coe 1934
892 USMC First Two Hundred Years 1775-l975
893 Voices if Valor D Day
894 George Bush His WWII Years
895 Royal Air Force Turner
896 British War Planes of WWII
897 The World at War 1939-l945
898 Cruisers 1880-l980
899 The American Bomber Plane
900 Warship 1996
901 Weapons and Warfare of the 20th Cty
902 Jane's Fighting Ships of WW I
903 Spitfire Flying Legend
904 Pearl Harbor and the War in the Pacific
905 Battles of the 20th Cty
906 Incredible Explosions
907 Framed Litho 1877 Old South Orange
908 Lot French deco design illustrations
909 B/L Frank Meriwell series Burt Standish
909C Lot Thrasher magazines ( Skate Boarding) (One cover singed)
910 J Edgar Hoover The Man in His Time Inscribed
911 Heavy Time C J Cherryh signed lst Ed Easton Press
912 Cap Guns with Values
913 Journal of a Young Man of Massachusetts A Surgeon on Board an American Privateer 1810
914 Friends of Africa Mackenzie 1928
915 Little Red Riding Hood 1856
916 Harlem Myers
917 Used Cars Blue Book 1924
918 Napoleon and Uncle Elby
919 Lot French Fashion Illustrations
920 Hunting Camps in Wood and Wilderness Pritchard 1910
921 Handbook of Dalmatia
922 Lot Victorian photos
923 Ovals and Flashes
924 Memories of Col A of the Blues 1907
925 Catalog of the Baltimore Medical College 1896
926 Circus Drawing Book
927 Near Scandal in Washington Society 1921
928 The Story of Atlantis
929 Cord and Creese De Mille 1891
930 Double Take
931 L art de la plume bresil
932 Illustrated Handbook of Ohio Sewer Pipe Folk Art
933 Sterling Silver, Silverplate, and Souvenier Spoons
934 The Art of Drying Plants and Flowers
935 Illustrated History of the Centennial Exposition
936 Typed manuscript " A True Soldier"
937 Steel engraving printing block The Visit from the Wise Men
938 T/L Misc eph Early newsp comics, l939 NY Worlds Fair
939 T/L Misc eph Hist Newsps 1920s etc
940 T/L Misc eph Hist Newsps 1912 +
941 T/L Misc eph Hist Newsps 1933+
941A T/L Misc eph Hist Newsps 1933+
942 Lot Photo Era Magazines bound (4) 1917,1919,1921,1925
943 T/L Misc periodicals, ads, newsp 1836 +
944 T/L Misc incl:Early childrens books, periodicals
945 T/L Misc incl:Tarzan,Big Little Book, sports etc
946 Lot Scientific American 1870s +
947 Lot American Agriculturist 1870s +
948 T/L Books/ Reprint Society { Classics) 12 vols
949 T/L American Photography magazines bound (4) 1922,1923,1924,1925
950 Lot post cards
950A TL Hist Newsps Gravure sections
950B TL Hist Newsps Gravure sections
951 Lot NY Times Magazine supplements 1890+
952 Lot Sports programs etc
953 Lot Muscle Power magazines etc
954 Lot movie lobby cards
955 Baseball push out game
956 Lot: The American Journal of Science and Arts Yale 1823 +
957 T/L Very Early Hist Newsps 1809+
958 Set books (classics) Book League of America 12 vols
959 T/L Misc eph Hist Newsps 1830+
959A T L Old law books 4 (1884+ State of Delaware Houston's Reports
959B T L Old law books 4 (1892 Minors Institutes)
959C T/L Misc eph incl Star Wars
959D T/L Misc eph incl 1723 Newsp
960 T/L Misc eph incl 1939 Worlds Fair etc
961 Lot Movie magazines 1930s
962 Lot Movie magazines 1930s
963 Lot Movie magazines
964 Lot Movie magazines
965 Lot Movie magazines
966 Lot Movie magazines
967 Lot Movie magazines
968 Lot Movie magazines
969 Lot Movie magazines
970 Lot Movie magazines
971 T/L Wks of Lowell, Thomas
972 T/L Misc eph Hist Newsps
973 T/L Wks of Zane Grey 6 vols
974 T/L Worlds Literary Masterpieces set 10 vols
975 T/L older law books
976 T/L older law books
977 T/L older law books
978 T/L older law books
979 T/L Hist Newsp
980 T/L Playboy magazines 1998
981 T/L Playboy magazines 1999
982 T/L Playboy magazines 1992-93
983 T/L Playboy magazines 1990-91
984 T/L Playboy magazines 1994-95
985 T/L Playboy magazines 1996-97
986 Framed oil/canvas painting Rabbinical
987 Moses Pitt Engraving 1681 repr
988 Plaque from the Golden Book of the Jewish National Fund
989 Plaque from the Golden Book of the Jewish National Fund--Tree Fund 100 Trees
989A Photographer/artist portfolio George Haling
989B Marley Lebend
989D Lot Color Walks periodicals
990 The Face of New York Feininger
991 The Thin Man Dashiel Hammett 1934
992 The Highlands Circle Carnegie Mellon
993 A Separate Star Frank Kelly Freas author inscribed
994 A Peculiar Treasure Edna Ferber
995 Jaguar, Sales catalog,Instr Book 1996
996 Longfellow Portfolio
997 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Platters;Peter Nero Art Tatum, Harry Secombe;Judy Collins,etc
998 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Bob Newhart;Marvin Gaye Jimmy Ruffin, Peter Nero,Diana Ross,Jackson 5,Michael Jackson,The Supremes,Temptation,Four Tops,Stevie Smokey Robinson,
999 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Classical
1000 Lot signed baseballs
1001 T/L Misc eph
1002 Buck Rogers Jigsaw Puzzles
1003 T/L Misc eph
1004 T/:Misc eph incl Diana books
1005 Lot Bill Bolton youth series 3 vols
1006 Lot The Go Ahead Boys youth series 3 vols
1007 Lot The Musket Boys youth series 2 vols
1008 Lot 35 mm slides incl Star Wars, Bo Derek
1009 T/L CDs
1010 T/L Misc eph
1011 T/L CDs
1012 American Skyline pb autographed
1013 The Oregon Trail Parkman Illustr N C Wyeth 1925
1014 Women are Beautiful Winograd
1015 Idle Hours With Birds and Floiers
1016 A Childs Garden of Verses Steveneson Illus Hallock 1916
1017 Christmas Carols Van Loon/Castagnetta Inscr by author and Illustrator 1937
1018 Jane Austin Horrid Novels 2
1019 Fannie Flagg series 3
1020 1939 NY Worlds Fair programs 2
1021 Lot The Burr McIntosh Monthly 3 1909
1022 Caroline Hart series 2
1023 Lot booklets re Clockmakers
1024 Poe's Masterpieces 1909
1025 The Maine Two Footers
1026 The Jaguar Story
1027 Lot art photography
1028 T/L Misc eph
1029 TL Misc eph
1030 Lot 45 RPM records incl Elvis Presley,Andy Williams,, Chubby checker,Young Rascals,Marvin Gaye etc
1031 Lot 45 RPM records incl The Carpentrs,Crosby Stills and Nash,Neil Diamond,,BJ Thomas,, Everly Brothers,
1032 Lot 45 RPM records incl Dion and the Belmonts Royb Orbison,Temptations,Kay Starr, Sinatra, Three Dog Night,GaryPuckett and the Union Gap
1033 Lot 45 RPM records incl Hankn Williams, 5th Dimension, Hank Snow, Eddy Arnold,Dion and the Belmonts Johnnmie Ray, Fabian,Les Paul and Mary Ford,Les,Paui
1034 T/L Misc eph
1035 The All About Story Book Illust John Gruelle
1036 In Pursuit of Freedom Morris Brafman lst dj signed
1037 Lady Stanhope's Manuscript
1038 Lot Minette Walters Nivels 3 lst Eds signed
1039 The Untamed Max Brand
1040 Lot DVDS Ramar of the Jungle 7
1041 Lot youth books 3
1042 Dolly Dimples at Her Grandmothers
1043 Poster Champagne
1044 Poster Richard Burton
1045 Lot 1907-l909 comic strips Katzenjammer Kids
1046 TL Rolling Stones magazines
1047 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:The Lettermen;Crystal Gayle Chordettes;Beach Boys; BJ Thomas;Monkees;Nat King Cole Dave Clark Five etc
1048 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Sinatra;Pete Fountain Connie Francis; Hermans Hermits;Roy Orbison Dionne Warwick; Four Seasons;Lovin Spoonful Ames Brothers etc
1049 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Peter Paul and Mary Johnny Mathis;Led Zepelin; Righteous Bros; Shirelles; Linda Ronstadt;Joan Baez;FourvTops Merle Haggard;Tiny Tim
1050 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Temptation;Fifth Dimension Brothers Four;Bob Dylan;New Christy Minstrels Four tops;Billy Joel;Supremes;Stevie Wonder; Ferrante and Teicher et
1051 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Movies; Shows etc
1052 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:John Lennon;Bunny Maddox Bob Dylan; Kinks;Glen Miller;etc
1053 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Beatles;lAllegheny Jazz Quartet; George Shearing;Gotham city Band;Elvis Presley;Chet Atkins;Jonah Jones; Les Paul amd Mary Ford;etc
1054 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Tommy Dorsey;Sinatra Chipmunks;George Carlin; Sophie Tucker;Eric Clapton Gloria Gaynor;etc
1055 Kulturgeschichte Der Erotik 10 vols
1057 Vanity Fair Thackeray
1058 Die Zeit Des Barock
1059 Historia Warszawy
1060 Majowie Aztekowie Inkowie
1061 Cities and People Mark Girouard
1062 A Hist of WWII
1063 History of the Conquest of Mexico and Peru Prescott
1064 1972 Winter Olympics program
1065 The Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial
1066 Die Welt Der Antike
1067 Blute Des Mittel Alters
1068 Ver Sunkene Kulturen
1069 Morgen Des Abend Landes
1070 Die Welt Aus Der Wir Kommen
1071 Die Grossen Religionen Der Welt
1072 English-Polish Dictionary 4 vols
1073 A History of the Vikings
1074 The Last Portrait of the Duchessv of Alba
1075 Nobel Preis 1983-1985 Golding,Seifert,Simon
1076 The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich Shirer
1077 Album Legion Polskich
1078 Kronika Polska
1079 Mao
1080 Robespierre
1081 Mitologia Grekow
1082 Zarys Historii Polski
1083 English-Polish Dictionary of Science and Technology
1084 Panorama Raclawicka
1085 Warsaw
1086 1972 Olympics ( Texaco)
1087 Warsaw 1944
1088 Powstanie Warszawskie 1944
1089 Candide Voltaire
1090 Nobel Preis 1967-l969 Asturias,Kawabatav Beckett
1091 Nobel Preis 1917-l920 Pontoppidan,Spittteler,Hamsun
1092 Nobel Preis 1931--l933 Karlfeldt,Galsworthy,Bunin
1093 Nobel Preis 1915-l9l7 Rolland,Heidenstam,Gjellerup
1094 Nobel Preis 1986-l988 Soyinka,Brodsky,Machfus
1095 Nobel Preis 1980-l982 Milosz,Canetti,Marquez
1096 Nobel Preis 1973-l974 White,Johnson,Martinson
1096A Nobel Preis 1921-23
1096B Nobel Preis 1954-56
1096C Nobel Preis 1945-l947
1096D Nobel Preis 1906-l908
1097 Nobel Preis 1989 1991 Cela, Paz,Gordimer
1097A Nobel Preis 1962-l965
1097B Nobel Preis 1977-79
1097C Nobel Preis 1929-l930
1097D Nobel Preis 1909=l9l0
1097E Nobel Preis 1975-76
1097F Nobel Preis 1957-58
1098 Der Grosse Brock Haus 16 vols
1099 1968 Olympics
1100 And I Was There Pearl Harbor and Midway Rear Adm Edwin Layton USN
1101 Atlas Swiata Atlas Geograficzny 2
1102 Romanska
1103 Islam
1104 Dolny Slask
1105 Dzieje Kultury Polskiej
1106 A Beautiful Life
1107 Katedry
1108 Pan Tadeusz
1109 Kronika
1110 Andy Warhol Diaries
1111 Stare Miasto
1112 Lata Okupacji
1113 Olympic Athletes
1114 Atlas Der Grosse Brockhouse
1115 Sikorski 1942
1116 Zabytki Polski
1117 Kreig Und Frieden Leon Tolstoi
1118 The Lives of John Lennon Goldman
1119 Inside the Third Reich Albert Speer
1120 LOt: Historic Long Island Madame De Treymes Edith Wharton Success and its Achievers Thayer 1895 3
1121 Lot Victorian photos
1122 Lot childrens books
1123 Lot childrens books
1124 Lot childrens books
1125 Lot childrens books
1126 Lot childrens books
1129 Maya Charles Gallenkamp
1130 Nobel Preis 1948-50 Eliot,Faulkner,Russell
1131 Nobel Preis 1934-1937 Pirandello,O Neill Martin Du Gard
1132 Nobel Preis 1911-1913 Maeterlinck,Hauptmann,Tagore
1133 Nobel Preis 1970-l972 Solschenizyn,Neruda,Boll
1134 Nobel Preis 1924-l925 Reymont, Shaw
1135 Nobel Preis 1959-l961 Quasimodo,Saint John Perse,Andric
1136 Nobel Preis 1901-l903 Prudhomme,Mommsen,Bjoernson
1137 Nobel Preis 1951-l953 Lagerkviost,Mauriac,Churchill
1138 Nobel Preis 1966 Agnon,Sachs
1139 Nobel Preis 1926-l928 Deledda,Bergson,Undset
1140 Nobel Preis 1938-l944 Buck,Sillanpaa,Jensen
1141 Nobel Preis 1904-l905 Mistral,Echegaray,Sienkiewicz
1142 TL Memoirs of Geological Society of America 8 vols
1143 Harry Potter Goblet of Fire lst Ed dj Rowling Harry Potter Half Blood Prince lst Ed dj Rowling 2
1144 Harry Potter Order of Phoenix lst Ed dj Rowling Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban lst Ed dj Rowling 2
1145 Chronopolis Ballard lst Ed dj The Odyssey A Modern Sequel Nikos Kazantzakis lst Ed 2
1146 The Adventure Club Fyleman Illus Watson 1926 Alice's Adventure in Wonderland 1903
1147 Aunt Sophys Boys and Girls 1879
1148 Ian Flemings pbs You Only Live Twice The Man With the Golden Gun 2
1149 A Six Cylinder Courtship Field Illustr Harrison Fisher/Clarence Underwood 1907 lst Ed
1150 Freckles Gene Stratton Porter limp, leather 1904
1151 Big Little Book New Adv of Tarzan 1935
1152 The Blue Bird for Children Leblanc/Maeterlinck 1914
1153 In Between the Sheets Ian McEwan lst ed dj
1154 The Cement Garden Ian McEwan lst Ed dj
1155 I Can't Go On, I'll Go on Samuel Beckett lst Ed dj 2 Eternal Curse on the Reader of These Pages Puig lst Ed
1156 Kiplings Stories for Boy Illus Hastings dj 1931
1157 Rilke Poems 1906-26 Palma Kunkel Christian Morgenstern 1916 Berlin
1158 Practice of Pharmacy Remington 1894
1159 Practice of Pharmacy Remington 1885
1160 The Iron Star John Taine
1161 Framed Indenture 1864 London,w/ British tax stamps and wax seals
1162 Art History Museum Vienna
1163 The Art of Rembrandt
1164 Mary Cassatt,Utrillo,Manet 3
1165 Handbook of Old pottery and Porcelain Marks
1166 The Art of Walt Disney Disneys Peter Pan 2
1167 30,000 Years of Art
1168 A Dictionary of the History of Medicine Sebastian
1169 Charcuterie
1170 Native Peoples magazines 2
1171 Lot cook books
1172 Lot Books re Boating 4
1173 Grays Anatomy
1174 Rating the Movies 2 Garbo
1175 Wines of the World
1176 The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons
1177 Russia A History
1178 Russian Cooking
1179 French Women Don't Get Fat Life is Meals 2
1180 Lot Books re Wine 4
1181 Great book of Archaeology
1182 Shooters Bible
1183 Garden and Farm Topics Henderson 1884
1184 Practical Floriculture Henderson 1896
1185 Gardening for Profit Henderson 1896
1186 Gardening for Pleasure Henderson 1895
1187 Hugh Johnson A Life Uncorked
1188 Scarnes Guide to Gambling 1961
1189 The Worlds Fastest Cars
1190 Rolls Royce 75 yrs
1191 The Stockholm Octavo
1192 The Megayacht Century
1193 Chicago's Grand Hotels
1194 The New Yorker Book of Doctor cartoons
1196 Death of a Salesman Arthur Miller signed LtdEd
1197 Known Violin Makers Fairfield
1198 Lot Sailor Moon graphic novels
1199 United States Travel Guide 1850 w/,maps
1200 Sword of the North Scull
1201 Massachusetts Lighthouses Lighthouses of New York 2
1202 Lot RPG videos
1203 Alien Syndrome video
1204 Lot video games
1205 DC Essential graphic novel
1206 Lot video games
1207 Catholics in Colonial America
1208 A Call to Honor 4 vols
1209 Life Keith Richards
1210 The Odyssey A Modern Sequel
1211 The Sportsman's Companion
1212 The Fellowship of the Ring Tolkien
1213 Promise Me Dad Joe Biden
1214 Vladimir Nabokov King, Queen, Knave
1215 His Eye Is On the Sparrow Ethel Waters
1216 The Closer Mariano Rivera
1217 George Washington 2 vols Freeman
1218 In the Arena Richard Nixon
1219 My Anxious Mind Tompkins
1220 A Christmas Carol Dickens repr of original
1221 This Side of Innocence Taylor Caldwell
1222 The Fountainhead Rand
1223 The Day of the Jackel Forsyth
1224 The Dulcimer Book Ritchie
1225 Yen +
1226 T/l Wks of Edgar Allen Poe 9 vols
1227 T/L Jefferson the President 6 vols
1228 Calamity Jane Mc Laird
1229 Lot art catalogs
1230 Lot art catalogs
1231 Cheaper by the Dozen Gilbreth
1232 On The Street Where You Live Clark
1233 Created Equal ? Lincoln Douglas Debates of 1853
1234 The Scarlet Letter Hawthorne 2
1235 Travels With Charlie Steinbeck
1236 Reporting the War Journalistic Coverage of WWII
1237 Memos Diana Vreeland
1238 Pictorial History of the Second World War 4 vol
1239 T/L Misc eph baseball cards etc
1240 T/L Misc eph
1241 The MGM Story
1242 WWII Time/Life
1243 Airwar Jablonski
1244 Devils Workshop
1245 Jean Jacques Rousseau Guebnenno 1712-1758
1246 Crossroads
1247 A Snowman named just Bob Mark Moulton Illustr Karen Crouch
1248 The Queen Mary
1249 The Theatre 3000 Years Cheney
1250 Heidi Spyri Illust Donna Pacinelli
1251 The Corona Song Book 1903 Hoff
1252 A Flask of Fields
1253 And They Thought We Wouldn't Fight Gibbons The Race Around The World Bisland 2
1254 Lord Jim City Lights Pocket Poets Ferlinghetti 2
1255 Warhol
1256 Beekeeping Basics
1257 Tibet
1258 Grandma Moses Kallir
1259 Ford Ranger Repair Manual
1260 Peters and Reed Sanford
1261 Fashion Icons
1262 An Invitation to the White House Hillary Rodham Clinton
1263 Lot:A Portfolio of Cats Johnstown Democrat Souv Edition Harpers Weekly 1863 2 repr Southern Illus News repr
1264 Lot cook books
1265 Lot comics
1266 Understanding Comics
1267 Marionettes
1268 Lot Little Golden childrens books
1269 Lot Little Golden childrens books
1270 Lot Harry Potter series 3
1271 Boswells Life of Johnson 1799
1272 :Lot Wks of Wm Faulkner 3
1273 Huck Finn Mark Twain
1274 Pomp and Circumstance Noel Coward
1275 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Joan Baez;Kiss Tony Bennett;Artie Shaw;AndyWilliams,Dean Martin
1276 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: W C Fields;Nat King Cole Four Aces,Sinatra;Rod Stewart;Kiss;Eddy Grant
1277 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Kiss;Shannon Olivia Newton John;' Go Gos;Marty Robbins Jim Reeves;Neil Diamond';Gordon Lightfoot
1278 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Loretta Lynn;Dolly Parton Beach boys;' Kris Kristofferson; Dylan Thomas Percy Faith, Dean Martin;Lionel Ritchie etc
1279 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Billy Ocean;Neil Diamond George Harrison etc
1280 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Jerry Vale;Eddy Arnold Harmonicats;Nat King cole,John mcCormack;RayCharles Jan Peerce;Connie Francis
1281 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: The Ink Spots Go Gos; Neil Diamond;Connie Francis Guy Lombardo Connie Francis;
1282 19th Cty Bible rough
1283 The Record of America James Truslow Adams 1935
1284 Maryland Records Colonial Revolutionary County Church Brumbaugh 1928
1285 Colonial Families of the USA George Norbury Mackenzie
1286 Colonial Families of the USA Nelson Osgood Rhodes
1287 T/L Older Law Books l9th Cty 8
1288 T/L Older Law Books l9th Cty 0
1289 T/L Older Law Books l9th Cty 8
1290 The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787 (Constitutional) Farrand 1937 Yale
1291 The Legion Book 1929
1292 Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends 1946
1293 Bible Stories and Character Building 1915
1294 Animal Farm George Orwell
1295 Hunger Fighters de Kruif
1296 Natures Program Johnson 1926
1297 Father Abraham Irving Bacheller 1925
1298 Smugglers Woods Pierce Colonial and Revolutionary New Jersey
1299 Kalitan Our Little Alaskan Cousin 1909
1300 Gitanjali Rabindranath Tagore 1909
1301 1876 Gore Vidal
1302 Madane Bovary Flaubert 1928
1303 Solid For Mulhooly 1881
1304 Hell in Harness Auslansder 1929
1305 The Shining Stephen King
1306 Exodus Leon Uris
1307 The Delaware Canal
1308 Twixt Land and Sea Joseph Conrad 1912
1309 The Lady of the Lake Sir Walter Scott
1310 Stories of New Jersey Stockton
1311 I Know a Farm
1312 Guide Historic Freehold NJ
1313 The Boys Froissart Lanier 1884
1314 The Ladies New Medical Guide Pancoast 1890
1315 Lot Books on Chess 5
1316 Hillsborough Bicentennial 1971
1317 New Era Atlas 1942
1318 Automobiles for Mice
1319 Graziella DeLamartyine 1929 The Riddle in Red Allen 1948
1320 To Kill a Mocking Bird Harper Lee dj 1960
1321 The Modern Sex Manual 1942
1322 Under Drakes Flag Henty
1323 Gone With the Wind 1964
1324 Cajun Music and Zydeco
1325 Wu The Gatekeepers Son
1326 Sailing ships Bjorn Landstrom
1327 The Pleasure Primer 1943
1328 The Story of the Bible 1901
1329 Gilbert Stuart (art) 4 vol set
1330 Jack and The Beanstalk Illus Brundage
1331 Carrot Nose Wahl Illustr Marshall
1332 If I Ran the Circus Dr Seuss
1333 The Old Man and the Sea Hemingway 1952 dj
1334 Home Songs 1906
1335 Childs Garden of Verses Stevenson Illus Jessie Wilcox Smith
1336 Mega Star Richard Bernstein
1337 Chrysler Dodge and Plymouth Muscle
1338 Peter Rabbit Illus Weisgard
1339 Art for Children Marc Chagall
1340 New Yorker Album of Drawings 1925-l975
1341 Beer Labels of the World A Day in the Life of America 2
1342 Henri Matisse A Retrospective
1343 The Foolish Almanac
1344 Degas
1345 Indy and Mr Lincoln
1346 Uncle Noah's Christmas Inspiration :Leona Dalrymple 1913
1347 Paintings in the Musee D Orsay Rosenblum
1348 Framed watercolor signed Sam Charles
1349 Framed Oriental portrait
1350 Framed water color portrait signed Hibel
1351 Framed oriental prints birds (4)
1352 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Connie Francis; Enrico Caruso;Nat King Cole etc
1353 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Connie Francis;Elvis Presley;Ray charles. Louis Armstrong;Count Basie, Can Calloway,Duke Ellington,Xavier Cugat,Tommy Dorsey The singing Nun
1354 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Connie Francis Tony Bennett;Striesand, Andy Williams,Kris Kristofferson The Brothers Four, Doris Day,Ray Eberle;
1355 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Andy Williams,Sinatra Guy Lombardo.; Ray Charles, Perry Como;Dean Martin Eddy Arnold
1356 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Tony Bennett;Cab Calloway Patti Page;Burl Ives;Eddy Arnold;Dean Martin Carmel Quinn
1357 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Lennon Sisters Enoch Light and the Light Brigade Broadway Shows
1358 The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas A Victorian Christmas
1359 Norman Rockwell's Christmas Book A Christmas Carol 2
1360 My Life in Three Acts Helen Hayes
1361 The Sun Also Rises Hemingway Key West Companion 2
1362 Beyond The American Dream Hayes
1363 Elizabeth Takes Off Elizabeth Taylor
1364 Bill Cosby Love and Marriage Bill Cosby Fatherhood
1365 T/L Air Progress magazines
1366 Lot AOPA Pilot magazines
1367 Lot Sport Aviation magazines
1368 T/L AOPA Pilot magazines
1369 NGS 100 Years
1370 NGS Atlas Our Universe
1371 Benjamin Franklin 2 vols
1372 James Madison 2 vols
1373 John Adams 2 vols
1374 Two Copies Reprint Hudson County Democrat Jan 24 1935 Lindbergh Kidnapping Trial Front page article by Alan Painter (later owner of the Hackettstown Gazette and Abby
1375 Lot post cards
1375A Lot postcards, political George and Laura Bush
1375B Folio prints US Military Aircraft
1375C Print US Marines Fighters
1375D Print US Marines Historic Bi Plane
1376 Songs of Gladness for the Sabbath School c 1850
1377 Lot Special magazines Air and Space Phantom's Final Mission Motor Trend 50th anniversary Newsweek Ma Bell Loses its Phone System
1378 T/L sheet music
1379 A Farewell to Arms Hemingway
1380 A Painted House John Grisham
1381 Chronicles of Lake George Journeys in War and Peace
1382 Sails and Steam in the Mountains Maritime and Military History of Lake George and Lake Champlain
1383 T/L Misc magazines Aviation etc
1384 T/L Misc magazines Vintage Airplanes,Air Progress
1385 T/L Misc magazines AOPA Pilot etc
1386 T/L Books re Ancient Egypt
1387 Secrets of the Great Pyramid
1388 Egypt Before the Pharaohs
1389 The March of Archaeology
1390 Cleopatra
1391 Heritage of the Pharaohs
1392 Egyptian Museum Cairo
1393 Egyptian Hieroglyphs Reading the Past
1394 Pharos and Pharillon Forster
1395 The Lost Tomb
1396 Dictionary of Egyptian Archaeology
1397 Egyptian Adventures
1398 Anthropology and Egyptology Lustig
1400 Homo Necans
1401 Colonel Gordon in Central Africa 1884
1402 In Relief of Gordon
1403 Egyptian Art
1404 Ancient Egypt Sculpture
1405 Modern Egypt Earl of Cromer 2 vols 1908
1406 The Nile Quest Johnston
1407 The Devil Drives Life of Sir Richard Burton
1408 Captain Sir, Richard Francis Burton
1409 Rudyard Kipling to Rider Haggard
1410 Hieroglyphs and the Afterlife
1411 Lost Land Emerging
1412 The Pre History of Nubia Nubian Treasure 2
1413 Meroe A Civilization of the Sudan
1414 Prehistoric Agriculture
1415 Manual of Historical Literature 1888
1416 The Near East
1417 Ruins of Empires Volney 1890
1418 The Archaeology of Palestine
1419 Egypt and Its Monuments
1420 The Judgement of the Dead
1421 Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids
1422 The Early History of Syria and Palestine
1423 Cradles of Civilization Egypt Atlas of Ancient Egypt 2
1424 Tutankhamun His Tomb and Its Treasures The Complete Tutankhamun 2
1425 Egypt The World of the Pharaohs
1426 Friar Felix at Large Ancient Christian Writers
1427 Arabia Felix Hansen
1428 The Land of Prester John Sanceau Levantine Adventurer 2
1429 The Mysterious Fayum Portraits
1430 Treasures of the Pharaohs
1431 Egyptian Drawings
1432 The Discovery of Ancient Egypt
1433 Ancient Egypt Guide to the Valley of the Kings 2
1434 Tutankhamun
1435 Meeting at the Sphinx Caesar and Cleopatra Bernard Shaw
1436 TL Misc pbs re Egypt etc
1437 A History of the Ancient Egyptians 1908
1438 Ramses II
1439 Flight Into Egypt Picturesque Ideas
1440 The Spirit of Ancient Egypt Ward
1441 The Legacy of Egypt
1442 The Nile and Egyptian Civilization Moret
1443 Egypt Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times Redford
1444 The Untold Story Tutankhamun Hoving
1445 X Raying the Pharaohs
1446 Daughters of ISIS In The Time of the Pharaohs A History of Egypt
1447 Life of Lord Kitchener 3 vols 1920
1448 A Cultural History of Animals 5 vols
1449 Sir Richard Burtons Wife Jean Burton
1450 First Footsteps in East Africa Richard Burton
1451 Sudan Days and Ways
1452 Lucie Duff Gordon Waterfield " " " A Passage to Egypt Frank 2
1453 Heritage Civilization and the Jews Abba Eban
1454 The Art of Ancient Mesopotamia
1455 The Macmillan Bible Atlas
1456 Gods Wilderness Sinai lst Amer Ed
1457 Near Eastern Mythology The Empire Builders 2
1458 Patriarchs The World History of the Jewish People Mazar
1459 Judges The World History of the Jewish
1460 The Herodian Period The World History of the Jewish
1461 The Hellenistic Age The World History of the Jewish
1462 Religion in Ancient History Brandon
1463 Return to Babylon Fagan
1464 Egyptian Heaven and Hell The Liturgy of Funerary Offerings 2
1465 The Egyptian Book of the Dead
1466 Herodotus Cary 1886
1467 Deciphernment Maurice Pope
1468 The Search for Omm Sety
1469 Unexpected Faces in Ancient America
1470 Elusive Treasure Fagan
1471 The Mummy
1472 Folio prints Egypt etc
1473 Mummies of the Pharaohs
1474 Set Archaeology in the Near East Oxford 5 vols
1475 T/L Misc pbs etc re Egypt
1476 At The Court of an African King Meyerowitz
1477 The Rare Art Traditions
1478 Seasonal Feasts and Festivals James
1479 Travelers and Travel Liars 1660-1800 Percy Adams
1480 The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics
1481 Travels in Three Continents Buckley 1895
1482 Les Francais En Egypte 1886
1483 The Nuer (primitive tribe,Illustrated}
1484 Dead Towns and Living Men Woolley 1956
1485 Sacrifice in the Old Testament Gray 1925
1486 Once to Sinai Prescott
1487 Bonaparte in Egypt Herold
1488 British Infantry of the Napoleonic Wars
1489 Letters from Egypt 1849-l850 Florence Nightingale
1490 Lithgow's Rare Adventures 1904
1491 Edward Wortley Montagu Curling
1492 The Keys to Egypt Hieroglyphs
1493 The Spring Voyage Jerusalem Pilgrimage in 1458 Voyages Hakkluyt 2 3
1494 Nubia Corridor to Africa
1495 Cornhill to Grand Cairo Thackeray
1496 The Pilgrim Pietro Della Valle Bull Jerusalem Journey Prescott 2
1497 Pietros Pilgrimage Blunt Egerias Travels to the Holy Land 2
1498 Arab Historians of the Crusades Christian Society and the Crusades 1198-1229 2
1499 T/L Pbs and eph re Near East
1500 Edward Lear The Life of a Wanderer Schliemann of Troy Treasure and Deceit 2
1501 The March of Archaeology Ceram
1502 The Magic of Obelisks Tompkins
1503 Egyptian Mythology
1504 Egypt Illustrated 1892
1505 Island of ISIS
1506 The Tomb of Tutankhamen Tutankhamen New York Graphic Society 2
1507 The Orientalists
1508 Great Books and Book Collectors Thomas,
1509 The Principal Navigations Voyages and Discoveries of the English Nation Cambridge 2 vols
1510 Im Banne der Sphinx
1511 Abou-Simbel
1512 The Grand Tour Spence
1513 The Beja Tribes of the Sudan
1514 The Book of the Dead Egyptian Papyri
1515 Egyptian Drawings
1516 Voyage on Egypte 1861-l862
1517 History of the Society of Antiquaries
1518 Arabian Travellers
1519 Disraeli's Grand Tour
1520 Flaubert in Egypt Edward Lear 2
1521 The Zealous Intruders Naomi Shepard
1522 The British in the Middle East
1523 The Opening of the Nile Basin
1524 Animism Magic and the Divine King
1525 The Cuisine of Sacrifice Among the Greeks
1526 Beyond the Grand Tour Tregaskis
1527 Egyptian Years Tregenza
1528 The Broadway Travellers
1529 The Insatiable Earl Life of John Montague
1530 The Arabs and the Sudan Hasan
1531 The Anglo Egyptian Sudan
1532 The Women of Cairo 2 vols DE Nerval lst Ed 1930
1533 Oriental Magic Shah
1534 Omdurman Ziegler
1535 Portrait of Lady Mary Montague Iris Barry The Letters of Lord and Lady Wolseley
1536 An Organ for the Sultan Der Lesseps of Suez Sir Harry Johnston autobiography 34
1537 T/L Misc books, eph re Near East
1538 Lot 33 vinyl records incl Liberace, Earl Grant, Beatles;Streisand;Anne Murray;Bay City Rollers Les Paul and Mary Ford * (Cover inscribed by Les Paul)
1539 B/L 33 vinyl records Sound Effects Collection of Gershwin
1540 The Hessian Link Henrietta F Ford author signed
1541 The Early Victorians Harrison
1542 Useful Idiots Charen
1543 The Reading Promise My Father and the Books We Shared Ozma
1544 Bass Fishing Schneck
1545 T/L Better quality novels
1546 Lot Military History magazines
1547 Lot Military History magazines etc
1548 Windows on the World Wine Course
1549 T/L High End cook books
1550 T/L High End cook books
1551 Set Britannica Great Books 25 vols
1552 Set Britannica Great Books 29 vols
1553 The Boys From New Jersey Lucchese Crime Family
1554 Standard of the West The Justin story
1555 The Italians of New Jersey
1556 Sisters
1557 Uncle Toms Cabin
1558 In The Line of Duty 9/ll
1559 The Most Scenic Drives in America
1560 The Jersey Sting
1561 The Soprano State
1562 Ralph Space The Legend autographed Fred Space
1563 Images of America Sparta 2 Against All Odds Closs/Lake Mohawk 3
1564 The Fear The Last Days of Robert Mugabe Peter Godwin
1565 Honda Classic poster autographed ten major winners
1566 T/L Science Fiction pbs
1567 1999 Yearbook Montville HS
1568 2000 Yearbook Montville HS
1569 Loty 33 vinyl records incl;Marvin Gaye;Lennon ; Sisters ;Billy Vaughn;Frankie Valli;Herb alpert Toimmy Dorsey;Bunnyu Berigan;Duke Ellington;Benny Goodman
1570 Loty 33 vinyl records incl; Ray Anthony; Herb alpert Lawrence Welk;Jerry Vale
1571 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Ray Anthony; Herb alpert Kirby Stone Four;Earl Grant; Ray Charles;Dave Brubeck
1572 Lot 33 vinyl records incl; Classical;'Shows
1573 150 Years of North American Railroads
1574 Highball Lucius Beebe
1575 Norman Rockwell amd the SEP
1576 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Chuck Mangione ; Streisand;Dionne Warwick;Nel,Oliver,Bob Dylan Stan Getz; Buddy Rich
1577 Lot 33 vinyl records incl:Chicago;Pete Seeger; Glen Campbell;Peter Nero;Wilson Pickett,Lou Rawls Carpenters O Jays;Dionne Warwick
1578 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Perez Prado; Peter Nero Lou Rawls; The Kingsmen;Three Dog Night;Marvin Gaye The Rolling Stones Gianni and Graffiti
1579 Lot 33 vinyl records incl: Three Dog Night Otis Redding;Rod McKuen; The Kingston Trio Peter Paul and Mary,The Limeliters;Ben E King Miles Davis;
1580 B/L 33 vinyl records Classical, Broadway shows and albums The Story of Great Music
1581 File box 35 mm slides
1582 Album 35 mm slides
1583 Lot 45 RPM records incl:Sophie Tucker;Sinatra;Louis Prima;LeRoy Anderson;Manhattan Transfer;David Bowie
1584 Adolf Hitler Toland
1585 Adventures of Huck Finn Mark Twain 1892
1586 Framed poster New York Yankees
1587 Framed Blue print Cruise ship deck plans
1588 Post Card display Elizabeth History on Post Cards
1589 Framed autographed photo Monmouth Park
1590 Framed signed watercolor print
1591 Mr Wilson's War
1592 Favorite Flies Mary ORVIS Marbury 1892
1593 Shanghi 37 Baum
1594 Guide to North American Steam Locomotives
1595 The Reivers Faulkner CEO Dad Stern 2
1596 Anselm Kiefer
1597 Box 45 RPM records
1598 Box 45 RPM records
1599 Box 45 RPM records
1600 T/L Misc periodicals Life, SEP, etc
1601 T/L Misc eph
1602 Bloody Business Scotland Yard Berkshire 2
1603 The Wilderness Cabin
1604 Song and Garden Birds of North America
1605 Anatomy and Physiology
1606 Lot Books re Civil War 3
1607 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Loos
1608 New York Yankees Yearbook 1973
1609 Taking Your Chances in the High Country
1610 Lot autographed boxing photos 3
1611 Lot rolled posters gallerys,shows, etc
1612 Lot rolled posters gallerys,shows, etc
1613 Lot rolled posters gallerys,shows, etc
1614 Lot rolled posters gallerys,shows, etc
1615 Lot rolled posters gallerys,shows, etc
1616 Framed map The Bahamas
1617 Framed Print Judge
1618 T/L Brass engraving plates
1619 Signed o/c painting
1620 Bx baseball cards
1621 Bx baseball cards
1621A Bx baseball cards
1621B Bx baseball cards
1621C Ray Bradbury Science Fiction tapes
1622 Album baseball cards
1623 Bidufind Geschichte Deutschen Boltes 1935
1624 Korperbau Und Charakter 1931
1625 Wollen Und Wirken Adler
1626 Gedichte in Frankfurter Mundart 1892
1627 Gluck auf vier Beinen
1628 Gaudeamus ! Stuttgart 1890
1629 Meine Tante Anna
1630 Die Waldbauern Peter Rosegger
1631 Leichte Probleme 1922
1632 T/L Misc eph
1633 T/L German pbs and books
1634 B/L German books
1635 B/L German books
1636 Framed Spy plate
1637 Framed Curie plate
1638 Framed Spy plate
1639 Framed Spy plate Oliver Wendall Holmes
1640 Framed Spy plate Charles Darwin
1641 Framed Spy plate Sir Richard Owen
1642 Framed Spy plate Huxley
1643 Framed water color signed
1644 Framed water color print Railroad Steamer
1645 T/L Misc eph
1646 T/L Misc eph
1647 T/L Misc eph
1648 T/L Misc eph
1649 T/L Misc eph
1650 T/L Misc eph
1651 T/L Misc eph
1652 T/L Misc eph
1653 T/L Misc eph
1654 1000 Pin Up Girls
1655 Art Now
1656 Lot art books
1657 Lot books re Dada
1658 Lot art books
1659 Lot art books
1660 The Genius of Andy Warhol
1661 Lot art books
1662 Lot art books
1663 A Brief History of Underwear Unmentionables
1664 Outsider Art
1665 Lot art Books
1666 Alfred Stieglitz
1667 Lot art books
1668 The Prints of LeRoy Neiman
1669 Janson's History of Art 4 vols
1670 The Young Male Figure
1671 Little Wide Awake Anthology of Victorian Childrens Books
1672 Treasury of American Prints Craven Modern American Painting 2
1673 30,000 Years of Art
1674 The Art of Arranging Flowers
1675 Playboy the 50s Cover to Cover
1676 Lot art books and gallery catalogs
1677 American Photographs and the National Parks
1678 Lot art books
1679 Lot art books
1680 Lot art books
1681 Lot art books
1682 Lot art books
1683 Lot art books
1684 Lot art books
1685 Lot art books
1686 The West of Buffalo Bill
1687 Lot art books
1688 Pablo Picasso
1689 Lot Misc art books incl Montclair Art Museum
1690 Super Heroes
1691 Works of Art United States Capitol
1692 Lot art books
1693 Lot art books
1694 Lot art books re prints
1695 Lot art books re lobby cards
1696 1000 record covers
1697 Lot art books
1698 The Sex Book
1699 The Power of the Poster
1700 Lot art books
1701 Lot art books
1702 Lot art books
1703 Lot art books
1704 Lot art books re Anne Geddes
1705 Lot art books re Anne Geddes
1706 Sigmund Freud and Art
1707 World Famous Paintings Rockwell Kent
1708 Lot art books pbs
1709 Lot art books
1710 Lot art books
1711 The Civil War in Art
1712 20th Century Masters of Erotic Art
1713 Medicine Women
1714 Photography Illustration New York
1715 Lot art books pbs
1716 Lot art books pbs
1717 Apocalypse
1719 Americans in Paris 1860-1900
1720 Lot art books Thomas Kinkade
1721 Cow Parade New York
1722 Lot art books
1723 Painted Ladies
1724 Lot art books
1725 Victorian Painters
1726 Western America Art
1727 Bavaria
1728 Lot art books
1729 Lot art books
1730 Lot art books
1731 Lot art books
1732 Pulp Art
1733 Lt art books photography
1734 Lt art books
1735 Lt art books
1736 Weird NJ 2 vols both signed
1737 Lot art books
1738 Lot art books
1739 T/L Framed prints etc San Francisco, Canble Car etc
1740 T/L Jet magazines
1741 Original water color signed Velma Hardaway Black Madonna
1742 New Arabian Nights Stevenson
1743 Racism 101 Nikki Giovanni
1744 Through the Brown Eyes of Black Me Hooks
1745 Mother Wit From the Laughing Barrel Afro-American Folklore
1746 Inside the Magic Kingdom Disney
1747 Pastoral Nevil Shute The Green Years Cronin 2
1748 The Last Africans
1749 Wonderland of Knowledge 6 vols
1750 Black Politics Walton
1751 The Poetry of the Negro 1746-l949 rough
1752 T/L Time Life The Seafarers 12 vols
1753 B/L set Int Libr of Music
1754 Sears catalog 1902 repr
1755 Tumbling McKinney
1756 Original painting signed Velma Hardaway
1757 The Color of Water Black Mans Tribute to his White Mother
1759 The Police in America
1760 Amityville Horror Anson
1764 Fortune magazine Dec 1932
1765 Le Chateau de Versailles
1766 Philatelic West 1914 + lot magazines
1767 Tar Baby Morrison
1768 T/L Misc eph
1769 TL Hist Newsps
1770 Backdam People Roopall Monar
1771 Moses Montefior Abigail Greene
1772 England in 1819
1773 Lot post cards
1774 Lot post card folders
1775 Post card album NY Worlds Fair 64
1776 WWII GI Bible
1777 T/L Misc eph
1778 1912 Ford Motor Co Price List
1779 Ships and Shipping of Old New York
1780 Bachelors Children 1939 Bess Flynn
1781 Jane's Book of Commercial Transport Aircraft Lot Pictures WWII Military Aircraft 2
1782 Map 1939 NY Worlds Fair
1783 1939 NY Worlds Fair Exhibit Program
1784 1939 NY Worlds Fair Exhibit Dupont Chemistry
1785 1927 Childrens Book Peek Aboo Jim
1786 Lot WWII Airplane pictures
1787 Lot sheet music
1788 Lot matted ads
1789 Lot New Jersey Tercentenary prints
1790 Circus program Ringling Bros
1791 1939 NY Worlds Fair Sun Valley
1793 Sheet music God Bless America First Performance by Kate Smith Armistice Day 1938
1794 New Jersey Cardinals Yearbook
1795 Illustrated Book of New Brunswick
1796 Lot sheet music
1797 Lot Valentines
1798 LOt4 WWII Rationing books
1799 T/L Misc eph
1800 T/L Misc eph
1801 T/L Misc eph
1802 Griots and Griottes
1803 The Poetry of Christopher Smart
1804 Star Wars Mirror Universe Saga graphic novel GI Joe comic 2
1805 Three Doors Down poster
1806 T/L football cards
1807 T/L football cards
1808 T/L football cards
1809 Bernie Williams baseball plaque
1810 Lot childrens books
1811 Lot Nancy Drew books 4
1812 Lot 45 records incl:Charlie Rich,Steve Lawrence Bobbi Vinton, Patti Page,Skeeter Davis,Bing Crosby Dusty Springfield,Beach Boys, Bob Dylan
1813 Lot 45 records incl:Dolly Parton,Kenny Rogers McCartney Monkees . Peter Paul and Mary, Elvis Presley,Crystal Gale
1814 Lot 45 records incl:'Carly Simon, Monkees Hank Thompson Jimmy Dean,Hurricane Smith,,
1815 Philatelic lot UN stamps on paper
1816 Lot matted Maritime prints
1817 Guinea Pig Scientists
1818 Charles Dickens His Tragedy and Triumph
1819 Bound By Ice North Pole Survival
1820 Lot Sci Fict 2
1821 The Life and Death of Mr Bad Man Bunyan Illus by Rheads 1900
1822 Smithsonian Baseball
1823 Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripkin Way
1824 American Negro Slave Revolts
1825 Timothy or Notes of an Abject Reptile Klinkenborg
1826 Disney cell art
1827 Lot post cards
1828 A Victorian Anthology
1829 Pioneer Atlas of the American West
1830 Steve Jobs Isaacson
1831 Colleges and Universities as Citizens
1833 Lot Evergreen magazines
1834 Lot Evergreen magazines
1835 Lot Evergreen magazines
1836 Lot Evergreen magazines
1837 T/L Victor Hugo's Works 5 vols Knights Shakespeare 6 vols
1838 Album post cards
1839 The Novels of Victor Hugo 7 vol
1840 Furniture Styles Boger
1841 Lot Architectural Digest magazines
1842 Lt Theatre Arts Monthly 1932
1843 The Port of Missing Men 1907 A Pair of Patient Lovers Howells 1901 Chaucers Stories Simply told 1884
1844 To Have or to Be ? Erich Fromm The Art of Philosophizing Bertrand Russell 2
1845 A Sweet Girl Graduate Meade c 1900 The Pickwick Papers Chas Dickens
1846 Discovery Byrd (Second Antartic Expedition) 1935
1847 Pull Yourself Up By Your Bra Straps and other Quacker Wisdom Jeannie Bice signed dj lst
1848 Selected Poems Langston Hughes
1849 Hollywood and the Great Fan Magazines Emcy of Film 2
1850 The MGM Story The Films of WWII 2
1851 Philadelphia Holy Experiment
1852 Command of the Seas Lehman
1853 The Second Tree From the Corner E B White
1854 Short Stories of Somerset Maughm 2
1855 Pale blue Dot A Vision of the Human Future in Space lst Ed dj Carl Sagan ( Cornell University)
1856 Homosexualities Growing Up Gay The Advocate Guide to Gay Health 3
1857 T S Eliot Selected Poems 1909-l935
1858 Italian Folk Tales Calvino
1859 Lot American Theatre magazines
1860 Lot American Theatre magazines
1861 T/L Theatre Arts magazines
1862 Lot Riverside Literature series 7 vol Top 500m Poems 2
1863 Madame De Stael Berger
1864 Life of Langston Hughes 2 vols
1865 The Durable Fig Leaf Mark Strage
1866 Serious Pleasures Tennant Hoare
1867 Matted photo Main St Sparta
1868 Framed duck print signed Robert Bateman
1869 Framed duck print signed Carlson numbered
1870 Framed Superbowl program signed
1871 Framed NFL poster
1872 Framed NFL /TV Guide covers
1873 Framed poster Jaws
1874 Framed poster E. T.
1875 Framed print Creating a Sensation ( Black face humor Repr Currier and Ives)
1876 Baseball poster Ted Williams Museum
1877 Framed baseball,photo Eduardo Cafuso signed
1878 Framed poster 1976 Winter Olympics
1879 Framed poster ( get well card)
1880 Framed baseball poster signed Carlos Delgato
1881 Framed boxing photo signed Ray Mancini
1882 Lot wall maps World, United States
1883 T/L rolled posters
1884 Calley Vietnam
1885 Colder Than Hell Marine Rifle Company Chosin Reservoir
1886 Hamleys Operations of War
1887 Military Incompetence
1888 The Battle for Saigon
1889 Chained Eagle Vietnam
1890 Last Days of the Third Reich Inside the Third Reich 2
1891 The Odds Against Us Battle of Britain
1892 Death of a Nazi Army
1893 Hitler's Enforcers
1894 Almanac of the American West
1895 WW I Years
1896 You Can Always Tell a Harvard Man Bissell
1897 Dylan Thomas Collected Poems
1898 T/L Metal printing plates
1899 British Surgical Practice 5 vols
1900 Oneonta HS Yearbooks 1955,l956 2
1901 Harpers Monthly 1885 + 3
1902 Boys and Girls Bookshelf 4
1903 T/L 33 records shows etc
1904 Lot auction and art gallery catalogs
1905 Lot art gallery catalogs
1906 American Album
1907 New York 1850-l950 photographs
1908 The Pathfinder Fenimore Cooper Zukleika Bobson Beerbohm
1909 Scrapbook Washington DC
1910 T/L Misc eph
1911 Original pen and ink drawings in a Jelly Bean sketch book
1912 Lot art gallery catalogs
1913 Lot Humphrey Clinker The Mill on the Floss Coningsby 3
1914 Village Voice Anthology
1915 Otto the Magnificent
1916 The Evolution of Culture in Animals
1917 An Old Sweetheart of Mine Riley Illus Howard Chandler Christy
1918 Lot Jazz CDs
1919 Lot contemporary CDs
1921 Lot 3 3 vinyl records incl John Denver, Loretta Lynn Kimgston Trio,Mamas amd Papas,Dave Clark Five Conway Twitty
1922 The Oxford History of the American People Morison
1923 DH Lawrence Miscellany
1924 The Lincoln Anthology
1925 Death in Venice Thomas Mann
1926 Books re Ballet 2
1927 Anna and the King of Siam
1928 Jerusalem 1000-1400 Every People Under Heaven
1929 Lot Educational Researcher magazines
1930 Legends of the Centuries
1931 As We Were American Photographic Post Cards 1905-l930
1932 New York to Hollywood Photography of Karl Struss
1933 The Schweitzer Album
1934 Photo Historica
1935 Venetian Palaces
1936 Time in New England
1937 Changing New York Berenice Abbott Abbott and Atget 2
1938 T/L Works of Flammarion 20mvols Inscr w/insert in one vol
1939 Lot books re Versailles 4
1940 Lot books re Versailles 5
1941 Lot books re Versailles 3
1942 Lot books re Versailles 5
1943 Lt auction catalogs
1944 Lot art gallery catalogs
1945 Album sports cards
1946 A Season in Hell Book of Common Prayer 1869 and 1898 Gospel of St Luke 1909 4
1947 Lot Burlington magazines
1948 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
1949 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
1950 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
1952 T/L Playbills in loose leaf binders
1953 Empires of the Ancient Near East Folio Society 3 vol set
1954 The Ethiopian Jews of Israel
1955 Thomas Wolfe 2 vols
1956 American Salons
1957 American Marine Painting
1958 The Artists Mount Desert Maine
1959 Jersey Shore Impressionists
1960 Dress in the Middle Ages
1961 Hudson River School Visions
1962 American Light
1963 Impressionist New York
1964 Lot art gallery and museum catalogs
1965 Alexandria The Sunken City
1966 Lot art gallery and museum catalogs
1969 Wks of Tolstoy 20 vols
1970 Don Juan Lord Byron
1971 The Iliad of Homer Illus Flaxman
1972 The Wonderful Adventures of Paul Bunyan Illus Flaxman Ltd Ed club 1945
1973 A Childs Garden of Verses Stevenson Illus Willebeek Le Mair 1926
1974 POT A Handbook of Marijuana
1975 The Satanic Verses Salman Rushdie
1976 Dante: Purgatory;Inferno 2
1977 Virgils Aeneid 1917
1978 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
1979 Edward Hopper Greece Bysantine Mosaics 2
1980 The Union The Confederacy 2
1981 Utrillo folio
1982 Skrebneski folio
1983 The Audubon folio
1984 The Autobiography of Chaim Weizmann Trial and Error
1985 Swan Soing John Galsworthy signed Ltd ed 270/525 1928
1986 Kon Tiki Thor Heyerdahl dj signed
1987 Byrons Poetical Works Oxford
1988 Lysistrata Anthony Ludovici Woman's Future and Future Woman 1926
1989 The West as America
1990 Lot art books
1991 Lot art books
1992 Lot art books
1993 Lot art books
1994 Lot art books
1995 Lot art books
1996 Lot art books
1997 John Davies Sculpture
1998 Lot art books
1999 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
2000 Lot auction and gallery catalogs
2001 B/L contemporary pbs
2002 B/L Misc books
2003 B/L Misc eph Computer books etc
2004 B/L:Computer programs, books etc
2005 B/L Office/Library supplies
2006 B/l computer books
2007 B/L Misc books and pbs Polish
2008 B/L Misc books and pbs Polish/German
2009 B/L Misc books and pbs Polish/
2010 B/L Misc books and pbs Polish
2011 B.: Misc books and pbs Polish
2012 B/L Misc books and pbs Polish
2013 B/L Misc books and pbs Polish
2014 BL Misc books and pbs Polish
2015 B/L Misc books and pbs Polish
2016 B/L Misc books and pbs Polish
2017 B/Lm misc books
2018 B/L misc books
2019 B/L misc books
2020 B/L Misc books and pbs
2021 B/L Misc books and pbs
2022 B/L Misc books and pbs
2023 B/L Misc books and periodicals
2024 B/L Misc books novels etc
2025 B/L Misc eph, pbs, novels
2026 B/L Misc pbs
2027 B/L Misc books mostly texts
2028 B/L Misc books and pbs
2029 B/L Misc books and pbs
2030 B/L Misc books and pbs
2031 B/L Misc books and pbs
2032 B/L Misc books
2033 B/L Misc books
2034 B/L Misc book school texts
2035 B/L Misc books
2036 B/L Older NGS magazines
2037 B/L Misc books
2038 B/L Misc books
2039 B/L Misc books
2040 B/L Misc books
2051 B/L Misc books novels etc
2052 B/L Misc books
2053 BL NGS magazines
2054 B/L Misc books novels
2055 B/L Misc books
2056 B/L Misc books
2057 B/L Misc books
2058 B/L Misc books
2059 B/L Misc books
2060 B/L Misc books texts
2061 B/L Misc books texts
2062 B/L Misc books novels etc
2063 B/L Misc books texts etc
2064 B/L Misc books texts etc
2065 B/L Misc books texts etc
2066 B/l misc books older novels etc
2067 B/l misc books older novels etc
2068 B/l misc books older novels etc
2069 B/L Misc books
2070 B/L Misc books
2071 B/L Misc books and pbs
2072 B/L Misc books and pbs
2073 B/L Misc books
2074 B/L Misc books
2075 B/ Misc novels and pbs
2076 B/L 33 vinyl records
2078 B/L Misc books and pbs
2079 B/L Misc books and pbs
2081 B/L Misc books contemporary novels
2083 B/L cook books
2084 B/L Misc books
2085 B/L Misc books
2086 B/L Misc books


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